Day 29

Something I am listening to

I love listening to Lyla's imagination as she plays with her toys.

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Happy Leap Day!

So what did you do with your extra day?

I personally ...think we should all have the day OFF work for Leap year!!

It is an extra day...Let's spend it with family...or in church...

not working

Today for me was a normal old day...I woke up...went to work...Lyla had dance class...came home..cooked supper...thought about cleaning...didn't...put Lyla to bed...watched my TV shows and felt guilty about not cleaning...then came and blogged about it!!

I did take time out today to really sit down and play with Lyla.

I noticed the words she uses
her imagination
her long fingers
how her hair is growing crazy fast
the length of her eyelashes

I took time to notice "her"

Today was also out of the ordinary because I think "everyone" I met today has asked me about being Pentecostal. I think God had planted some seeds...and maybe I was watering a few of them...can't wait for the harvest...I might see a few familiar faces in church with me!
That would be crazy!
but Awesome!

I'm super excited that our new church building is coming along...and quickly!!
After dance class today Lyla and I went to go take a quick peek...
Lyla says that Jesus lives there ...and when it gets done...she wants to sing in our new building

She also told me that she wants to play the piano like Sister Shanice at church.....YES! I've been waiting on that! We are starting piano...asap!

I had an awesome LEAP DAY!

How was yours?

Happy 6th Birthday to my brother in law!! He was a Leap Year baby!! So this year...he is officially 6! (and in college!)


Day 26 & 27

Day 26: night

I had great plans to go out and take a wonderful picture of the moon and stars.. But I sat on my bed for just a minute and PASSED OUT ASLEEP!!

So this is all you get :

I have to have this in when I go to sleep or I won't sleep good.
I don't sleep good anyway because I have a three year old doing the 'snow angel' in the middle of the bed .. So I guess I should just save electricity
Anyway. I can not sleep when I'm hot
Can't do it

Day 27: something you ate

Beef! It's what's for dinner!! My dad told me about these beef steaks.
We tried them
Love them
And keep a box in our freezer

It is a great good meal that appears it took a while to cook but didn't. I love those!!

February is almost done!!

Are you ready for march?!!

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There's an app for that

I posted a blog post a few days ago out of pure aggravation because the bloggy app I was using wasn't posting my posts to my blog.

That will make you mad when you type a whole post on your phone!!

Thanks so much to my friend Gwen @ The Lynns in Real Life for suggesting Blogpress.

I'm using it now and loving it!!

Posting a picture for a test!!

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Day 25: green

I am caught up on my photo challenge...

There is another photo challenge for March...I'm super excited...I am going to make it happen one month..where I take my picture and upload it everyday!! EVERYDAY!!

Fat Mum Slim did one in January too..I wish I had known...this is a great way to do my Project 366..a picture everyday for a year!!

I know it sounds like a lot...but it is so worth it when you look back

I am so glad my friend Gwen @ The Lynns in Real Life did this too..it was so cool to see how our days are so different or so similar....and how we both interpreted the challenge of the day...

so cool!!

Anyway..today's challenge is night...so I will take my picture tonight and post tomorrow..

Today's picture is about "green"

This is the new Rhino Rage playhouse (that is thier facebook page..don't know if it will work) in our town!! It is so close that we could probably walk to it....I doubt we ever will...because I would have to carry Lyla back...but we could if we wanted.

She had a blast there! It is just up and running ...but it is cool! Gregg liked it too..he got to jump also!

We ran our energy out there..then went shopping for kitchen cabinet hardware. We have been shopping twice before and came out with nothing...but this time....yes this time....we finally made a decision!!

I can't wait to see my kitchen done!!

Day 23: your shoes

These are pretty much my favorite shoes of all time
They are my black sparkly TOMS
They are starting to wear out though so it is about time to go shopping for a new pair

Day 22: Where I work

I am so blessed to say that I love going to work.

