Time for "Fall Cleaning"

I know...didn't we just do Spring Cleaning.
But during the Spring and Summer months...more dirt gets tracked into your house than all year long. Kids running in and out. Hubby running in and out. Home rennovations. Birthday parties. Flies. Ants.
Get my drift?

So since school has officially started and September is right around the corner...it is time for Fall Cleaning!

To me...August should be the New Year. Like those little MiniWheats cereal on that commercial where they are all excited about the New School Year.

I am so with them.
seems like everything starts off when school starts back..
your routines, cleaning, supper scheduled, menu plans, football, after school stuff, .....etc.

We all start new when school starts....so let's give our houses a good start to the school year!

Plus with a clean house...that means that we can get organized...which makes for easier mornings for you and the kids.

So ............you ready?

Here is my Fall Cleaning Doozy List! I can't say that I made this up on my own...well I could..but that would be a lie...I am in a cleaning group called Fluttering Flybabies on CafeMom and they posted this list. I love that group because all the girls in that group will do this list...and we will all get through it together.
They have to keep me on track...but eventually we all get it done!!

Out and About
Time to come inside for winter! Outside the house, tend to these autumn chores:

•Clean and store patio furniture, umbrellas, children's summer toys. This wont be hard...we don't have any ..woohoo!!

•Touch up paint on trim, railings and decks. Use a wire brush to remove flaking paint; prime bare wood first. This is something that needs to be done..but it sounds like a job for the hubby!

•Check caulk around windows and doors. Follow manufacturer's recommendations to re-caulk if needed.

•Inspect external doors and garage doors. Do they close tightly? Install weather-stripping, door thresholds if needed.
or get one of the cute little things to put down at the bottom of your door!

•Wash exterior windows.

•Drain and store garden hoses. Install insulating covers on exterior spigots. In hard-freeze areas, have sprinkler systems blown free of water.

•Check gutters and downspouts. Clear of debris if necessary. In cold-weather areas, consider installing heating cable to prevent ice dams.

•Have chimneys and flues inspected and cleaned if necessary.

The Inside Story
Autumn's the time for "spring cleaning". Deep clean now to take advantage of good weather. Face the coming of winter and the approaching holidays with a clean and comfortable home.

FlyLady's Detail Cleaning Lists would be good for this...I do encourage that you declutter each space before you go into detail cleaning...that way there is less to walk around..less to dust...less is best! No Clutter.

•Focus on public rooms: living room, family room, entryway, guest bath.

•Clean from top to bottom. Vacuum drapes and window treatments. Clean window sills and window wells. Vacuum baseboards andcorners.

•Vacuum upholstered furniture, or have professionally cleaned if needed. Move furniture and vacuum beneath and behind it.

•Wash interior windows.

•Turn mattresses front-to-back and end-to-end to equalize wear.

•Launder or clean all bedding: mattress pads, pillows, duvets, blankets, comforters. Tuck the family into a warm and cozy winter bed.

•Schedule professional carpet cleaning early this month! Warm October afternoons speed carpet drying. Carpet cleaning firms get busy by the end of October, so schedule now for best service.

•Prepare the kitchen for holiday cooking. Clean and organized kitchen cabinets, paying particular attention to baking supplies, pans and equipment.

•Clear kitchen counters of all appliances not used within the last week. Clear counters look cleaner--and provide more room for holiday cooking.

•Pull refrigerator away from the wall, and vacuum the condenser coils. For bottom-mounted coils, use a long, narrow brush to clean coils of dust and debris. check filter on ice maker!

•Wash light-diffusing bowls from light fixtures.

•Inspect each appliance. Does it need supplies? Stock up on softener salt now, and avoid staggering over icy sidewalks with heavy bags.

•Check and empty the central central heat and air collection area.  just had to get a new one..so at least i know that is clean!

•Clean or replace humidifier elements before the heating season begins.

•Inspect washer hoses for bulges, cracks or splits. Replace them every other year.

•Check dryer exhaust tube and vent for built-up lint, debris or birds' nests! Make sure the exterior vent door closes tightly when not in use.

