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My Berry Kikki.k Planner

About a year ago..I found a great community of people who share my love of paper, stationary, pens and planners. Needless to say.. I found my Home!! I can remember way back when I was in Middle school going to the store with my Aunt and we would both go directly to the pen aisle to look at all the new pens.
Call me geeky...but it's true.
I still do that. When I go grocery shopping .. I still like to swing by the pen aisle and look at all the pens. I look at the new planners, the notebooks, the journals. I love it all.
Who knew that other people shared my geekiness too!! I'm so excited!!

For a long time I was just a Wal-Mart type of planner girl; but now that I have seen the light I have found Filofax and Kikki.k amongst others that are to cute for this Nerd girl to pass up.

There is facebook groups galore on selling or swapping planners. There are people who have so many planners they can't count them all.. They say they switch them out like their purses. Adorable!

I found this beauty on a Facebook group for sale.. so I snatched it up and called it my Mother's Day gift to myself... just to have a reason to buy it.

Isn't she lovely!!

This is a Large size Kikki.k planner in the color Berry.

Kikki.K is based in Austrailia so to get one of their planners you have to buy them online and ship them to the USA. They also have a wonderful line of stationary and pens to go along with thier planners. It is a VERY cute store and they just lowered their shipping costs so if you buy a group of things you love it is totally worth it to have it shipped here.
They are also coming out with new colors!! EEKK!! I almost can not contain myself. They had my Berry color and a Gray color just released...and they just launched thier new Lilac color!! OMG!!
Then they launched their new Lilac color WITH GOLD POLKA DOTS!!!
I'm going to go broke. Sorry husband!

 Let me give a quick run on this beauty ... then if anyone is interested on how to choose a planner for yourself.. let me know in the comments and I'll make a post about all the different options of planners.

Here is the inside.. it is a light pink fabric with white squared polka dots. You got a secretarial pocket, a few cards slots which holds my page flags, a zippered pocket and then a big pocket behind the zipper. So much room to put whatever your heart desires.

It came with the Today note pad, all the dividers, to do papers, meeting papers, the note pad in the back and stickers!
Are you on Kikki.k yet to buy yourself one??

One thing you definitely need to look at if you are a planner newbie is how tight the rings are. There is nothing more annoying than having your pages get hung on the ring if they have a gap in them. These are great and tight.. no page hang ups here.

Here are the stickers it came with. I love that Kikki.k gives you options of what you want to name your dividers with stickers. Some people do not like their handwriting so a sticker option is fantastic. You also have Follow up, Todo, bullet points, numbers, Due Date, Remember, Read, Top 3, Top 5, Priorities and some blank ones.

The back has this lovely note pad which says "Today is a Good Day" ..and sometimes I need that reminder. It also has an elastic pen loop so just about whatever pen you like to us.. it will fit right into your planner.

I have stuffed this baby full and she is still going strong.

I hope you enjoyed my planner post. The planner community is such a nice group of people if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Now.. go make the hard decision on which planner you have to get now! I mean they are totally needed to keep you organized so no need to feel guilty.

If you already have a planner .. tell me which one you have or how many you have!


Floatin' down the river

Brewer Family Float Trip on the Illinois River

Look at this cutie in her life jacket and sunglasses...
That is how you pull off a life vest and make it look good.

I've only been floating one other time. It was when my husband and I were dating and we went with the church. He was still "chasing me" so he paddled the whole way and I just rode like Ariel in the Little Mermaid. It was a Southern Fantasy.

So I was excited to go again and this time take my daughter on a float trip.

You had a couple of options:

You could choose to have a raft, kayak, or a canoe.. we chose a canoe. Somehow I got in the back of the canoe which means you are the person that practically steers the whole boat.. which gave my husband a great opportunity to do some fishing while I was busy steering.
Honeymoon period.. Over!

Learned my lesson: Always get in the front of the canoe!

You could also choose to do a 6 mile float or a 12 mile float. Since we had the kiddo with us we chose the 6 mile. It almost felt like it was to quick.. we wanted to keep going. So next year we are going to try the 12 mile.

It was a great day. The weather could not have been any better. Summer in Arkansas is hot and sticky.. but that day it was nice and cool. Just Wonderful!

We packed a picnic lunch and some snacks so along the way when we would come across an area where we could pull the canoe up.. we would stop. We did some fishing, some relaxing, some snacking.. Just hanging out together. I found out my baby girl loved herself some Moon Pies.
Such a Southern girl!! 

I can't wait to go again next year. I will be in the front of the boat.. I will pack my own lunchbox of slim jims...and I will take it slower.. not worry so much about having everything we could possibly need.. and have a good time!!
Memories Made!


Sweet Dreams.

When baby girl pushes away the iPad to lay her head down..
She is exhausted!!
Sweet Dreams little one.
Momma loves you.


Birthday and Backpack

Since Lyla has started preschool..she has developed two pretty awesome friends. Addison and Darah.
They all fight like sisters... but then can't function without each other. Recently it was Darah's birthday and she had her party at Chuck E Cheese!

All the girls were excited to spend some time together .. outside of school.. just playing and having fun!!

Here is Lyla and Addison.. ready for Cake!

Darah is turning 5! What an awesome cake!

Present time! Darah opened up Lyla's present first.. which was a big deal to Lyla for some reason. I guess there is some sort of status symbol in getting your present opened first! I did take quite a while wrapping it and putting all the curly ribbon on.. so I'm glad she enjoyed it!

We got her a HUGE coloring book of Doc McStuffins.. and a DVD.
After the party I had to run by Target to pick up a few things and they already had all their back to school stuff going up.. so we swung by the school section to look at backpacks...because we all know that is also another status symbol of school.. You HAVE to have a cool backpack.
I , being the uncool mom, went to the backpacks that had the princesses or Barbie on them..

Lyla went directly to this one!

Rainbow Spikes!
and her daddy approved!!
Not that I have anything against rainbow spikes but I just can't see my lovely little daughter walking into Kindergarten with a Rainbow Spike backpack...so I told her "Let's look around"
*fingers crossed that a FROZEN backpack crosses our path SOON..
I think that will be the only thing that will change her mind**


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