February Photo Challenge!

I so secretly love these...
I love taking pictures so the "taking a picture everyday for a month" isn't the challenge...it is the guideline to what the picture is supposed to be that day!

Our computer had Vista on it when we bought it...and we just took it to a friend to put Windows 7 on it...make the change..totally worth it!...and when he took everything off my computer to do whatever it is that he does...I had 7,000 pictures on my computer



no wonder Lyla throws her hands up every time I reach for the camera...poor child

She will thank me later

Anyway..here is the Challenge...

You can do it!! They are so much fun!! I love seeing how everyone has a completely different idea on the challenge of the day! Join in ...I would love to see your pictures!

I got this from my friend Gwen over at The Lynns in Real Life ..so hop on over to her blog and let her know that your joining too!!

Her Daddy's Child

Look at her father's attitude coming out in that girl!!
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What is Beauty?

There is a young man I know...that has such a beautifully creative mind....and an even more beautiful heart.

He is trying to bring awareness to a subject that I have never really wanted to spend much time thinking about.

human trafficking or sex slavery

This subject first caught me when I watched the movie "Taken"

All I could think about was if that was my daughter...what would I do? Where would I start to find her? Would I find her? Would I be able to get to her?

It was hard for me to get through the movie

But this young man, Adam, has a burden on his heart to raise the awareness of this cause that is happening more often than we would like to know.

Here is a quote from his Beauty Creates Beauty Blog:

Sex--trafficking is a $32 billion dollar a year business.
Globally, some 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year, according to a 2007 report from the U.S. State Department.

Love146.org is one of many great organizations dedicated to abolish human trafficking. Check them out.

I don't know what I could possibly do to help..I don't make movies....or even attempt to claim to have the creative mind of this young man...


I can do my best to spread his creativity....

So check out a couple of his sites...and watch some of his videos...they are sure to pull at some heart strings...

Beauty Creates Beauty Facebook Page

Beauty Creates Beauty Blog


52 Lists: Week 2

Yesterday I supposed so post my list for my 52 Lists in 52 weeks challenge but I was a cleaning machine this weekend.

I love when I get in those moods...and I guess seeing me clean got my husband in "the mood"

the cleaning mood that is...

because he went out to the garage and starting cleaning...it looks amazing!
He put things in the attic and cleaned out a storage room...swept the garage floor....

of course Lyla wanted to help..so here is Lyla and Daddy up in the attic

He is a GREAT husband..when he wants to be! But I wouldn't have it any other way!

So Week 2 in my List Challenge is to List your Resolutions:

Ha! I have already done that ...


So little did I know ...I'm not behind!


Joy Dare Days 1-9

i am on my way to a Journey of Joy

and today I will be catching up from the start of the year until today with the guideline that Ann gave us to record our joys.

January 1: Three things that about yourself that you are grateful for

1. I am very grateful that God seen me fit to be a mother. I always remembered wanting to be a momma..and I am so proud of my little girl that gives me that title.

2. I am grateful that ...in my older years...my stubborness has somewhat subsided. I don't know how or why anyone tried to talk any sense into me...but I am grateful they tried...and I love them all for it.

3. I am grateful that my heart hurts for people...longs to talk to people...and wants to see good from everyone..

January 2: a gift outside, inside, on a plate

1. A beautiful day in January to go to the park and play with Baby Girl

2. I love seeing these little feet under the pew finding her own joys in the middle of "adult" church
3. Just being able to have food on my plate is a blessing...having enough for my family is more than enough..and having enough for seconds is a blessing.

January 3: Three lines you heard that were graces

1. Lyla: Momma..I love you!

2. Lyla's friend Savannah to Lyla: Lyla..Your my best friend in the world

3. My Mother in law: Just calling to check on you.

January 4: One gift old, new, and blue

1. My husband suprised me with this one day..I love it!

2. My new gift is the new church that is being built ..I am so excited to get back "home" and in our own church!!

3. My blue gift is my Blue Great Dane puppy Nala

January 5: something your reading, your making, you're seeing

1. I am reading The Radiant Woman by Joy Haney..good reminder book on how to stay positive in the Lord.

2. I am making photo books for Christmas, vacation, and anything else I can think of from Shutterfly
3. I seen this today on Facebook and thought it was pretty cool!