•Schedule fall furnace inspections now. Don't wait for the first cold night!

•Buy a winter's supply of furnace filters. Change filters monthly for maximum energy savings and indoor comfort. When the right filter is on hand, it's an easy job!

•Drain sediment from hot water heaters.
  • bring in some wood for fireplace..just to be ready!

OK..my Fall Doozy List!
Wish me Luck!


My craft room inspiration!

I love the desk in the middle of the room..i like the black furniture..the color of the walls...very serene!

i also like how happy and cheery this one is!

i can't wait to get my scrappy room back and move all of Lyla's stuff back to her room!! Now i just gotta convince Gregg to build me a scrappy table!
Football season is coming up ....
Hunting season is coming up...
I might just go buy a table...cause it isnt' looking good for me!

Dear Lyla,

Yesterday your Nanny and Poppa came over to help Daddy finish the floor in your room. It looks amazing. When you got to go in there...you said "I LOVE IT" You are so funny!

While you were napping..I went to church and when I got back I let your Nanny wake you up. When you finally woke up we took Nanny to the park and showed her how you slide down the big slide all by yourself. It makes me crazy that you do it..but you do a good job..I just worry! You are getting so big. I know I will say that for the rest of your life but you are! After we played at the park we ran by Wal Mart to get a few things for a boy that we go to church with who is living behind our church.

His grandpa kicked him out and he had no where to go. So we took him a few things and invited him over to just hang out for a while. You and Uncle Colton made him feel very welcome. He said he enjoyed himself.

Daddy and I bought you a Power Wheels four wheeler for you birthday and you will NOT ride the thing. You won't push the button to make it go. I have tried and tried to show you how fun it would be...even tried giving you candy! Uncle Colton comes over and says ..hey get on there and show me how you ride it..and you just hop right on and take off!


Supper is cooking right now and you are getting hungry.

Love you with all my heart!


Your Momma


Dear Lyla,

I can't believe that you are already two! I have had you for two years. God has let me keep you safe and sound for two years. I feel so blessed!

You are such a smart girl. You sing me your ABC's and you count to ten before you bail off the bed and hope that I catch you. You love to sing..and I love to sing with you. We will sing at the top of our lungs dancing around the house and laugh until we cry! You are so much fun to be around. You are so happy and I just adore you!

Right now you are in the living room playing with your doll house while Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on the TV in the bedroom. But without a doubt if I go and turn the channel..you will know and come running.

I pray that you keep singing and dancing. Never let go of the joy you have. It makes you beautiful. All this makeup and skinny jeans that this world is offering...is not beauty. Stay beautiful on the inside and keep smiling...because you have the best smile in the world! I love you!

It is almost time to start getting ready for church so I am going to go snatch you up and cuddle with you until we have to get ready!

Love you,

Your MommaPhotobucket


This is a poem I found on one of my CafeMom groups...i thought it was supercute!

I'm strong, smart and sassy,

I got attitude but i keep it classy.

I am modest and i keep it humble,

But if you hurt me you will stumble.

I'm a hopeless romantic but i keep it real,

Because some people have a heart of steel.

I can daydream all the time,

But i know there's mountains i gotta climb.

I smile when I'm hurt and i laugh out loud,

I love to stand out from the crowd.

I walk with attitude though I'm full of fear,

But strong is what i have to appear.

Because there's a mighty lot of enemies,

Who'd love to see me fall.

But i stood up after i got smacked down,

When they expected me to crawl.

Oh no, I will raise my head up high,

Because being strong doesn't mean i shouldn't cry.

I know i deserve the best,

So stupid haters, why don't you give it a rest?

I know I'm strong, smart and sassy,

I got attitude and i keep it classy.

I am modest and i keep it humble,

But if you hurt me you will stumble.



Awesome Find...Gotta check it out!

I found a blog...don't know how..called Grace is Overrated and she makes her own journal pages.

They are supercute!!

