5 min Friday: Change

This is my first five minute friday.

I have read a few here and there....

So I thought I would give it a try....

All you do is set your timer, clear your head, for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right.

Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
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When i think of change I can't help but think of the Republic National Convention I have been watching lately.

I don't really keep up with all the political stuff like I should and I know it should...it just seems like there is so much drama and other related stuff that doesn't matter to our country. I don't care if Bush had a beer when he was 23...can he run our country?

Could I?
No way!

I wouldn't want that responsibility...but I thank God that there are people that do!!

Now for the change...something in our country needs to change....well not some THING..but alot of things...and I hope in November we get that change.

I can say that I did not vote for Obama last election but I respect any man who is brave enough to put himself in the President seat and take the heat.

So my way of change is actually watching our candidates...i encourage everyone to...and VOTE! It is getting close...We all need to make an educated decision....

There are more people that vote for the next American Idol than there are for our next US President.
That is one change that needs to happen.



These are a few pictures from my front yard of the clouds of hurricane Isaac.

I know it wasn't a hurricane once it hit land.. But you know what I'm talking about.

This is very interesting to me because this is the first time that I have actually known what us going on with our weather. I'm sure we've had other hurricanes come ashore and effect us but I just haven't paid attention. Now that the lord has blessed me with working from home I get to watch the news abc follow politics ..
I'm slowly becoming cultural. Ha ha.

This was at noon

This was at 1:00



Then it started raining so we went in. It was more if a misty rain though .. Very neat.

Baby daisy Jo sure didn't like the 40 mph wind .. Then again she only weighs 4 pounds. She's looking at me like I'm crazy for being outside. Am I the only weirdo that can read their dog's thoughts?

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251 driving with family
252 ice cream at dads
253 choir practice when god attends
254 birthdays!
255 watching baby girl sign a birthday card for her friend
256 baby girl going to sleep with a smile
257 friends coming over to play
258 staying home
259 learning new hobbies
260 rightly dividing the Word of God
261 a nightly walk and conversation with a cute four year old
Yesterday we went to church and had a great bible study. We dove head first into Psalms 2 and Act 4. We plainly seen that those of the name of the Jesus will be persecuted. I pray that we follow the example of the early church and when that persecution comes...to pray for boldness and unity in our church. I know that our God is the same yesterday, today and forever..so without a shadow of a doubt I still believe that if a church is in one accord...we could hear the might rushing wind of God...we could feel the shaking powerful presence of our Lord...and I believe one day ...we will!
That was free...wasn't scheduled...what I was wanting to write about was that after church *and our quick Wal Mart trip* in the truck Lyla was telling me about her good time in childrens church. After our conversation had died down we were just singing along to the radio and I look over to see Lyla's hands raised, eyes closed, and singing from the depths of her heart. I know she is only four. Lord only knows if she knows what she's doing..but I ask her once the song ends what she was doing....  and she responded by looking at me so seriously and said, "Worshipping God"
Yep...a few tears came
They still come now just thinking about it.
I pray that I am training her in the way she should go
I pray that she never departs from it
I pray that she worships God instead of this world
I pray that I will be the example she needs


Can we talk about Issac?


First my disclaimer:

I live in Arkansas...the only threat we get from a hurricane is the rain and some wind...maybe we get some storm and tornado warnings...but no crazy wind speeds or rooftop rescuing.


If I lived in Louisana when Katrina hit....or if I had heard of Katrina hitting Louisana....the destruction it caused...and even now SEVEN YEARS later they are still rebuilding...if the weather man said that a hurricane was headed our direction....


Just in case.
I know the levys were rebuilt..and they are strong now.
But oh my word..just in case!
Just in case!

There are a few people that decided since
Oh it is just a Category 1..we can stick it out

Katrina was a Category 2

Category or no Category
Go inland!

Why chance your life..or your family's lives?

Sorry..I had just had to get that off my chest...this was a complete spontaneous post...

When I lay the kids down for a nap I have gotten in the routine of watching CNN and of course Issac is all that is on TV...well him or the National Republic Convention...My choice to watch is Issac.

I have seriously went through every emotion watching this storm hit..to sadness for homes lost...to angry for the people who stayed now having to put volunteers and community peoples lives in danger to rescue them....

Here are a few pictures from the CNN website that I have seen ...

If you can't read that...it says that the business is gone for Hurrication!

Yea..I don't want to be involved in that

Here is a girl bracing herself against the pole from all the strong winds...the moment I have to start bracing myself..I am done!
What would you do? Would you stay? Go?

Rumors of iPhone 5

So I have very creatively saved and used my updates on my phone contract to where my husband and I could get the new iPhone 5 when they come out.

Now I am usually not one to be materialistic...I don't really like shopping...unless it's antique shopping...but since I have had an iPhone in my hand...I honestly don't know how I could live without it...

