IPhone pictures

Before I uploaded all the pictures from my iPhone this last time I had over 1,000 on my phone.

Um.. My phone is the camera I turn to all the time. It's always on me and my three year old decided to do cute things very spontaneously.

So before I get to 1,000 I'm going just throw some random pictures in here

Love that little wet handprint!!

My little ballerina!!! How precious!!

Showing off her zebra bathing suit

When mom goes to the bathroom.. It's an exciting time obviously because every person and animal joins me.

Eating lunch and singing Disney theme songs!

Getting classroom ready for private preschool!! Love the dr suess posters!! Thanks Amber!

Went to McDonald's yesterday for lunch after tagging the cars ( all by ourselves.. Daddy had no confidence that we could handle it because usually he does it)

My big baby

My wonderful shade tree that I sit under and read while lyla plays

Such a sweet little girl... I am blessed!!

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Wednesday Grasshopper Hunt

Started my morning off with a cream cheese bagel

Went to church and they were painting the gym so I took some little ones outside to hunt for some grasshoppers....great pastime that kiddos could do for hours!!!

Came back home and Lyla tried out a few toys that my awesome friend Amber got for us for starting our own preschool.

This one i just had to throw in ..
we played the Wii at Nanny Norma's...and it was SUPER fun!!


Pin it for preschool!

So I have been getting super excited about having my own in home preschool...
and of course when you get excited what else is there to do but pin some interesting stuff!!1

Here's my latest school pins:

how cute are those for nap time?
I am so making these!!

Very cool idea for crayon storage!

plan on doing this on my ceiling!!

this has to be snack one day
Looks like fun!!

and this is just a cute way to keep a reminder!!

a reading corner made from a crib mattress

very cute!!!

love these little guys..but now i need an ipad!

I have myself totally psyched out and completely overwhelmed...about this new journey!
But I thank God for my friends that tell me this is what I was meant to do..and I am letting God run with it!


a New Journey in Life

I have to say...
the first day of being unemployed was a little wierd...
but I quickly got used to it

I have worked for years and years now...
I know now from experience sometimes we don't know why things happen but we just have to let GO and let GOD do what he does

It is hard...but it will be worth it!

We started the day off a little Team Umizoomi and some messy hair!

Then looked up some curriculums and information on starting my own inhome daycare
I have always wanted to do this..or try to do this..but always been to scared

Now that I have started selling Mary Kay I have learned that your dreams aren't BIG enough if they don't scare you!

Went outside to water our flowers ... had to play in the good ol' water hose for a while

Ended the day watching some America's Got Talent

Baby girl...peacfully sleeping
She had an awesome first day of momma being unemployed!

Father's Day Adventures

This kinda goes along with the photo challenge of out and about..I'm going to use for that anyway..I love love love editing photos in picasa..I need to spend a little more time on figuring out what all Picasa can do.

Here is Ms Lyla swimming at her Nanny Norma's and Papa Jeff's house...that is always a big reason for going up there...Nanny always gets the little kiddos a pool to splash in..
Hate to say it though..
the little pool...
is just about to little now
time to upgrade!

Uncle Colton suprised us and said he was coming over to spend the night! Yay!
We love hanging out with Uncle Colton!

Here is Gregg and Colton playing the Wii

Had to shake the controller for some reason...
I couldn't pass up that shot!

This is what they were playing..
it was fun!

Then off fishing

looking at the worms

Lyla was amazed by them
until I said, "Lyla look they are trying to get out!"
She screamed, "AAHH, Uncle Colton!!"

No way No how were we fishing without our shot of M & M's

First fish!
She wanted to pet it

Classic picture!
I love it!
I have one of me and my uncle this way!
M&M's in pocket!

Then we went to another lake...
fishing stopped ...
swimming started

Uncle colton found a hole

Then we ended the night with ice cream and daddy on the couch!

I don't think I could have had a better day!
Thank You Jesus for my family
and days like this!