That is just an example of what they look like...i love them...
She makes them like fill in the blank..which cute quirky questions to answer!!
I think right now she has created 25 of them.

my plan is to put them all in a binder....i have already printed them all off....and do one a day....
I think it would be great to pick a month and do this once a year so you can look back and see what was going on in that particular month of that year...

I hope she makes many many more!

You gotta go see them!!!

You all can join in if you want! We can make it a group thing!!!
Today is my Day Number One!

Here is a tid bit of what i have to fill in ....

One thing I MUST to today.....

One thing i would LOVE to do today.....

One thing I am totally putting off today....

5 people that make me smile:

it has a word association game:
like the word strawberry:______
and you fill in what you first think of when you read strawberry

On the Menu Tonight:
some cute quotes!

and a lightning round:
real quick questions that you circle an answer
toilet paper over or under? minty or fruity gum? roses or tulips?




A Class Newsletter

I have to write a monthly class newsletter...so any of you teachers out there that have any tips, tricks, or ideas..i would love to hear them.
So far i have made my own template and I think it is turning out good.

I have also been working on my Home Management Binder if you couldn't tell by the routines i posted earlier....that is coming along too!

This is why I love fall...everything starts to get organized in my house!



My After Work Routine

This is my current After Work routine..i love lists so i have a routine for everything!!
Immeadiately after work I will go to the gym for an hour...then after that I will pick up lyla..come home and ......

After work Routine

Set potty timers
15 min of Bible reading
Start supper
Dishwasher dance
Start laundry
Sweep if needed
Spot mop
Kelly's Mission

5 minute room rescues
Lyla's room
Master Bedroom
Craft room
Living room

Hit Hot Spots
Kitchen Table
Entry way
Top of Microwave
Basket of Bills
Computer Desk
Night stands


My Morning Routine.....for right now

Since school has started...this is my current morning routine...once i get this down pretty good..i will add a few more things...like empty the dishwasher...or start a load of laundry...but right now it is all i can do to Rise and Shine! So we will just stick with this for a while!

Rise and Shine….6am!
Pray..and give the day to God!!
Dress to shoes
Swish and Swipe

Think about my day
Check calendar for appts
Make list of what I’m going to do today
Thaw something for dinner

Now time to wake Lyla
get her dressed to shoes
fill sippy cup/tv time
fix hair

Grab Launch Pad and be out of the house by 7:50am!

The Launch Pad is everything i need to grab on the way out my door...if you are a Flybaby then you already know that...but I made a list of things to go on my Launch Pad ....#1 because i like lists and #2 some days i completely go brainless

*Lyla's Launch Pad
- Diaper bag
- Sunglasses
- Itch cream
- Panies/pull ups
- Wipes
- Extra clothes
- Snacks
- Toys
- Hair bands/comb
- Bottle of water

*At preschool…Lyla needs:
- Blanket
- Sheet
- Panies/pull ups
- Extra clothes
- Wipes
- Sunscreen

*Momma's Launch Pad
- Purse
- Sunglasses
- Lunch
- Drink
- Phone




Why is it when you have a good day..you know the Lord really has blessed you...you see him working in your life...you feel good...got a nap...wore your new shirt today and loved it!!! Everyone complimented your shoes!  :)

that your husband picks TODAY of all days to be a butthead!!???



Joining the Gym..aahh!!

ok..so if you are a regular reader ...you would know that my little girl turned two a few weeks ago...
if you didn't know that..you need to start reading my blog more...you will miss alot!

Now that she is two...I got to thinking that no one is going to believe the reason i haven't lost my baby weight is because I JUST had a baby...she is out of the baby stage and on to the toddler/preschooler stage...

so ..here i go ....again...to the gym!
I start Monday...right off the bat!

they have a class at 5am...to get your day started but i don't know if i am that excited about the gym...i will go to the one at 4pm though...after work...after a full day of work...with children...i don't know...maybe i will to tired...
is there a class around 6?
that would be supper time...dang!

maybe around 7....no after supper is bath time then bedtime...

well i don't have time to exhaust myself anymore! sorry!

 I can do this!!!
I can do this!!
i CAN do this!!!

not at 5am ....



Why my husband?

Why I met my husband...