January 6: One thing in your bag, your fridge, your heart

1. I was so shocked when this book came in the mail to me because I had recieved the reference to read it at a women's church conference...the speaker had told us the name of the book was "Sheet Music" and that it was a really good book...so I thinking something about singing or music ...maybe how to praise God...I was NOT expecting, " Uncovering the secrets of sexual intimacy in Marriage"
Little did I know..I was thinking sheet music...as in music
and it was really bedroom sheet music
So Funny!
Gregg makes fun of me because I ordered a sex book

Moving on though..I agree with the reference to read it! Seriously!
I have never laughed so hard in my life..or had so many AHA! moments
It is probably meant to be read by husband and wife (or soon to be husband and wife)...but the only thing my husband reads is Field and Stream magazine..so when I find a good part...I read it to him!
Right now the chapter I am on is....
Twenty Three Flavors..and none of them are ice cream
I can see some lines from this book ending up on this blog..soon!!

2. Love me some Honey butter..that makes diets..REAL hard!

3. A gift in my heart - I have really had the urge here lately to start up a card ministry. I love getting cards..so surely someone else does too! Not only just a card...but a hand written card...not much of anything is handwritten anymore.

January 7:  3 graces from people you love

1. my sister in law Candace is always selfless in everything she does..I am always telling her to stand up for herself..but that is such a graceful quality in her personality..and one that is hard to have

2. my friend Trish is such a giving person...she will help you in any way she can...even if it means filling her schedule to the max...and still have a smile on her face. She is a mother of four girls that I aspire to be like.

3. my Daddy..has always been there for me...even during my stupid times...and made me feel smart anyway...don't know what I would without him.

Janary 8: light that caught you, a reflection that suprised you, a shadow that fell lovely

1. I love this picture! I was so proud when I finally caught lightning on my camera!
2. Lyla and I at the Crystal Palace having lunch with Tigger, Pooh, Piglet, and Eeyore. I am usually in "ZERO" pictures so I took one myself..of myself..and Lyla! I love it!

3. Ok..this is really a shadow..but I love the shadows of the tree and mountain against the sky

January 9: a gift in your hand, a gift you walked by, a gift you sat with

1. the gift in my hand is my wedding ring...my favorite gift of all!

2. a gift I walk by every day is this sign..I have it hanging in my entryway so that I do walk by it everyday...just to read it!

3. a gift I sit with.is this big lug..

Wow..that was alot..because I had to catch up...
Sorry .....

Now I am off to link up to Ann's blog " A Holy Experience"

A Journey to Joy

I am a challenge driven person....

If I am offered a challenge I will more than likely do everything in my ability to succeed.

After a long night of cheering on our Razorbacks to win the Cotton Bowl...I sit here in my comfortable little office and read blogs. I enjoy reading blogs.

One in particular .I always check because it is always positive and uplifitng...
A Holy Experience

The writer is Ann Voskamp...she has been blogging ever since I can remember when I started my blog...She has always been uplifting and one year decided to record all the gifts God gave her to remind herself of her joys in life.

Recording her joys on her blog developed into a book.....
which I really want to read!

Every year she has challenged all her readers to take the challenge with her and record 1000 Gifts..I have done this before...and thoroughly enjoyed it!! But every year is a new blessing with new gifts..so this year Ann has given us guideline to look for our gifts.

I love this idea because on her facebook page everyone is sharing thier gifts according to our challenge that day.

I'm going to start recording these on my blog....I might not get to each one every day...but I plan on doing all of them..all year

For example:
The Joy Dare for January 1 was to find 3 things about yourself that you are grateful for...
January 2 was to find a gift outside, inside, and on a plate

It is really neat to see what everyone considers a blessing...
I was hit in the face on January 2 that having a nice warm breakfast of eggs and toast with jelly wasn't my blessing...just having food on my plate...and enough for my family... was a blessing

Sometimes I think a blessing has to be of great worth....it doesn't ....just simple joys!

I'm excited to record my joys...I'm excited for everyone to see them...
I hope you all join me for a Journey to Joy
I would love to hear your joys and gifts!!

Download your January 2012 Joy Dare Calendar .... here


Time to countdown to V Day..

So Christmas is over..I haven't gotten everything put up ...yet...
But this weekend I will.

Now I am looking forward to Valentines Day..
I always try to do something creative for Gregg...and I'm starting to run out of idea...

thank goodness for Pinterest!!

So tonight .... I decided to browse my Valentine board...

Here is what's on it:

gotta do this at school...so cute!

very cute..

gotta print this off and frame it!

Wow!! super sweet....

absolutely beautiful ...but looks like alot of work!!

probably the winner for Lyla's Valentines...

I'm a wreath lover...can't help it!

I don't have all the links to all these pictures....but go to my pinterest page and you can follow up there...