Which is very horrible for me to say ..since I am reading a book called Almost Amish and just did a review on a chapter about how much we depend on technology and just how much of our time it wastes...
so insert slap on my hand here...............


moving on with a giddy smile on my face!

The new iPhone 5 should be released around September 12..so I've heard through rumors.

Here are a few other things I have ran across...

It is supposed to have a smaller charging port
The new charging port is supposed to be a magsafe port..which means instead of it "clicking" in..it will be magnitized. I think that is great..because I know I am not the only one that charges my phone beside me so I can use it while it is on the charger...but I never have an outlet right next to a table so more than likely the cord is stretched out and everytime I get out of the recliner I trip on it and my phone goes hurling to the floor as I automatically turn into a ninja to catch it with my cat-like reflexes....

no one?

moving on...

It is supposed to be thinner because they are moving some kind of touch screen technology into the screen...which is eliminating a layer of the phone

a bigger screen....YAY!

smaller home button...which i guess it turns compensates for the bigger screen...but whatever!

the headphone jack will be moved to the bottom of the phone instead of having it at the top

longer battery life...i will believe that when i see it

and it is supposed to be longer...or taller ...or whatever ...

I've also heard that it may have an aluminum back...I don't know why...but I don't care
and something called a virtual wallet with Passbook...I have NO idea what that is..but it sounds super cool..so I will have to go look that up!

I'm excited! Now if my plan works out correctly....
$500 later and two upgrades...

we will have the new iPhone 5


Rapunzel at Walt Disney World..with a pretty cute video!

While we were roaming around Magic Kingdom...You see lines of people everywhere..there is always a character to meet or a ride to ride...
We came across a line and thought outloud..
Hmm..I wonder what this line is for?
because it seemed to lead up and into a secret place of some sort

Just so happen a lady that worked at Walt Disney World said,
"Oh, this is the line to meet Rapunzel."
Gregg and I look at each other..and just smiled.
Lyla had no idea what we were doing...ever....the whole time we were there she was in wonderland with all that was going on around her.
At this time Rapunzel..was...and still is..her absolute favorite princess of ALL TIME
As a matter of fact..I asked her today what she wanted to be for Halloween..and I bet you can't guess her answer...
I am so happy she got to meet her...and the look on her face...when she saw her..
was priceless
and I would have paid DOUBLE to go on that trip to see the excitement in her face!

Absolutely NOTHING.....
beats this video!!!

I love it!
Love Love Love it!!

Wal Mart Lay-a-way

Have you heard that Wal Mart is bringing thier Lay-a-Way back?

I just recently heard this..
I don't think I have ever used a lay-a-way..but it would definately help when having to buy all those Christmas presents!

It runs from September 16 to December 14.

It covers all toys, electronics, small appliances, jewelry, and some of the sporting goods.

You have to pay either $10 or 10% down ...whichever is greater
and you have to initially pay a $15 charge for opening an account.

If you pay off your lay-a-way before December 14 then you get your $15 initial charge back.

Any item you put in lay-a-way has to be at least $15 and your total has to total to $50 to open a lay-a-way account.

I know alot of you are thinking...why in the world is doing a post over lay-a-way???

I am 27 ...or 28....I can't remember...no wait...I'm 27....

and I don't even remember the last time Wal Mart had a lay-a-way.....
if they have ..I have been out of the loop...

so yea...I am a little excited about this lay-a-way option...

it could be the answer I have been looking for to actually get Gregg something that will "suprise" him.

Usually he gets money...to pick out whatever he wants...because if you are married to a hunter you know that whatever you pick out is going to be wrong...it will be taken back and he will buy for himself what he needs.

If your like me..I can never secretly get out of the house without my husband...
I don't know if he is jealous..or just plain nosy...
but either way..I have never been able to get him something without him knowing!

This year...I'm gonna try!

What are a few things you would put in lay-a-way?

I would put :

a robotic sweeper...yes...with a schedule..awesome!

an iPad...I have wanted one of these things for a long time..it would just make my life so much easier

An outdoor patio set..the yard to go with it would be nice too


My little Merida

Last night my husband and I took Lyla to go see Brave in theaters.

I was more impressed by Tangled...but it was good.

The movie is about a princess named Merida who isn't Princess-like...she doesn't have the long flowing hair..she doesn't like the formal dresses...she loves weapons and wandering.

With it being on a big screen though..there were a few parts that actually scared Lyla...and she ended up crying at the end. All in all though once it was over..she said she loved it.


This little girl is going to be my Merida. She loves Archery. Not in particular the sport of Archery..she wants to go hunting with her daddy and her daddy bow hunts..so therefore she does too!

He will go out in the yard and practice every once in a while..and she absolutely has to go with him to hold his arrows. Ha! She is his arrow caddy!

I hope she learns..and I hope she loves it. It would be a great bond with her and Gregg...and it would be a great skill to know...in case...just in case..this world continues to go downhill at a rapid pace.