The past few Wednesdays at church we have been having prayer meetings...

We go to church...sing...then we take prayer requests....

we turn the lights down...turn some relaxing worship music on...

and find a place to pray

Just you...and God...


I have thoroughly enjoyed these prayer meetings...and I feel like I have gotten alot out of them.

I honestly never thought I would..so I am a little suprised.

To share with you a little of my past...

When I was a little girl...my mom and dad never TOOK me to church...it was MY decision to go. I went to the First Baptist church...

it was the biggest in our little town of 200 people

all my friends went there

they had a summer camp that was awesome

they went on field trips..

and had fun..

but what do you expect when a 10 year old picks out a church..

I wasn't exactly looking for doctrine at that age...

So all my life I have been taught about the Trinity and God not caring what you wear just go to church...how women are to be silent in church......

OK...fast forward a few decades...

When I met my husband..I wasn't going to church..I was to busy being **21** (woohoo!)

So when we decided to get serious...and started the talk about having a family..I told him I want my children to be raised in church...I wasn't and made that decision myself..and I know that God tells you that if you raise a child up in the name of the Lord..when they get older they will not depart from it. And the way this world is...we need Jesus!

The Baptist church where we live now is SO HUGE..that I actually got lost trying to go to the worship center. It is like a college with different buildings...it felt like I was a stranger...I didn't like it.

My husband's family goes to a United Penecostal Church.



I didn't know if I could handle that...or turn from my ways and solely accept thiers.

But my first time there...I felt so welcomed...so loved....it was so inviting...

and my first service there I felt the Lord...and realized that it didn't matter what building you were in ...Jesus was everwhere....

So I knew that God knew how confused I was...but I was trying.

and to this day (yes we are back to the present) I am still trying...

There are a few things...that have changed my thinking...

like the Trinity...

I no longer believe in that...

I believe that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is all one thing.

Like I am me, and Lyla is me, and my soul is me

All Me!

I believe that you need to be baptized "in Jesus name for the remission of your sins"

Acts 2:38 tells you plain as day

............and throughout these prayer meetings.....

I have come to realize that the reason I met my husband is so that I would find that church...because there is no way that i would be living in the town i am...going to that church if I hadn't met him.

And my husband and I will talk all the time about how many places we have been in the past...together...but never noticed each other. So crazy!

So it makes me really feel that I have met the ONE that I am supposed to be with on this journey of life.

Our last prayer meeting on Wednesday ...I was praying and just stopped to listen ....I didn't know what I was listening for...or if I would fall asleep...but I started thinking...and thoughts just kept popping in my mind...


if I was walking down my sidewalk...and someone noticed me...would they know as soon as they seen me..that I believe in God.

as hard as that is to answer ...No


because if you think about it....

if you see a woman in a skirt...with long hair...no make up....

what do you think?

She is Pentecostal. And we all know...that Penecostals "get with it"

They worship...like no other religion I have seen in my life!

When you see a Pentecostal woman ...you know that she believes in God...and that she is a praying woman....

if you have a need...get her to pray with you...

There have been many people just walk up to my mother in law and ask her where she goes to church because they are looking for somewhere to go...just because of what she wears...

and I know this is going to be hard for me...and I really don't wanna do it....I have had all these feeling before...I wrote not to long ago about this same situation here but I am feeling God tug at me....when I wear jeans and a Tshirt....I look like everyone else in this world....I don't want to be OF THIS WORLD...I want this world to know that I plan on seeing Jesus one day!

I want people to know that I am a Godly person....

And if you know me..you know that by all means I am NOT a dressy person...

at all!

So this is going to be hard..and I am going to have to lean on God....alot!

But I feel like if I stepped out in faith and did what God is asking of me..that he will do amazing things through me!

and that is worth it all!


just my thought before i go to bed
Something crazy is falling from the sky and I don't know what it is...
but Lyla and I are going to play in it!!



Awesome Organizational Ideas using Baskets!!

 i got an email today from Better Homes and Gardens and it had some really cute organizational stuff in it!! And of course ...we all love to orgainze...or wish we had the time too!!

