4/15 - Fuzzy worms

I remember back in the day when Poppa and I used to catch these "fuzzy worms" to go fishing with...It was so nice outside today I took Daisy out for a walk and as soon as we walked out the back door there was at least 7 out there....don't know where they come from...but I used to love these things!! Not so much anymore...but they bring back good memories!!!

Playing catch up

I kinda got behind when the storm of my century about blew me away......so here i go

Snack Time : This is snack time at work....we all go outside (when the weather is pretty) and have a snack outside after nap...aren't they cute? all lined up and being good!! All kids are pretty good when they are stuffing thier face!!!!

Our make-shift TV stand: since we have moved we are trying to figure out how to place our furniture....we had the coffee table in between the couch and sofa but it just seemed to cramped...so we made it into a TV stand....now we don't have to buy a tv stand!! Ain't I smart? Did you notice that Gregg's tires were still in the living room.........THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE SATURDAY!! we'll see!

Orajel:This was my life saver over the weekend....when my tooth broke off...this is the only thing that saved me...so thank god for orajel!!!

Daisy Jo: This is just a random picture of my first child sleeping....it is what she does best!!

My 2 VIP's: This was such a cute picture of Gregg and Daisy I had to put it on here....she has got her head tilted the same way he does....like father like daughter.....those two are something else!!
Close up: I love these pictures of Daisy....she is so crazy ...i guess the flash makes her wonder what it is..but she loves it...


4/8 - Wheels & Tires

So when I cam home today for lunch...the UPS truck was at my door delivering 4 HUGE boxes....those boxes were these..............

Yeah...these are my husbands new wheels and tires for his truck! And they are sitting in my living room floor until he decides to put them on.....DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT CAN BE? Goodness!


4/7 - my doctor office

I had another Dr. appt today! This is my doctor's office. Especially for WOMEN!

4/6 - Sugarloaf Mountain

Sunday Gregg and I went to my dad's house and this is the view right before you get to his house. Is that not gorgeous?

4/5 - Haylee Grace

Ok..so I am updating again! I do good throughout the week...but when the weekend rolls around...I turn into a fat, lazy bum!!

Saturday I watched Haylee Grace! She is the daughter of one my friends that I work with. She got a new apartment and was attempting to move. So she dropped Haylee off at the house and we hung out for a while! There is more pictures and more on what we did on my regular blog.


4/4 - My new hobby!

I have found a new hobby! This is what I have done for the past few weeks. It seems like I have no energy here lately! And what sucks is that it isn't gonna get any better!

4/3 - Baby Stuff

I got a new carseat today from my friend Hannah. I am trading her my dining room table for it!! Good deal huh? Especially since I am wanting to get rid of my table! It is like brand new...in great condition!! And it is so cute...if you can't see it....it has a cute gray pattern on it...with little roses and stuff....I am so excited!! Gregg would look good carrying this around ....don't you think?

4/2 - Yay for me!

Yay for me (and Lori)!!!

At our preschool we are trying to become Quality Approved!

To do that you have to go through ECERS...which if you don't know what that is....it is a pain in the butt!!!

But really ECERS gives you so many rules and standards by which your classroom has to set up by. They tell you how many books you need in the library center and everything...it is nerve racking!

Well the technical advisor came and scored our classroom and we passed!!! YAY!!

so our boss went out and got us these balloons and some candy!!! Yummy!!


4/1 - It's a Snake!!

Is this not the grossest thing you have ever seen? It was up at my MIL house. I was walking along minding my own business when my husband says" Look at that! "

It wasn't like a casual "look at that"....he was excited which makes me worry....so I just about...I mean i was on the verge on peeing my pants...because i thought it was a snake!!
I don't like snakes if you can't tell....not any of them!! It is actually just a really really really long worm!