That is how much time I feel like I have had to sit down and actually be able to think about a blog post!

I had a little event going on with Lyla's preschool...every day i would drop her off she would scream.
I know ..I am a preschool teacher myself...i know that there is a transition time...i know it takes kids a little while to get comfortable with thier surroundings..but something was different. Lyla talks very well and she would flat out tell me..."mom, i dont' like that playground, i don't like that teacher, i want (my old teacher) back and i don't want to go back"
What do you say to that?
I kept telling her that she will get used to it..and she will love it even more than the baby room...
but after a good amount of time ...she would still scream in the mornings...something just wasn't right in my heart and gut to make her keep going.
Obviously something wasn't right with my moms gut either because she called to tell me to take her out until I can enroll her where i work at and she would watch her in the mean time.

so i did

but now after work i have to drive an hour to my moms to pick her up and of course we spend every moment we can at nanny and poppa's house so we don't usually leave until dark...long story short....i don't see my house in the daylight!

But...in June!
In June...Lyla will go to school/work with me..and after work...we can come HOME!

I love her having time to hang with grandma and grandpa though!!

so now it is the weekend..and i am sneaking a few minutes to update....because we fixing to head out to look at a house in the country...
that we can't afford

but praying that if we are supposed to have it....
God will work his miracles.

if not...
i like our house

i would prefer not to move

but for some reason i keep looking down that road everytime i go get Lyla from moms

and i just keep thinking about it...

so we are going to look....check it out


and see what happens.