Not to say that I don't like days off every now and then ....

but I don't dread going to work

This is my classroom...and that is Ms Chloe....she is a "big kid" and when she gets off the bus her first stop is my classroom (well..the snack counter...then my room) ...She reads all my students a book while I clean up my classroom at the end of the day!

She loves to read..and be in charge!
and I get my room cleaned!

Win! Win!

Day 21- Fav photo of me

This is a hard one:

Should I pick one from my wedding day?
One from when Lyla was born?

I picked this one...
This picture was taken on Christmas Day at Gregg's mom house..
This pictures reminds me that this is pretty much when I knew without a shadow of a doubt..that right there with Gregg is where I wanted to stay for the rest of my life.

Day 20: Handwriting

I don't think anything can beat a handwritten note.

I would rather have a note from my husband than flowers or jewelry.

I know that when he buys me flowers..he loves me and it makes me feel all gooey inside...but having a handwritten note and reading the words that he took time to write that is coming from his heart means so much more than anything material.

I am so lucky that my husband still writes me love notes. This is one of them. I love them! I keep them and I re-read them ever so often.

Just the other day while Lyla and I were getting ready in the morning she seen this envelope and asked what it was...so I sat her down on the bed....both of our hair dripping wet...and read her daddy's words to her.

I didn't skip a word..I read her the whole letter. She sat still and silent...listened to every word.
When the letter was over...she looked up at me with a smile and eyes glistening...and said, "Daddy loves you"

I said, "I know..I love him too"

Tears came to my eyes.

We might not have a million dollars
She might not get everything she asks for
We probably wont' be able to fly in a private plan to see all wonders of the world

But she knows she is loved
She knows mom and dad love each other
and that
is a solid foundation in which she can rely on.

Day 19: Something you hate to do

This one was super easy..


hate it!

I usually don't say hate all that much..because I just think it sounds so hasty..


Coincendentally this day that is all i am doing!

Day 18: Drink

Here is my drink at Applebee's. Of course it is Dr Pepper. We stopped for a lunch break from trying to decide on a kitchen sink faucet..who knew that would be so hard?

I had to include this because this is Lyla writing her name
pretty good for a 3 year old

Day 17: Time

I am playing catch up for my February Photo Challenge!! Day 17's challenge was "time"
I took this picture because this is the clock in my preschool classroom
it is my life saver

I look at it all the time!

I am one of those people that has to have a schedule..which makes for a good preschool teacher because I believe with all my heart kids have to be on a schedule too!

Well on Day 17 ..it was quite odd that I went look at my clock to start my day and it wasn't the right time...I took this picture at 8:30am...

So my TIME was messed up all day!!


a MUST READ article....about Pinterest

I love love love love love me some Pinterest!!!

On that note...

this is a MUST READ

Where do I sign the petition to agree to every single one of these things!!!


What do you think?


I'm feeling a little Disney...

I haven't posted about our Vacation in a while...so I was feeling a little Disney!
Lyla talks about going back ALL the time!
and when I say ALL the time..
I mean about 12,859 times a day

It was such a fun vacation..but it was exhausting
We were up early every morning going to a different park!
So worth it though!

The Tree of Life
Very cute interactive show inside
You go into the tree and through the root system to get to "A Bug's Life" show

Here we are entering Africa
When we got here I thought of Ms Donna Parker
She is enjoying a missionary trip as we speak in Africa..She loves it! Her heart stays in Africa even when she returns home. I thank God for people like her!

Of course we wondered if this is what Africa "really" looks like

We were on our way to a Safari
Lyla had to read the map
I guess she didn't trust me or Gregg

Out of all the people in Walt Disney World
We meet a wonderful family from Arkansas
So it made the wait in line seem not as long
(1 hour wait by the way)

Here we are ...on a safari!
This is what we were driving through

Our Safari bus

I have to say ...
I think that is a DANG good picture of a giraffe

These are upside down trees
The only grow in Africa
Gregg loved them so he made me take a picture of every single one


Here is what Lyla did the whole time we were on a Safari!