So Look it over and Drool ladies!!!

I so wish i had this instead of an ugly black filing cabinet!

This is a wonderful idea. Each family member have thier own basket to drop keys..school stuff...etc...and they all hang on door hooks.

or how about this for gloves, scarves, and hats....and hang from cute dog collars....

under the bed storage!

Keep herbs and oils in a tidy basket tray within easy reach of the cooktop. To catch spills, line the bottom with an easy-to-clean baking sheet.

How cute were all those!! I love them!!


Better School Food!

I love Rachel Ray...not just for her cooking but for her love of kids and the burden she has for them to eat healthy!
I am a subscriber to her Yum O Newsletter and today this article was in there:

On August 5th, 2010, the Senate passed their version of the Child Nutrition bill, just before departing for summer recess. We are hoping that the House of Representatives will return from recess and pass the current version of their bill, which has almost double the funding the Senate's has. From there, the House and Senate will need to reconcile any differences into one bill to send to the President's desk. But if they can't agree on a Child Nutrition bill before September 30th, millions of children will miss out on improved access to the nutritious food they need to learn and grow. It’s not too late to let your Congress members know that child nutrition is important to you!

I do agree that most schools do need healthier food choices...and you never know sometimes the lunch they get at school might be the only meal they get all day..so it needs to be a good one!



Day 2 of Truth - Day 1 of Preschool - and I was Tagged!!

First of all...my good friend over at Kuppy Kakes by Kristin tagged my blog. She was tagged and asked 8 questions and in return she had to tag 8 blogs..and I am honored that my little blog is one that she thought of to tag!! Now on to HER questions for me:

 1.If you could be a fruit, which would you be, and why?
I would be a watermelon...why? I don't know...because they are really good and pink..and almost everyone loves watermelon!!

2.Have you ever had a one night stand?
ugh...no..not really...it wasn't a one night stand..because I seen him again after that...but it was a one time thing! if you know what i mean....so glad those days are gone!!

3.If you could have plastic surgery, no matter what the cost, what would you get?
I dont' know..I am not really FOR plastic surgery unless you need it medically. I mean if you get plastic surgery that is fine for you...but personally I dont like to be cut on or put to sleep unless I have to be...and God made me the way HE wanted...so why would I change that? And I have a husband that loves everything about me..so I will just save my money and buy a pool!!

4.Cats or Dogs?
Dogs..no Cats!! I like kittens...but no Cats!

5.What would be your last meal, if you knew, you were going to die the next morning?
OMG...uh...i guess a TGI Friday's Jack Daniel Steak with mashed potatoes and a roll. Cheese and Catalina dressing with some ice cream and chocolate syrup...

6.What kind of car do you drive?
I drive a 2011 Hyundai Sonata

7.Would you ever bungee jump or base jump?

8.What is your talent?
being able to put up with 12 two year olds for 8 hours...then come home to my two year old and love my job and my life!!

Now my turn to TAG!!!
Let's see..........................................

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OK..here is YOUR 8 questions from me! Don't forget to tag 8 of your friends and ask them your own questions.

1. How many times a week do you sweep and mop?
2. What did you want to be growing up?
3. Do you believe in love at first sight?
4. What does your life look like in 5 years?

5. How do you feel about the mosque being built on Ground Zero..or nearby?
6. Did you go to college?
7. What is the color of your living room?
8. Why did your momma name you the name you have?

I think of it as a compliment that someone thought of me and my little blog to tag me..so compliment your friends and tag them!!

