This blog.. is mine

Hello Hello....

I have gone back and forth on whether to blog or not to blog....

now admit we all said in our heads "That is the question"

I don't really have the time for it.. or shall I say I don't "make" the time for it...but when I get a wild hair thinking

Hmm..I should go look at that old blog of mine..
I LOVE seeing the old posts about my what was going on in my life..which was really the reason I started this blog in the first place...to keep memories...for a tool that my daughter could use to see what life was like back in the olden days.

This world is changing so quickly before my eyes .. I am sure that this world will be totally different by the time my daughter is my age.

Blogging has gotten so business minded.. money making... so commercial. I thought that I wouldn't add up because I don't ever want to go there. I don't want to sell out.. I don't want to be a "review" blog.. I want it to be MY blog. MY pictures. MY memories. told in MY voice.

So .. you will see to many dots (...) because that is me pausing to think. You will not see correct grammar, perfect English, or professional photos. You may find a misspelled word and you may come across a post with just a picture and no words, but it is what it is.

It's mine.

So welcome to the Brewers little space on the world wide web..I hope you grab a cup of good ol southern sweet tea, stay awhile and chat. It'll be nice to get to know you!



I am so proud of this girl. She has made my dream of motherhood the best reality possible.

On the last testing session at school Lyla scored at a Level 40 on reading. I just got a message from her teacher saying is the equivalent of reading at the end of the 4th grade year. Wow!!

I love that she loves to read! I pray her love for reading does not cease in the slightest. Every night we read a book before and even though she can read she likes for me to read it..but you better believe she is following along with every word.

Right now we are on our second round of reading The Wizard of Oz  (which by the way is different than the movie).

Are your kiddos at reading age? What books do your kids like?


Day 2 - Darling

Yesterday right after a wonderful church service we went straight to the local fall festival. 
The first both we stopped at was the face paint

Then we hit the bounce around and the games.  We finished up with an amazing burger and went to the house to rest up for night church.
Great day!  Great memories made!


Halloween 2014.. successful!

Last night for All Hallows Eve 2014 Lyla went dressed up as Elsa from FROZEN. Suprised? There were approximately 658 other Elsa's strolling around..but I am pretty partial to mine, especially since I spent $30 on that dress thinking she might look a little different than every other Elsa...
Arkansas decided to have a cold front sweep in ON Halloween night so everyone was wearing jackets.
The $30 dress.. covered up.. most of the night!

Moving on..

Our town has a wonderful walking trail where all the groups from the High School set up "stations" and decorate them how they want...the kids walk along the walking trail and the High Schoolers just load thier bags up with candy.. It is absolutely wonderful! and safe!

 I have to say I am pretty proud of her Elsa inspired hair. We put baby powder in it to make it white then sprayed the hair spray glitter on it. It was magical!

At the end of the end of the walking trail you go through City Hall.. which was all decorated as The Emerald City. Super cool!
Lyla and I would read a chapter from the Wizard of Oz book every night before bed. She was very into it and we finished the book. So to actually walk into the Emerald City was pretty amazing!
Of course it all started with a Yellow Brick Road. 

The Cowardly Lion turned out to be Lyla's Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Kinslow. This was serioulsy the highlight of Lyla's night....and turned out to be mine as well. Mrs Kinslow told me she tested Lyla's reading level and she scored at a Level 10. Which was Chinese to me until she told me that they START first grade at a Level 6! Wow!! So now Mrs Kinslow is going to let her go to the library to check out her own books to read. Once she finishes reading that book she can take a test on it and then pick out another one to read.

Proud Momma Moment!

The last stop is the Fire Station.. they had the smoke machine going and you had to walk through the station in the smoke. What a cool picture! 

After the walking trail .. we hit a few safe houses to Trick or Treat at.. then ran by Taco Bell for some late supper. I look over to ask what my Ice Queen wanted and found this: 

Halloween 2014... Successful!


Birthday Party at Preschool

In my last post about Lyla's birthday party I told you that we had to do it early.. well this day was her Real Birthday!! And we were getting ready to party down at preschool!!

We had a big day scheduled..
First a field trip to Chuck E Cheese

Then cake and juice for snack time!

Here was our birthday attire....
Lyla and Izzy have become pretty good friends since Lyla moved up into the schoolers room.
At Chuck E Cheese every kiddo got around 60 tokens to play games with .. Lyla and Izzy.. played in the tunnels and this cage.. for free.. almost the whole time.

We ended up with 200 tickets...thanks to me and my master skeet ball skills...
so we went to the counter to pick out a sucker and some FunDip

Woop Woop!! Cake time!!
It was an Ice Cream cake!
It was a hit!

I think she had a pretty good day.