Spontaneous leaf play

Friday after school lyla and I pulled up in the driveway like always. I walked around to her side of the truck ... Got her out and just had a good ol feeling to throw a pile of leaves on her!

It was an instant war!! I'm so glad that we can have fun in an instant.. Memories were surely made in that moment ... I know it won't last long. She will be to old and mature to play in the leaves with mom.


Pumpkin Painting

At one of our many trips to Wal Mart ....Lyla found a pumpkin that she just "had to have"

Once we got it home...she dug through the junk drawer and found her watercolor paints...and said she wanted to paint that pumpkin for Ms Nancy (her preschool teacher)

So that is what she did!!
She had a great time doing it...and was so proud when the pumpkin was finished!


Just a little picture update:

Coming back home from eating after church one Sunday and this is what the sky looked like
I love taking pictures of our weather

Loved this jumping action shot of Lyla at preschool

Lyla and Gregg playing the nieghbors dog at my mother in laws....
He jumped super high to catch Corona Beer Bottle chew toy

Great Action Shot Ever!

Then off to have some family four wheeling fun!

Here goes Lyla and Gregg going "super fast"

Love the silohuette

Hope your all having a great weekend!!


I live in Arkansas...
but Oklahoma has had TWO ....2....dos......TWO earthquakes.....TODAY!

Here's the news story: http://www.5newsonline.com/news/kfsm-56-magnitude-quake-shakes-arkansas-and-oklahoma-20111105,0,1590036.story

The first was at 2am this morning...and I think it was a 4.6

Then another one about two hours ago...and it was a 5.6


I had friends and family from everywhere calling to say they felt the shake and to ask if we felt it.

We had just finished watching the Razorback game with friends and had Lyla laying on the couch watching "Jake and the Never Land Pirates"...and we didn't feel a thing.

We were all still too...never felt it

then again

my sinuses have my head so foggy..that I quite possibly could have felt it..and just didn't know it....because I feel like I am out of my body anyway with this horrible headache

It is so crazy

I love watching the History Channel when they show the natural disaster shows...and I have seen quite a few talk about if we ever had a good 5.0 earthquake that it would set off the New Madrid Fault Line...

and that my friend...would not be good from what "they" say


Here is another article I found on the History Channels website: http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/earthquake-rocks-the-american-wilderness

*Note to self:
Buy more bottled water


Lyla's little friend

first i had to post that we tried the glow sticks in the bathtub that i seen on Pinterest and it was a HIT!
Lyla loved it..I did too..it was really cool!

We were heading out to my mother in laws ..Lyla and Gregg found something

I've been trying to look it up and see what kind of caterpillar it is but i can't find it...
sure is cute...
we had to take it for a ride


If you were my...

camera USB cord......

where would you be?

I still can not find that thing...and I have been looking for two days!!


This is what happens when you clean and organize your house....
You can't find anything!


and I took all of the Lyla's Halloween pictures with the internal memory on my camera.....
why you ask?

because my "Lovely" husband was hunting (which he has now deemed "work"...because he is hunting for meat to feed our family....Thank God for Wal mart or we would starve)
and I was left to get baby girl dressed and fed and going trick or treating....

So now..I just gotta find that dang cord


Moving on....
Here are other pictures that I need to post...but have been totally slacking on...

it is sideways but oh well
this is Lyla at her favorite park

My Daisy Jo enjoying the sun

OMG...Look at that floor..It looks much better now because she talked her Daddy into cleaning it

Baby Girl fell asleep grocery shopping

This was when we started our new school and she found her friend from church

The sat and caught up on old times!! LOL!!