Lightning hit my church building July 13...

Yesterday we went to look at our new building and prayed for every board to be blessed

What a blessing out of what we thought was a tragedy

Bow hunting and Fair Fun!

We have all just fallen out of bed...
Lyla is playing in her room
Gregg is folding laundry..yay!  ...I should really go help him
and I thought I would jump on here to upload a few more memories in pictures...

I love this picture of my husband..

and Lyla can not WAIT to get to go hunting with her Daddy.
She talks all the time about how she is going to kill a big buck and get to pet it. LOL!!
Her Daddy told her she could go with him when she was 5..so we are now counting down!

Gregg had to go to work..so Lyla, me and my mother in law went to the county fair.
We went at 6pm...thinking it would cool...no
steaming hot!

biggest corn dog i have ever seen

Lyla tried a maze house....
she did NOT like the spinning green tunnel you had to go through to exit the house

and..just a memory verse from church..
love it!


roaming through pictures

I take SO many pictures with my phone ...that I can't keep up with them all!!
so for my post today..I'm just roam through my pictures and see what we got!

Aww..found this picture...I miss all those little angels...The one bad thing about being a preschool teacher is you get SO attatched to EVERY kid in your care...that it is hard to step away and make decisions for youself personally...because you think more of your students than you do yourself. I had the opportunity to work three minutes from home instead of driving 20 miles to work...I have to admit...I wanted to stay where I was...I was comfortable....I made my little classroom like my little home away from home....and it was the hardest decision I have had to make in a LONG time..but it was better for my family and our finances to drive half a mile instead of 20. I believe with all myheart that God placed me where I am today....It is a wonderful facility with wonderful people who really care abotu kids..... But I still miss my CCC friends and I am blessed to have gotten this wonderful picture!!!

My little angel before church last Sunday!

Showing off something she found in my purse....with her shoes on the wrong feet

Lyla and her preschool teacher at Cavanaugh ....Ms Katie...She LOVED Ms Katie!! Still talks about her!

Trying to get a "first day of preschool" picture

gave up

This was her favorite past time on the drive to work when I worked at CCC.

Somtimes I think it is good for the soul to roam through pictures....
Good memories....Good times......


Taking a break

This whole weekend I have been cleaning, decluttering, and organizing. Lyla and Gregg have did so good staying out of war path so today Lyla and I took a break to do some coloring outside.


My Favorite Places and Spaces

guess what this post is about....

Let's just continue to explore my pins...shall we?

This is in Texarkana, Arkansas...close to where i live..i would love an old country charming house like this!!

Ireland...so wanna go there...i supposedly have family there..which reminds me...to look up my family history

gotta see Tangled laterns


Seriously...you walk the stairs...I'll watch you

Devil's Tower...scratch that...dont' wanna go there




very neat in the daytime...very scary at night

i would be the idiot that leaned to far to look over the edge

um..cool..for a picture

My Love


Pinterest is wonderful...
I feel like we just traveled the world together!!!


Do you know what your pins are?

I just laid my little hurrican down to sleep...
said our prayers...
turned on soft music...

*have my fingers crossed that she will sleep all night*

and came in here to get on my computer (that I love) for some Mommy time...

one of the few pages that i start with on my list of faves..is Pinterest

i know
shocker huh?

I think everyone is slowly finding out about Pinterest...

If you don't...
It is amazing...

I think every blog I have read the past two months has a post on what Pinterest is....


I'm on Pinterest...and I am pinning things like crazy...I'm totally addicted and having fun!!

but then a thought hits me...

Lord only knows what ALL I have pinned...

I don't even know my pins...

Do you know all your pins?

I just see something cute or interesting ....and REPIN!
cute kitchen mixer....REPIN!
beautiful waterfall .... REPIN!
wall o books ....REPIN!

I have to get in touch with my pins....

so here are a few "Products that I love"

Teacher's rocking chair for circle time...greatness...
someone make this for me!!

I want the Ipad...and the cover...thank you!

How amazing is this? I never knew this exsisted....my tile grout looks like ( i don't even want to go there)...but i need this...bad!

hello! love!

Iphone picture dock printer....YES!

Iphone ...poloroid! OMG! I'm speechless!

Iphone lenses...seriously...this girl is literally in heaven...

give me a min


tape dispenser...in a heel....what else could make you smile?
come on!

I'm so glad I invested some time into my pins....

show me yours since I showed you mine!!!


Shutterfly is back for the holiday!!

I remember last year at my preschool Christmas party for my kiddos in class I had a parent give me a Christmas card.


But it was a thick card...and the pictures were so cute and the colors on the card looked amazing..so I asked her where she got them...

She smiled ... and went all in talking about Shutterfly.

So this year I just caught Cleam Mama's post on winning a challenge for Shutterfly Christmas cards. I have all my fingers crossed that I win one of these challenges because if I don't win..I'm going to have to buy them anyway!

So I went to Shutterfly's blog and seen a few of thier options for cards this holiday season.

Here are a few of my favorites:

How stinking cute are all of those...

How are you supposed to choose!!???

Thank you Shutterfly for being so cardliciously awesome!!!

If you blog..go here and cross your fingers to win!!


Continuing..our Walt Disney Vacation

I know I have been off and on the past few months....
Life has gotten so busy for me here lately...
Surpise huh?

So tonight..I throwing caution to the wind...and letting a new pupy and a three year old have the house while I take just a few minutes for me and blog!

Jesus, please protect my furniture and my husband's 55 inch TV!

So this little number about our vacation ...isn't anything really special...but it was wonderful to us.
We just took a little while to eat and swim...and hang out as a family.

Lyla was ALWAYS ready to swim!

such beautiful scenery...i could just sit and watch the clouds move

Gregg trying to teach Lyla how to float

Lyla's dinner of choice..on a Mickey Mouse plate

My dinner of choice (note to self..bring bigger shorts)

Our waiter gave Lyla a balloon for being cute!

Gregg playing with food...

I took a picture of Lyla through the balloon...turned out kinda cool i thought

Her dessert was an ice cream sundae which she got to make herself

Gregg's dessert

my dessert!

Lyla's final creation of her dessert!