So be BRAVE Merida .... throw caution to the wind and always try new and exciting things!!

Just always come back home and check in with your momma!


Home Management Binder..in the making

Have you heard about the Home Management Binder?

or Control Journal if you are following FlyLady....

It is just a central binder or notebook that you keep all your daily stuff..so you aren't looking in a box full of bills for the electric bill...or going through all your birthday invitations thinking someone's is this weekend but you have no idea who or where it is...

I'm not that bad..but it easily could get that way

So I have been playing with the idea of making myself one...
And now that my husband has joined the Air Force...he won't be around as much as usual.
I am going to be totally lost..because the only part of our finanaces that I handle is the spending.
Sad but true.

When I started college ...my husband just took all the finance burden on him so I wouldn't have to try to keep up with it...and schoolwork. He is a blessing to me!

So now it is time for me to transition back into power!!!
(that is my best evil laugh)

There are SO many cute lists and calendars available to print for free..that I had a hard time choosing just one.
I am a MAJOR list lover..so this was almost torture for me.

Point is...You might see alot of the same or like the same papers in my HMB (Home Management Binder) but I am trying them out to see which one suits me best...

A HMB is always a work in progress...but eventually I will get it just the way I like it and hopefully it will be a great organizational tool for me.

Here we go!

I have no cute cover..it is just a 1/2 inch binder from Wal-Mart.
I have collected printable from everywhere ..so I don't know where all of them came from..but most of mine have come from CLEANMAMA.

Here is just daily routines.

Time scheduled for the week.

today time schedule with a spot for a to do and notes

I like this one..it is a week at a glance with a spot at the bottem for kid activities, dinner ideas, and notes.

Weekly family schedule. This is good because it lets me know what Gregg's plan is for the week.

This one is a little to much for me..but it might work.
It has a daily cleaning schedule along with a weekly schedule

another weekly...with a daily at the bottom and monthly

this is for the stuff that I never remember to do like change my A/C filters

DONE! Goals to get done in one month

Shopping list

Weekly menu plan with a shopping list

menu plan for Breakfast, lunch and dinner spots

fave recipe list..I usually keep all these in the pantry when I don't feel like cooking something new or when someone unexpectedly comes over for dinner

inventory..I will probably never be disciplined enough to do this...but it looks good.

month menu plan of dinners

a blog idea list...this is huge for me..I always think of what I need to blog..but then when I finally get a chance to sit down and blog..I never remember what ALL I needed to write about.

Monthly bloggy calendar

Lyla is getting older and is CRACKING me up with all that she says..so here is a quick spot to jot stuff down....
for example:
Papa did NOT listen in school ..he doesn't even know his colors!!
*he is color blind*
ha ha!

Bill tracking

Important dates..anniversaries..etc.

this is my long term to do list..like stuff I want to do for the house...crafts...etc.

There it is in all its glory!
Not much and kind of confusing now..but hopefully it will evolve itself!
Do you have a HMB?



So I made a list with CLEANMAMA this month called the DONE! list
It is a list of stuff to get done THIS month!

As you can see..I only have three goals..this month..ha ha..
There is enough spaces for ten I think...but I knew that I am a total perfectionist and making a Home Management Binder would take me forever!

Well..I finally got a little bit ...well...the majority of the Home Management Binder DONE!

I have a lot of papers that are pretty much the same...but I am trying them out to see which one suits me best!
See perfectionist
It's horrible sometimes!

Anyway..I took pictures of some of the pages in my Home Management Binder...so I will post those later.

Now I just have to remember to USE IT!

Go HERE to print off your DONE! list ..and set goals for September!


Blessings 200-250

201. little toes painted

202. water hose fun

203. relaxing wet hair
204. curious little girl
205. patient daddy
206. new swimsuits
207. dance lessons

208. kisses

209. friends

210. a cream cheese bagel

211. being recognized

212. playing after church
213. hints in chalk

214. a business meeting with God in the middle

25. handwriting from a husband

216. that smile

217. excitement

218. a nice note after spending all my money is gas
219. old journals to read
220. naps
221. wedding memories
222. feeling important
223. reasons to stay inside on hot days
224. swimming pools
225. new bathing suits
226. random i love you's from baby girl
227. three year old girl loves learning
228. sweet rolls with butter
229. to do lists
230. washer and dryer
231. pinterest
232. baby girl needing the comfort of momma's hand to sleep
233. wiggling toes
234. hard working husband
235. little girl singing praises to Jesus with hands lifted high in the back seat in her car seat!
236. comedy that makes you laugh out loud
237. menu planners
238. imgination
239. life changes
240. letting God lead
241. passionate preaching
242. sheep keepers
243. quiet time in prayer
244. museums
245. brightly colored sno cone stands
246. showing my husband appreciation
247. a sweet card with heart felt words
248. waking up tothe smell of flowers
249 blooming lillies
250 finding the perfect present