I even told her these were after us...
She didn't care

After the Safari trip..Gregg needed a snack
A turkey leg

And thank goodness I brought straws for my child to play with while she was at Walt Disney World!

I can't wait to go back!

I need a bloggy app

I have been posting my February Photo Challenge on an app that I found on my iphone

It just a regular Blogger app

But when I get on my blog..it isn't there...

and sometimes when I post..it says "stream is exhausted" or something like that and it won't even post..

so I gotta catch up again on my photo challenge...

and I need advice for a good blogging app??


Day 16: something new

Taking a picture of something new today was a little challenging for me because I love old antique stuff ..

I had to really about this one

And couldn't think of anything new


I went shopping!!!

And I got a brand new pair of Kenneth Cole black boots.

Ha ha... Now I really did need new black boots and I got an amazon deal on them!



The box says they were originally $130

I say that's a good deal

Thank you day 16 challenge!!!


Day 15: phone


This is sappy

This is one of the many reasons why I love my husband!!

After four years of marriage and PLENTY of up and downs...

He still calls me "beautiful" ..and reminds me that he prayed for me

What is better than that?

I am a lucky woman...I love that man

and I know that I am loved by him

What more could you ask for?

I pray that these kind of conversations...stay...on my phone...for the rest of my life


Day 14: heart

I bet you have never guessed that on the 14th the challenge would be to take a picture ofa heart ..

We had our class valentine party today so boy did I see alot of hearts!!

In this picture your going to have to look past the beautiful bouquet of flowers my husband sent to me ( Hee Hee... I'm still a sucker for beautiful flowers even if they do die in two weeks. Something timeless and romantic about it. ) to see the hearts on my bulletin board.

Ok the truth is that was a shameless plug to show off my flowers ...

My picture today was a gift from a student ... It's a keychain and I absolutely love it!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!


Day 13: blue

I love this little light buddy that I bought lyla.

We have been having a hard time with going to sleep in her bed... And staying there.... I think because she is having bad dreams

Anyway this little dude is a nice night light.. He can be blue, green, red, or rainbow.

He also has a timer where he stays blue for 15 minutes then shuts off so I use that as a visual for not playing but going to sleep on time before he shuts off.

SNOW day!! Yay!!

All night last night we heard about the snow coming...

My friend Staci took this picture
After church we ate Mexican and the whole time Gregg was saying ...we better get to the grocery store before the storm hits...OMG!

Of course in our town if you hear of snow coming...everyone runs to the grocery store!! I mean EVERYONE!


I have no idea..I think our last ice storm scared everybody and everyone prepares just in case...

Anyway..we were amongst those people shopping getting ready for the snow....we weren't really snow preparing ...we were just grocery shopping...

Most of the time I don't believe what the weather news says it is going to do..it is usually the exact opposite...

But today

We have snow!

It snowed sometime last night...I was fast asleep in my warm bed...but woke up this morning to a white covered yard!

I was excited...the first day our public school system is out..so is our preschool..

not that I don't love my job...

but my fireplace rolling, watching TV, eating snow ice cream cuddled up on the couch with Lyla is HARD to beat!!!

I laid in bed for a while and watched all the parents scram about Mansfield not closing today on Facebook while Lyla watched "Jake and Neverland Pirates"

and it wasnt' to long of a wait until I hear

"Let's go play"

I know I would have heard it earlier if it hadn't been for "Jake" saving the Pirate Princess...

So we bundled up and headed out!

Lyla was excited this year about the snow!!!
Last year I got her all bundled up and we stepped out into the snow...and she was done!

This year we made snow angels...threw snowballs...and even made a little snowman

We even got Daddy out there...
He isn't a fan of the snow

When we came in ..we made snow ice cream
and broke out the Strawberry Shortcake Watercolor book

I love her focused face

and how cute is that little sock bun!!

After our picture was done..it was time for lunch and Alice in Wonderland

Now baby girl is napping..the house is silent...
I think I will lay in my bed and read