Strawberry shortcake

When we finally decided to get up on Saturday morning the first thing I do is make Lyla chocolate milk and turn on a show for her. While I was cleaning house I stopped to notice that all her strawberry shortcake dolls were on the coffee table.

She was acting out the show with her dolls.

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La Fiesta!!

It has quickly become our Sunday tradition that after church we head straight for La Fiesta!

Last Sunday my husbands sister and brother in law came to eat with us. Here is Lyla and her cousin Landon:

And look at this cutie:
This is Miss Jayden

Miss Jayden LOVES the white cheese sauce... As do we all.. But she was in a hurry and dipped her chip in some hot sauce

Poor baby!
She was a trooper though... No tears just a funny face

It was an awesome day for me! I love hanging out with family. I live seeing Lyla and Landon play but on this Sunday my little brother decided to go to church with me!!

I have been praying for a while now that he would come with me.

Last Tuesday at church our pastor asked if we were brave enough to give up our control and pray for God to do something unpredictable and uncontrollable. So when I thought of it.. I prayed those words. If you know me; you know i like being in control... So this was a challenge. But God can't do anything for you unless you give up control and let him do something.

I have learned my lesson. I have given up control. I now plan on watching what God can do with my prayers.

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Veggie Tales Live

Isn't that every parents dream?

To spend two hours watching big vegetables sing about the love of a cheeseburger and a lost hairbrush.

Thanks to some good friends ... I had the opportunity to experience this!!

The kids had a great time though! It was like a mini rock concert for kids!

This is my child jumping! I think there was a mosh pit in the front of the stage. The dancers actually had the nerve to come down in the audience and dance with the kids. Thank god they all made it back on stage alive.

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Lil Dougie Ray's Roasted Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Lil Dougie Ray's Roasted Stuffed Poblano Peppers: Check out this video submission for the Ben's Beginners Cooking Contest. Vote from 9:00am PST 2/27 - 11:59pm PST 3/11 to help them win $20,000 and more. Let's get kids cooking!

I taught this little guy in preschool. He was such a joy to see everyday!
This guy is taking it upon himself to better his schools!
Be the change you want to see
Let's show him that his efforts and possibilities are endless..

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Birthday party

Saturday we had a busy day planned! I love busy days! They are fun especially of they are for Lyla!

We were invited to Anna Grace's birthday party.

She had it at a hotel with an indoor swimming pool so all the kids got to swim! It was alot of fun!

We are thinking of doing Lyla's party there. There was a kiddie pool and a big pool.

Lyla debated getting in the big pool but she wanted daddy to get in with her. And I have to throw in that daddy was a huge trooper.. He had to work the night before ... Came home... Slept for three hours and had to go back to work at 6am the next morning.

He sure does love his baby girl!

Just about the time Lyla started to freeze in her "ka-kini" .. It was time to go into the party room which screamed Anna Grace with the pink and zebra stripe.

I was so happy that Lyla had time to play with her friends outside of school and without her mommy being a teacher... Even though everyone had to sit by Miss Nikki.. That was sweet. I love that part of being a teacher .. Your kinda famous with three year olds!! Here was MY table:

The kids were loving that the cupcakes turned thier mouth black.

Then opening presents we a free for all!

We had a great time! I'm so glad they invited us!!

Happy 4th birthday Anna Grace!!!

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Hmmm is this a fruit?
I love them in my spinach salad!!

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I'm doing it again in march!!

Join me!!

Today is UP

This is UP on the wall at the nail salon.

I know there is alot of crazy things happening in our world.. And I try to stay up to date but when I go get my nails done can I just see something super happy or relaxing

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Mommy Break!

I love my child!

She is the joy and the light of my life!

I knew even when I was young that I wanted to be a momma!

But when the phone call comes asking if baby girl can go spend time with Nanny....I almost jump for joy! If I wasnt so exhausted....I think I would jump.

Lyla and I never get a break from each other...sometimes I think she needs a break from me just as much as I need time to breathe.

It doesn't help that we are both sarcastic and stubborn (She gets it from her daddy!)

Anyway....that long awaited call ...came today!

Most of the time when Lyla goes to hang out with her grandma...I go home and clean..do some laundry


I gotta a little crazy and decided to go get a manicure and a pedicure!

That's right!
Spend a little money on MOMMA!

When I pulled up to the nail shop ...my mother in law and sister in law had the same idea as I had!

Now to most people this would suck...but I like my in laws

We had a good time getting pampered...then went out to eat at our fav Mexican place!

I had a good time
Lyla had a good time

I missed the stinker and got a huge hug when she walked in the door.

Now time to fight her to sleep in her own bed

Wish me luck!