Life.. Reimagined

I never imagined I would be a military wife.

Having to be 2nd priority in your husband's life and knowing that he could very well have to leave and may be across the globe for months at a time was not my idea of marriage....but....Guess What?

Here I am.... Military wife plus 2 Military kids!

My husband has always been the "tactical" type. Everything he owns is black and has a multipurpose use. I should have known that eventually this would have been my lifestyle. His dad was in the Army and they traveled quite a bit so this has been engrained in him since he was little.

One day I remember my husband tossing out the idea of enlisting in our Air National Guard. I vaguely remember saying it would be a great back up plan for our family if our economy does go completely downhill.... and then BAM...He is off to Basic Training and I'm traveling 12 hours in a car with a 3 year old to watch him graduate. (Thank God for portable DVD players)

Even though this life isn't easy...it sometimes has more stressful moments than happy moments...

it also makes me utterly grateful for every little thing I call mine. It makes me look at marriage in a new perspective, it makes me stronger, it ...like it or not.. makes life very busy and exciting and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Not many wives can say that they burst with pride for their husband, not many wives have a support group that will walk to through fire to help with anything needed, and not many wives experience the homecoming kiss after a long deployment...but us chosen ones..although hard...take it one day at a time with a smile!

And I couldn't end this without saying a HUGE thank you to everyone..absolutely everyone..who has not only helped mow my yard, watch my kids, or help fix something... but also to everyone that has had just a kind word or a word of encouragement for my family. You are greatly appreciated!!