Now..on to the TRUTH Day 2!!!
Name something you love about yourself.
Well..like I stated above in the plastic surgery question..I don't like it. So I love that I have my thoughts and morals in place. It might not match yours...and that's ok..it is ok for you to be wrong! :) just kidding!
But that is something else I love about me. I can have a heated debate over politics or religion with someone and not end up hating them..I completely understand that thier views are just different from mine. Everyone has a different opinion because everyone was raised differently.
I like that I try as hard as I can to be independant. I don't like people helping me..I hate asking for anything.
I love that I realized that fact that my house will NOT be clean until Lyla moves out and I have accepted that.
I love that I have found out that I can depend on God. I don't know how I got through life this far without knowing that.
I love the fact that when I find something that I know is right..like going to church...or following rules..I dive in whole heartedly and do NOT stray away. Sometimes I dive to deep and need to learn how to say No sometimes.
I love that i am not a follower...and it hard for someone else to make up MY mind.
I love that when I dated my high school sweetheart that I learned the hard way on how bad your heart can break..and guarded myself after that. Kinda like the saying...I only make mistakes once!
I love the fact that when I met Gregg and I knew that loved him..that I let my guard down......willingly.
I love the fact that I can get along with anyone...If I don't get along with you..then you must have done something bad to me...or Lyla.

I know it might seem selfish that the list of things i love about myself is longer than the list of things i hate about myself...but i do love myself..
I am my best friend!!

I have loved reading everyone's Truths! I have loved writing these Truths...it kinds starts to make you dig down deep.

So moving on...I am so sorry this is so long..I have alot to say today!
Today was the first day of preschool for this fall.
I was expecting crying and chaos..but I was pleasantly suprised. The kids were amazing! They listened...no one got lost....or hurt...everyone had fun!! It turned out to be a really great day!!
I had most of the kids I had this summer so they pretty much all knew me..which was a good thing. I am going to have a few new ones start soon ...so I will update.

Have a GREAT day!!



Day 1 of Truth and Rennovation

Day One: Something you hate about yourself.

Wow..isn't that something easy to do. I know everyone has something that they don't like about themselves....especially after having a baby...so of course i would start off with that I hate I don't have a six pack..but have come to the conslusion that I will never have one..so I have made peace with that!

I don't like that I get off work at 5 and can't go to the gym because I am ultimately responsible for Lyla since Gregg works second shift. I don't like that I get jealous of Gregg sometimes when he gets to do what he wants before work because the shift he works allows for that ..and I am continuously stuck in Momma role. I dont' like that I get in negative moods sometimes and see everything in a negative light. I don't like that I don't thoroughly enjoy cooking and baking. I don't like that it is hard for me to say no to people and I get my hand involved in alot more than I should..then I am overly exhausted! I dont' like that I am indecisive...especially when it comes to decorating. ugh! And last but not least...I don't like that I don't make time to call my friends just to say Hello or see what's goin on?  But I got a whole lot of cards that I send out to let them know that I am thinking about them!

And today ...after I clean up the house...and Gregg gets home from work....we are starting to paint in Lyla's room. woo hoo! The paint sample on the top of the paint can doesn't look like what I picked out..but it is the paint with the primer in it...so maybe after we get it on the walls it will dry the color I picked. I pray!
I will post pictures later!!

Remember to link up if you are doing 30 days of truth with me..so I can read all about your truths!!



30 days of Truth

I know ..your probably thinking...what? What is this girl doing?
But give me a minute..
Has anyone ever told you something about yourself that really ticked you off and made you mad..but it was .........................true.?
That happened to me this weekend. Gregg and I were having one of our "discussions" when I realized that the reason I can never keep up with all our laundry is because when I get dressed in the mornings I put something on..don't like it..so I throw it down...then it ends up in the dirty clothes...which in turn has me griping about much laundry there is all the time and wondering how it always happens...
Well Gregg finally told me...it is because of me. And I can't argue..because it is...
I can explain though.........   hee hee
When I put something on ..I don't like it...I throw it down and in my mind I am thinking I am going to put it to the side because one of these days within the next 3 years
Yea right!
 Anyway on to my post...
Over at Angel Believes she is doing a thing on her blog called 30 days of Truth. It is hard to be truthful with yourself...so everyday for the next 30 days I am going to honestly answer a question about me.

Here is the list of questions I am going to answer over the next month..
Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself.

Day 02 → Something you love about yourself.

Day 03 → Something you have to forgive yourself for.

Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for.

Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.

Day 06 → Something you hope you never have to do.

Day 07 → Someone who has made your life worth living for.

Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.

