My Pretty Planner

I got a new planner..
This planner is called the Pretty Planner by Wendy at Pretty Well Organized
This particular planner had some bent corners at the bottom so Wendy sold them a discounted price.
I could NOT pass that up. I was looking for a smaller planner anyway to throw in my purse and carry with me.

My large Kikki.k is way to heavy to carry around all day long...but this Pretty Planner is perfect!

I love the background of the cover.. and the gold lettering.
Living in Arkansas you love anything with deer antlers on it.

Do you have a big planner that stays home and one that is an "on the go" planner?
Tell me what you use and how your system works.
Want to see the inside?
Leave me a comment and I'll do another post of what the pages look like.


Blogging through the Bible with the Good Morning Girls

I'm going on a journey.. through the Bible.. no matter how long it takes me. I'm dedicated

Do you like to read?
I love love love to read. I don't have a certain genre of book that I enjoy more than others.. it is just whatever interests me at the moment. Sometimes I will read more than one book at a time depending on what mood I am in and what I want to read.

And from reading the title of this blog post.. you probably know where I am going with this...

Have you read the most important book that there is to read?

The Bible.

Just like any book.. it has its ups and downs. It has moments where it grabs you and moments that you could fall asleep.

It's a top selling book.. I highly rated book..

Have you read it?

Do you have one?

I have many.. one in my kitchen, on my phone, my nightstand, in my office.. there is a Bible around me all the time.. but when I get bored I choose to watch TV or play on the computer.

I have been slapped right in the face with the way I am choosing to spend my time.
And I need to change.

I have read the Bible all the way through once...
That's it.

And I read it .. to read it.. to get it done.. in a year and say I did it.

I am so excited to be joining Courtney at Women Living Well.. and a bunch of other ladies in reading through the Bible.. cover to cover... in
however long it takes us!!!

We don't want to skim it.. or just read..
We want to notice the words.. the lessons.. the breath of God.

So starting Sunday, August 31st we will start in Esther.. and read a chapter a day until we get through it all.

Want to join?
Head over to Courtney's blog.. Women Living Well .. and click on the Forums.. from there you can find groups to join...and there is also a Facebook group if you would like to lead a group of accountability with some friends.

I will posting here when something strikes my fancy.. please feel free to comment and converse with each other. I have led many many study groups on Facebook.. and we learn so much from each other's questions and ideas.

I will be looking for a journal specifically for this study.. so I can keep all my thoughts in one place while I am reading.

If you have already decided that you are joining us? What is your plan?
Are you blogging? journaling? Facebooking? Tweeting?

There are so many options.

I'm excited to get started!


Birthday Party at Preschool

In my last post about Lyla's birthday party I told you that we had to do it early.. well this day was her Real Birthday!! And we were getting ready to party down at preschool!!

We had a big day scheduled..
First a field trip to Chuck E Cheese

Then cake and juice for snack time!

Here was our birthday attire....
Lyla and Izzy have become pretty good friends since Lyla moved up into the schoolers room.
At Chuck E Cheese every kiddo got around 60 tokens to play games with .. Lyla and Izzy.. played in the tunnels and this cage.. for free.. almost the whole time.

We ended up with 200 tickets...thanks to me and my master skeet ball skills...
so we went to the counter to pick out a sucker and some FunDip

Woop Woop!! Cake time!!
It was an Ice Cream cake!
It was a hit!

I think she had a pretty good day.


Kindergarten Class List ....

It's been the chatter for a while now.... Who is in who's class? Who is your teacher? I hope they get this one or that one... or I've heard this or that about this teacher...

Kindergarten is stressful...
for the parents!!

This picture is of course from about a month ago..

Our class lists went up on a Friday.. they weren't supposed to be out until that Monday... and oh my goodness.. it was all over Facebook!

We got so and so...

Oh man.. I hope we have a good year...

So Lyla and I drove down to her "big girl" school...and she looked for her name

We found it!
She is in Mrs. Kinslow's class
Her cousin Landon had Mrs. Kinslow last year for his Kindergarten year.. so we know that she is already fantastic.. like every other Kindergarten teacher...and I know that she will have a wonderful year! I'm excited to see how much she loves it!!
Then of course we looked for all her friends names.. to see which teacher they got....
To her surprise.. she had 2 friends in HER class!
Here we go.. Off to a great school year!