My Best Christmas Gift

I remember as a younger woman I would secretly wish for the promise ring from my boyfriend or the super cute pair of shoes from my parents. Now as a mother..I get so much joy from a few scribbles on a peice of paper and a little voice that says "for you momma"

It's the thought that counts.


My 2016 Mantra

This is going to be my mantra for 2016. I give give and give to the point where I literally forget about myself. Then eventually I get to the point of exhaustion. In 2016 I want to be able fill my own cup so that I have something to pour out to my kids, family and friends. I want to get rid of the guilt I feel when I try to do something for myself ..because somehow in my mommy mind when I am doing something for me I feel like I am taking time away from my kids. 

Anyone else feel like that?

2016 is going to be the year that I fill my cup.


I'm Thankful

Today I woke up in such a grateful mood. How can you not be so thankful for everything we have in this life with all that is going on in our crazy world?

Each morning when I wake up I grab my "Keep Calm and Pray On" journal and I write a short .. or sometimes long... prayer before I start my day. Today this post is coming straight from my prayer journal...so here comes some realness:

November 27

Today is my fathers birthday and yesterday was Thanksgiving..so today my cup is overflowing with gratefulness and all I can possibly pull out of my soul today to pray is "I'm Thankful"

Without you Lord none of this life would be possible. All of my blessing that I do not deserve come from you and your sacrifice. I'm humbled and grateful. I have spent time recently reflecting on how wonderful my life truly is. During this time people start making wish lists for Santa and telling family what they would like for Christmas and I'm just over here humbled by what I already have. 

I'm so thankful for the parents you chose for me. I"m thankful for the time we have spent together as a family. I'm thankful for the hard times we have went through. I'm thankful I got to spend so much time with Colton when he was a baby. I'm thankful for a great brother and a wonderful uncle to my children. I'm thankful for all our family friends and family that I don't really even know. I'm thankful for me and my dad's close relationship. I'm thankful for having a great bond with my brother. I'm thankful that my mom enjoys being a wonderful grandma to my kids. I'm thankful she takes the opportunity to teach my daughter lady things like cooking and sewing when I fail at showing her those types of things. I'm thankful for my past relationships with old boyfriends which make me appreciate the relationship I have now with Gregg. I'm thankful you guided my path and my decisions that led me to Gregg. I'm thankful that Gregg was interested in this simple country girl. I'm thankful for his protection, love and security in our family. I'm thankful you chose me to be his help mate for the rest of our lives. I'm thankful he is the father of my children. I'm thankful for our job, our house, our vehicles, our way of life. I"m thankful that you have allowed me to experience two wonderful pregnancies that brought me two beautifully healthy children. I'm thankful that you see fit to make me a mother. I'm thankful for my blurry busy days and two annoying dogs. I'm thankful for every day that I wake up in a dream and realize that this is my reality. I'm thankful. I'm thankful that you given all this to me, Lord. I'm thankful for your love, mercy and grace. 

I'm Thankful. 

You have let me experience the joys of life and the exquisite pleasures of Your own eternal presence. Psalms 16:11 

There is so much to be thankful for.. Just because Thanksgiving is over with now .. let's not forget what all we have to be thankful for.


This blog.. is mine

Hello Hello....

I have gone back and forth on whether to blog or not to blog....

now admit we all said in our heads "That is the question"

I don't really have the time for it.. or shall I say I don't "make" the time for it...but when I get a wild hair thinking

Hmm..I should go look at that old blog of mine..
I LOVE seeing the old posts about my what was going on in my life..which was really the reason I started this blog in the first place...to keep memories...for a tool that my daughter could use to see what life was like back in the olden days.

This world is changing so quickly before my eyes .. I am sure that this world will be totally different by the time my daughter is my age.

Blogging has gotten so business minded.. money making... so commercial. I thought that I wouldn't add up because I don't ever want to go there. I don't want to sell out.. I don't want to be a "review" blog.. I want it to be MY blog. MY pictures. MY memories. told in MY voice.

So .. you will see to many dots (...) because that is me pausing to think. You will not see correct grammar, perfect English, or professional photos. You may find a misspelled word and you may come across a post with just a picture and no words, but it is what it is.

It's mine.

So welcome to the Brewers little space on the world wide web..I hope you grab a cup of good ol southern sweet tea, stay awhile and chat. It'll be nice to get to know you!



I am so proud of this girl. She has made my dream of motherhood the best reality possible.

On the last testing session at school Lyla scored at a Level 40 on reading. I just got a message from her teacher saying is the equivalent of reading at the end of the 4th grade year. Wow!!

I love that she loves to read! I pray her love for reading does not cease in the slightest. Every night we read a book before and even though she can read she likes for me to read it..but you better believe she is following along with every word.

Right now we are on our second round of reading The Wizard of Oz  (which by the way is different than the movie).

Are your kiddos at reading age? What books do your kids like?