Day 09 → Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

Day 10 → Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know.

Day 11 → Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on.

Day 13 → A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)

Day 14 → A hero that has let you down. (letter)

Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

Day 16 → Someone or something you definitely could live without.

Day 17 → A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

Day 18 → Your views on gay marriage.

Day 19 → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Day 21 → (scenario) Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before. What do you do?

Day 22 → Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life.

Day 23 → Something you wish you had done in your life.

Day 24 → Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs. (Just post the titles and artists and letter)

Day 25 → The reason you believe you’re still alive today.

Day 26 → Have you ever thought about giving up on life? If so, when and why?

Day 27 → What’s the best thing going for you right now?

Day 28 → What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

Day 29 → Something you hope to change about yourself. And why.

Day 30 → A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself
I hope all my readers join in...it would be so much fun being able to read about each other and get to know one another!! Leave a linky ..so I can check them all out!!



the fastest two years of my life

This past Sunday we celebrated Lyla's 2nd Birthday!

I , like every other mother, can not believe that my baby is two years old! It seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital, waiting for her belly button to fall off, excited to try out the first baby foods. Now we are singing songs, and ABC's, potty training, talking in full sentences.

Where did the time go?

Did I treasure it all?

Did I record everything I wanted to?

I have to say in two years..she is a beautiful, mature, and smart cuppy cake!

There has been hair pulling times and times where I laugh so hard my jaws hurt. Being a mom is the best thing I have done in my life. I know now why I looked forward to it all those years as a child...it is like nothing else.

It is extremely hard but greatly satisfying.

Nothing compares.

I have to admit ...it is sometimes hard on your marriage..it is stressful and you take things out on each other. It is times like these though that you gather the family together, enjoy each other's company and when the chaos is all over Gregg and I pull together and say, "Look what we have done!" and we bask in the pride and joy that we have raised and nurtured for two years.

Celebrating Lyla's Second Year of Life!!

This past Sunday we celebrated Lyla's 2nd Birthday!
I , like every other mother, can not believe that my baby is two years old! It seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital, waiting for her belly button to fall off, excited to try out the first baby foods. Now we are singing songs, and ABC's, potty training, talking in full sentences.

Where did the time go?

Did I treasure it all?

Did I record everything I wanted to?

I have to say in two years..she is a beautiful, mature, and smart cuppy cake!
There has been hair pulling times and times where I laugh so hard my jaws hurt. Being a mom is the best thing I have done in my life. I know now why I looked forward to it all those years as a child...it is like nothing else.

It is extremely hard but greatly satisfying.

Nothing compares.

I have to admit ...it is sometimes hard on your marriage..it is stressful and you take things out on each other. It is times like these though that you gather the family together, enjoy each other's company and when the chaos is all over Gregg and I  pull together and say, "Look what we have done!" and we bask in the pride and joy that we have raised and nurtured for two years.



Gotta love this!

isn't that just what you wanna see when you pick up your child to start your weekend!!
the good thing is ...that this preschool is WORTH it! I don't mind paying that much for the care and learning experience that my child is getting! I love it!

***Disclaimer: There is absolutely nothing wrong with the preschoo I work at...It is a wonderful preschool too! In fact today we had a Kid Carnival..how many preschools do that? It was amazingly fun! For kids and the teachers! But I am a firm believer in NOT working where your child goes to preschool.


playing with our not so puppy anymore

I know i didn't post on here when we got Gunner...but he was soooo cute..sooo little...
and now...
he is huge!! and he isn't even a year old!

Here is Gunner as a puppy!

Thank goodness he is an outside dog! Here is Gunner now..

Today we took a little time out of our day to show Gunner some attention...sometimes i feel bad because he is in our backyard and we get so busy that we dont' show him enough attention..
now my husband on the other hand shows Gunner more attention than he does me!
So please don't worry the dog is NOT mistreated..but Lyla and I are busy women!

Out we went into our backyard ....and snapped a few pictures of our time with Gunner!

He is a big klutz...and sometimes he barks and gets on my ever loving nerve...but looking at these pictures makes me love him even more!