Happy Countdown to Valentines Day!!


Day 2 of 2012..What's your Resolutions?

Today is Day 2 of 2012

Have you done anything exciting yet this new year?

Have you made any plans or resolutions?

Have you committed to anything crafty or any goals?

I wanna hear them!!

I made some Resolutions...

1. To text less...call more
2. Learn to crochet more than the stitch I know
3. Take up running again...I used to enjoy that
4. Do my project 365 again this year...a picture a day for a year...precious memories!
5. Read the Bible all the way through

..........thought of a few more.........
6. to do Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts
     she has a download you can print off and record your blessings monthly
     there is even an app you can download on your iphone to take pictures of your gifts
     She has a best selling book that is on my list of books to read for 2012
7. I found a blog that is doing a List Challenge every Sunday..and I love me some lists..so why not try putting something else on my plate..huh? Sure! I'll make a post about that and do my list along with it!
........................................ok...no more resolutions...................................................

So there is five..  seven
probably four WAY to many to focus on
but I'm sure going to try!!!

52 Lists in 52 Weeks: Week 1

.....................I know this is a day behind...but it will ok..................

If you know me...you know I love lists!

I make lists for everything.

Gregg is always finding lists of something and asking if it is needed....

Today while Gregg was on the brink of a siezure because the Cowboys were literally NOT playing football at all...I was blog hopping around and found Scrapbook Obsession

On Scrapbook Obsession there is a challenge happening where every Sunday you make a list of whatever the topic is about.

It is just on Sundays..so it isn't a big undertaking
I'm gonna do it!

This week is:

Join me! What's on your plate today?

Here is a quick list of what's to come on 52 lists:
Week2: 10 things I learned from a place I visited
3: Things I learned from my dad
4: Wish list
5: your waiting list of books
6: 10 things to let go of
7: things to do on a rainy day
8: ways to be a great companion
9: things I am looking forward to
10: Fav places and spaces
11: things i miss about summer
12: things about yourself that others don't know
13: things i love about my job
14: wonderful qualities that someone i love possesses
15: things i am obsessed with
16: my life to do list (in the near future)
17: way to stay creative and inspired
18: 10 things i love about Sunday
19: 8 stunning things about yourself
20: things that make me happy
21: Halloween to do list (or fall)
22: things i love about fall
23: things i believe in


Christmas at the in laws

Anytime I hear the word "in-laws"

I automatically hear the big dramatic drum in the background...."bum bum bum"

Ha Ha

My in laws don't need a dramatic drum...we all get along.

This year for Christmas Gregg's side of the family all had the same day off ..which doesn't happen very often..even for the holidays...
His mom works at Wal Mart ..
Sister and Brother works at Wal Mart...
Other sister is an RN
...so they RARELY get the opportunity to all get together on one day and enjoy each other's company

So what a blessing it was this year to be able to have everyone in the same area and having fun!

Of course we were WAY late...that's not new...and I honestly don't know how we are...every year...but we are...so moving on...

We ate...alot
Then opened presents!

Lala Loopsey Dollhouse
Lyla calls it "Lyla Loopsey"

I loved her face here..I wish I could have gotten a better picture. All year long she has been wanting a heart necklace like Nanny's..everytime she seen my mother in law she would tell her that she needed a heart necklace..well finally for Christmas she got one..she was SO excited!!

Cousin Landon watching TV

Lyla watching the adults play Dirty Santa

Aunt Candace

Baby Jayden...she was a force to be reckoned with this year at Christmas..she was scoping out everyone's goodies!!

Uncle Scottie and Aunt Carissa

After opening presents ... we got the four wheelers out and everyone took turns riding with thier family..it was alot of fun!! Of course I married the outdoorsman of the family so we didn't go on just a nice relaxing scenic ride...we went up a mountain and through mud
But from the top of the mountain the sun started to set and made a beautiful sky

We all had a good time! Lyla had so much fun that she fell asleep at the kitchen table while we were all talking about our day...she never even knew we drove home....Now that is how you know you had a fun filled day!

Merry Christmas 2011

Yay! We made it!
Santa came!
Lyla is super excited with everything she got!

We are blessed!!

Lyla's Christmas tree in her room!

She was ready to attack!!

I love the messed up hair

Checking the cookies to see if Santa ate them

I caught the end of it..but I was talking about what a mess we made tearing open presents..and Gregg said that we would pick up the trash..Lyla made sure to tell us that picking up trash was NOT her job..that was mine and Gregg's job.