Nails...for me?

I haven't posted alot this week..actually at all this week.
I have had quite a bit on my mind. I've done alot of praying and reflecting this week.

Sunday at church we had a great pastor fill in while our pastor was away and he read an excerpt from Max Lucado's book "He Chose the Nails" (I think that is the book it came from..I plan on going to the bookstore this weekend and looking for it).

I wish I had recorded the part he read because it really touched me..
The short paraphrase version is:
If we made a list of all the sins we have done...every one of them...lying, cheating, unholy thoughts, coveting, unforgiveness....every one of them and wrote them down as a list on a piece of paper...it would probably be quite long.
Maybe yours wouldn't be....but mine would.
I am sure I do something or think something I shouldn't every day... Mine would be long.

But then we would take that list..and go to the cross.
The cross where Jesus chose the nails.
He chose to be humilated. He chose to be whipped. He chose it...for me. For Me.
He didn't try to hit the guards that pushing that crown of thorns down in his head.
He didn't struggle when they placed him upon the cross. He chose to stay calm and he chose to do so for me.

So the only thing I can bring to the cross is my failures...and put them right between Jesus perfect palm and the wood of an old rugged cross ...held by a nail.

But as that nail goes in...there will be blood...perfect sinless blood..that will drip down my list and made it uncomprehensable ...it will get harder and harder to read my list of sins...and before to long.. you won't be able to see them at all.

I don't even know what to say after that..
Is there anything to add to that?
I just sit and think of that image ...I thought of that image all week..and felt humbled...and empowered..and thankful... and oh so utterly sorry but oh so wonderfully loved

Have a great and wonderful weekend!!!


BLOGtober Fest Day 5

Well here it is..
The last day of BLOGtober Fest by Arkansas Women Bloggers

If you just joining and of course naturally want to go back and read the past posts from BLOGtober Fest... I will help you....

Day One Fall Decorating...Wreaths
Day Two Halloween Memories
Day Three Fall Traditions
Day Four Past Post

I am super happy that I participated in BLOGtober Fest..I blogged about things I would never have blogged about before.
I'm not real good with pouring my heart out for the world to read...it is very relaxing blogging though ...and I envy those bloggers who can just spill the beans. Someone, in my case, might get offended ...then I would get a rude text or call..or some awesome wise advice from a super Ninja...they would rally thier "Christian" troops against me and make me look like the bad guy when in the end all I really wanted was FOR YOU TO SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER!!!!!!
Whew.. Wow....Where did that come from? Moving on...and pressing the "Do Not Disturb" button on my iPhone.

Thank you new update for that cool feature!

Today's topic is:
{Foodie Friday} Favorite Fall Recipes

The latest new recipe I have made which will definately be a new favorite of ours is the famous Taco Soup!
I can not believe I have not found this wonderful blessing of beans and cheese before!!
When it gets the slightest bit of chilly here in the Natural State...I yank out the crock pot.

So here is Taco Soup by Plain Chicken

1 lb lean ground beef
1 can pinto beans
1 can black beans
1 can rotel tomatoes, undrained
1 packet Ranch dressing mix
1 packet Taco seasoning
1 cup frozen corn or 1 can corn, drained
5 cups water

sour cream

Cook and drain ground beef. Drain and rinse pinto and black beans. Mix beef, beans, tomatoes, corn, Ranch mix, taco seasoning and water in crock pot. Cook on low for 8-9 hours. Serve with Fritos, cheese and a dollop of sour cream.

*If you prefer to make this on the stove, dump everything in a large pot and bring to a boil. Simmer for 30 minutes and serve.*

I haven't tried the stove top version...just the crock pot version and it was amazing!

What is your favorite Fall Recipe?


Day 4: BLOGtober Fest

Day 4 of BLOGtober Fest from Arkansas Women Bloggers

Today is looking back into the past and promoting a post I have already written....

So I thought about going back exactly one year from today and seeing what was going on in life

Here is a post I wrote about Pinterest...I guess it was when Pinterest was still new...
Seems so long ago..I am a crazy pinner!!

Day 3 BLOGtober Fest

Woo Hoo Day 3!

I have loved reading all the blogs in my area..I feel like I have gotten to know a few of you alot better!!
I love that I found Arkansas Women Bloggers!

If you aren't quite sure what I am talking about...then
#1. You don't read my blog enough
#2. You can go here for Day 1 and Day 2

Just wanted to put in a nice reminder to visit my silent auction for Julee Turner..
You can see what I have in the auction here

Today's topic for BLOGtober Fest is:

 Fall Traditions

Our little family consists of just me, Gregg, and Lyla...along with a couple dogs.....but we are really just now getting the groove of creating our own traditions. I am a big lover of tradition..I feel like it gives a sense of security and "home"

We don't have many set in stone but one thing we all usually do in the Hallween/Fall season is visit the Wild Things Farm pumpkin patch.

We actually just went Monday..so here is our tradition in pictures.

Do you have any Halloween Traditions?


Day 17: Lovely Play Area

BLOGtober Fest Day 2

Here is Day 2 of Arkansas Women Bloggers BLOGtober Fest.

If you missed Day 1...Shame on you! and you can go HERE to read it and get some important links on how to keep up with Arkansas Women Blogers *AWB*

Today is:
BLOGtober Fest Day 2: Halloween Memories

I absolutely love Halloween! I love decorating for Halloween...I love the kids dressing up ...I LOVE the candy!!
I mean what is NOT to love about Halloween...you can go as spooky or glittery as you like!

I never really dressed up over the age of 10 I think...but when I became a preschool teacher I dressed up on Halloween for the kids in my class. I have to admit..I have a witch's costume hanging in my closet at this very moment...complete with purple and black striped tights, hat and wig!

