I'm so behind!!

What has happened to the past month...???

It has just flown by for me....switching jobs....and settling back in from vacation has just completely thrown me off my rocker!!

This crazy Arkansas weather is making me not able to breathe...and let's face it...breathing is very important to me!!

So I know one of my recent posts was showing you my classroom..unfinished...
It looks like an actual classroom now...the kids are loving it!! And it is only going to get better!!
We got all of our classroom doors on this week...They painted our doors...Mine is red with black dots (like a ladybug)..how stinking cute!! And I think soon Mrs Tina will be building our lofts to go in our classroom. Mine is going to be a mushroom house...so super cute...
One negative is .... the ceilings are so tall...and I think with our concrete floor....the loudness of your classroom is crazy!! It echos sounds so much that everything seems about ten times louder than it really is. I'm hoping when we get our lofts in that might absorb some sound.

my own bathroom and sink in our room!!

a connecting closet to store art supplies and extra toys!

wonderful patio...roof should be on soon

enough room to run and play!!

Then sometime in this busy month..my little brother has started to play football. His first game that was away was in Decatur...a two and half hour drive!! Lyla was so good though...she just rode right along...no whines!!

I still have to finish our Walt Disney World vacation pictures...and memories....
and I still have to do my Ten on Ten...where you take one picture an hour for ten hours on the tenth of every month!! It is a great way to document your "real daily life" ...those little things like that...seem so boring at the moment...but when i go back and look at them later...I enjoy seeing what our life was like on that particular day!! It will be great memories for Lyla!!


Kids...Gotta love them!

How can you not fall in love with these kids!!

I get chills and can't help but dance along with this kiddo...


I have no idea what this one is talking about ...something about Star Wars....but the way she talks is so dang adorable!

Gotta love kids!


I have an excuse! It's a blessing.

OK..so I feel really bad that I didn't finish my photo challenge...

I was doing so good!!


But I do have an excuse for being M.I.A. this whole time...

I found a job that is right here in the town I live in! I am so super excited!! I started Tuesday and everything went great!

The owner built a brand new building...and boy did she think of everything! Locking medicine cabinets for every classroom....an intercom system...a speaker for outside....the light switches are up high so the kids can't reach them...


The only down side is ...I had to leave a place I really liked...with people that I really liked...and that I will miss greatly!! I'm so glad that they understood why I was leaving and it was a good departure!!

It was a very hard decision for me because I am not one to just jump up and change things.

It was hard for me! I thought, prayed, fasted...it was tough!

Thank you to all the ladies at my church that prayed for me to have a clear decision from God and peace about my decision.

When I finally cornered my husband and made him sit down and discuss this..(he didn't want to make a decision because he was just as torn as I was) ...we finally decided that financially ...it would be better for our family.....for my peace of mind when Lyla starts public school ...it would be better for my sanity.

So all Labor Day weekend long...I worked and worked on my classroom...to get it ready for the opening of the new building. There for a while..I was really praying that it would all come together because it all seemed like so much had to be done....but it happened and the kids love it!

Lyla is going there with me too...She loves it too! Her teacher's name is Ms Nancy and my child couldn't say her name with any more of a "Southern" accent!! So funny!

Here is my classroom when I first walked in....

Where the big tall door is (that goes to a cabinet)..that is where my bathroom door is...we have our own bathrooms and sinks in our room...YAY! Preschool teachers dream come true!
and of course..Lyla my little helper!

This closet attatches to the room next to me...We share this and put any extra toys or art supplies in here just for us!

The long cabinet..I love! It is my work area..the floors are stained concrete..they look pretty cool in person!

And here is my doorway that Ms Dana painted..I'm the Ladybug Room..so cute!

Rest assured my room looks different from this now...but I will have to upload those in a minute...
after supper and bath time

I consider myself blessed to have the opportunity to work with kids...what a fun and inspirational job!
I consider myself blessed to work and have worked with some amazing ladies!!
I consider myself blessed that God provided me with a job that I can bring my baby girl to work with me.

I am blessed!