I have always wanted to throw a Major Halloween party..and one day I will!!

I don't really have any old pictures of me dressed up as a little kid ...I'm sure mom has all those..Thank Goodness! But I remember one year going as a pop princess..one year was a hobo...and another Dopey.

My latest "teacher" costume was a football player...

That is my best Heisman pose...
My husband let me know that it was not good!

Here are some crazy girls that I used to work with!

What is your Halloween Memories??


Silent Auction for the Turners...Crocheted Scarf

This is a good reason of why I love blogging!!

It is a great platform for helping others. I am sure all of you know about Matt Turner who was tragically killed in a car accident and left behind a wife along with a beautiful baby girl.

A few bloggers have gotten together and putting on a silent auction to raise money for Matt's family. I am so honored and blessed to be apart of this.

You can go here to browse other bloggers who have joined and see what all is listed.

Lately I have found my love of crocheting again. So while I have been wondering and stressing about what I could put in this silent auction...I thought..what is better than a hand made gift made with love in honor of the Turner Family.

So I am donating a handmade crocheted circle scarf.


To Bid on an Item:
1. Right now you can just bid on the scarf...if you win..I can let you know all the colors that are available and you can have your choice of what color you would like.
2. Bids should be placed in $1 increments. (Example: If previous bid was $9, your bid must be at least $10.)
3. When you leave your bid, please include your name and email address.
4. Check back often to make sure you haven't been outbid. You will NOT be notified if someone outbids you, so you'll want to be sure to check in on items as the week goes on. Bidding will be closed on Friday, October 19th, at 9pm CST. Winners will be notified via email. All invoices must be paid by October 31, 2012.

Please remember that although this silent auction is amazing and will tremendously help the family...the thing they really need is Prayer.
Pray for his wife and baby girl.
His momma..his daddy....his family and extended family
His friends and co workers
For family friends and his wife's friends to know how to act and what to say in a situation like this.

My heart hurts for them...and I pray peace, joy and understanding come soon!

BLOGtober Fest Day 1: Fall Fashion and Decorating

I am proud to be apart of an amazing group of women who blog in the Natural State of Arkansas!!
There for a long while I thought I was the only crazy woman who blogged in Arkansas..little did I know there is some major blogs in our state!!

If you blog in Arkansas feel free to join up with us over at Arkansas Women Bloggers.
or follow along on their facebook page
or Twitter

Even if you aren't from Arkansas...join us in our challenge anyway!!

This fall AWB is doing a bloggy challenge called BLOGtober Fest and I couldn't be any more excited!

I'm excited to meet other Arkanasas bloggers
I'm excited to be challenged
and challenged on things that I normally wouldn't blog about...

so we shall see how it goes!

Today is:
BLOGtober Fest Day 1: Fall Fashion and Decorating

I know nothing of Fashion..so that is out the window
But I do know how to PIN on Pinterest ..so I got this!

There are so many ideas out there for Fall Decorating...so I decided to slim mine down to Fall Wreaths. Who doesn't love a great wreath!? I would have a wreath on every door in my house if my husband woudn't make fun of me.

Keep up with me on Facebook here
and make sure you come back tomorrow to see Day 2


Photo a day (week 2)

Day 8: angle

Day 9: red

Day 10: emotion

Day 11: something close up

Day 12: on the table

My Colossians bible study

Day 13: landscape

Day 14: makes you laugh

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Day 12: lovely scarf

Decided that I am going to teach myself a new crochet stitch ...
And made this.

But it was supposed to fit me ..
I'm proud of it though

Another one is in process.....

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missing posts

Well I just realized that I have missing posts!

Where did they go!!???

I posted about Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day challenge and my Day 9 of my 31 Days Challenge...

My fault though because I posted it from my phone from an app called BlogPress..I guess when I changed phones that I needed to re-log in  on the app.

Anyway... right now it is bedtime for baby girl so I will catch it all up tomorrow.

Have a great night!


Day 8: Lovely Journal

How lovely is this journal??
Definately a must do next year. I have been listing blessings with Ann Voskamp to get up to 1000..but I have slacked off lately. This inspired me to get started again ..so thank you little journal and I will start looking for one to record my blessings for next year!

Menu Plan Monday

Here lately .. we have been learning to penny pinch.
So the biggest idea I have heard from everyone is to menu plan.

Here we go:

I love that it is getting colder weather here in Arkansas....woo pig sooie.....Yesterday it was in the 50's all day I think...and that means Crock Pot Cooking!

I am going to have to get more in touch with my menu planner side..but here is a rough draft in hopes that in weeks ...months to come  eventually I will get better!!

Monday: Breakfast Casserole ..found by husband...if it is actually good..I will post recipe
Tuesday: Taco Soup .. from Plain Chicken
Wednesday: Church night/leftovers
Thursday: Pot Roast  ...recipe from BudgetSavvy Diva
Friday: We eat out or Leftovers

OK..there ya go!

Do you have a weekly menu? or Are you a super planner and do a monthly menu?
What is it? Any tips or advice for a newbie menu planner???



Photo a day (week 1)

Ha ha.have you ever seen a post like that before?
Photo a day is to much for me so I am just taking the pictures but uploading them in weeks.

I figured out that my blog press app needed an update ... So we shall see if this works.

Week one

Day 1: where you stood

We have been in an hopscotch stage.

Day 2: lunchtime

Oh Ihop .. How I love thee!!

Day3: this happened today

Headed to the park!!

Day 4: what I'm reading

Hard but true and my life is so much more joyful after I learned this hard lesson.

Day 5: shadow

It was a gloomy day so no sun to make shadows ... I made my own. This is a tree in our front yard.

Day 6: I'm thankful for

For days like this

Day 7: light

I love the spots of light that comes through our shade tree

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