Pinteresting! Halloween Edition

 How cute and easy will these be?? Save some toilet paper rolls..cut holes out ...insert glow stick...and BAM! Eeeery...Sppooookky...Glowing eyes in your bushes!!
 Got a bundt pan? Make two bundt cakes...pour some orange icing on top and stick an ice cream cone in for the stem! Pumpkin cake!!
 How super cute are these? Micheals sells the plain burlap pennet..you could paint yourself.

This WILL be a snack for my kiddos in October. Pretzel stick...stick on marshmallows on either side....dip in white chocolate
Love this..but probably to lazy to do it. Cover an old book..use a sharpie and write on spine.

This is a must do with my kiddos too! 
Hmm...if Gregg doesn't go for the Mary Poppins and Chimney Sweeper guy...then this is a second option

and...I just had to throw this in there!


Sunday Faith


Intro to 31 Days...

Last year in October The Nester did a series of blogging for 31 days. She picked one topic and blogged about the same topic for the whole month of October. There was quite a few people that followed along.

Last year I was very intimidated ...
I couldn't think of ONE topic to blog about...
more or less blog about ONE topic for a whole month

This year I thought I would try it...

I'm not picking a specific topic so that I don't set myself up for failure..
Let's just be honest...I'm not a scheduled blogger.. I mean I can't even get through a full month of Photo of the Day by Fat Mum Slim.

No lie..I just pressed the space bar twice thinking a period would pop up. Those of us with iPhones will understand that.

So my topic for the month of October is

31 Days of Loveliness


[luhv-lee] Show IPA adjective, love·li·er, love·li·est, noun, plural love·lies, adverb
charmingly or exquisitely beautiful: a lovely flower.
having a beauty that appeals to the heart or mind as well as to the eye, as a person or a face.
delightful; highly pleasing: to have a lovely time.
of a great moral or spiritual beauty: a lovely character.
Just Loveliness
So expect things that I think are Just Lovely...ha!
Probably gonna be alot of Pinterest ...maybe some YouTube videos...a recipe... a word of encouragement...maybe a bible verse..
Nothing specific

I've been yuck!

I have been a little absent the past few days..
I just have not been feeling quite good.. not really sick..just not good...my house shows it!

But I have super exciting news...

No I am not pregnant.

I am in line to get a bloggy makeover!! So today I am spending time in front of my computer screen...Looking at color schemes and profiles....all that jazz...

I am super excited!!

I am ready for a change!

Have a great weekend!!

Are Colossians Bible study group is going AMAZING! I am so happy..if you would like to jump in we have a closed facebook group where we chat.. feel free to join...

Colossians Bible Study


Almost Amish Chapter 4 and 5

Chapter four is all about Nature.
Time spent in God's creation reveals the face of God.

With all the electronics we have now a days that just suck our minutes away as fast as possible ...it is quite evident that we don't get outside as much as we should. I love to just sit outside. Just sit. I am so glad that I have my daughter used to just going outside..for no reason...just to be out there. Especially on a day like today ...it is beautiful outside today!

I am one that loves old abandoned buildings and houses...that just screams history to me. I love to look at them..study them. See what life was like back then.

I have also always wanted to have my own garden.
A quote from Nancy Sleeth says "Living off the land is a daily reminder of God's gifts"
So true..I would love to have a garden...but I can't even keep an aloe vera plan alive in my kitchen. I will definately have to increase my prayer life to take care of a garden!

This fall season I plan on taking Lyla out for picnics. What is more fun than a picnic for dinner? Pack up some sandwhiches..go to the park...or a look out from a cliff ..eat...relax.

Chapter five was about Simplicity!
Really..don't we all need more of that in our lives!

Simplicity really only takes staying local. Support your local neighborhood. I know things might be a little more expensive in your local area...but sometimes it isn't worth the gas to drive out of town to get whatever you need. Buy from farmers markets...small mom and pop shops....direct sales ladies that you know. All those people are trying to make a living for their family. Wal Mart could care less about my daughters dance classes or piano lessons and if I buy coffee creamer from there..all it is going to is the CEO's pocketbook. Nah! I ...from here on out...will definately make a conscious decision to stay local.

How many of you know your direct neighbor that lives beside you?
Sad... I don't. Now the one on the left of me..just moved in not to long ago..and seems to work alot so I hardly ever see them. The other one was recently divorced..but maybe now fixing things..and I just don't wanna bother. I don't want to bother either one of them actually. I know they don't know me..because we have never talked besides the curteious Hi .... Hello...

I plan on leaving them something this Halloween though..maybe that will be a conversation starter....hee hee...more to come on that!


Colossians Bible Study Day 1

I'm super excited to get started with the Good Morning Girls on reading Colossians!!

I love picking a part of the Bible and just digging in.

I was reading Job and was so inspired. I wondered if I had gone through what all he did..if I would have had the same faith as he did.

Now let's dig into Colossians..this is a book in the Bible that I actually haven't spent alot of time in..so I am ready!
I have started a Facebook group for this study and had quite a few friend ask to join..Yay! If you come along and find this interesting...please feel free to message me or leave me a comment and I will add you to our group!!

The study will start today. We will take just a few verses and a few minutes out of your day to spend time with God. Just one on one time with God. I have to admit sometimes I find myself to busy to sit and spend time with God.
To busy for God?

How could someone ever say that? But I do. I have an inhome preschool, dishes, laundry, bills, papers that need organized....etc.

But this is a way to have people that love you hold you accountable ...because we all know that you can not grow a relationship without time spent with each other.

I will be using the SOAP method....which is what the Good Morning Girls are using. I also have never used this method..so we will see how it works for me. You use whatever method you like. I am a writer. I have to write things down. If you just want to read and reflect. Do that. All I ask is that you come back here or to our facebook group and let us know you read the passage. And maybe how you plan to apply it to your life and what observations you had.

Today we are reading Colossians 1:1-4
I have gotten myself a notebook and written down my passage for the day...
which do you know is in the Bible? I didn't know that. See..already learning something.

Jeremiah 30:2 "This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: 'Write in a book all the words I have spoken to you.

A few things that jumped out at me from this passage is the word apostle.
Apostle means messenger.
Aren't we all messengers? Even if we don't have profound words..all we need is "Jesus Loves You" Maybe somebody needs to hear just that today.
by the will of God
that phrase just brings joy to my heart. Life is so much easier knowing that you are in the will of God. If you have prayed before making a decision and have seen God's answer for you..not matter what it is you can have no fear if it is in the will of God. He has it under control!
holy and faithful brothers in Christ
brothers in Christ. I have been going through a time where family doesn't seem much like family...or my definition of family anyway. I am thankful that we have brothers and sisters in Christ ... we are family.
we always thank God ..when we pray for you
How SWEET!! What a compliment! I thanked God for you today! I pray for people all the time. I pray for their souls..their situations...God's healing and direction in their lives...but I have to say that I have never prayed for thankfulness for them..just them...as a person..living on God's earth.
Hmmmm ...first day of reading..first passage of reading...and already an insight and a AHA moment!

I have already mentioned a few above..but I plan on being more of a messenger in God's will. Even if it is a simple "Jesus Loves You" ....maybe a card to say "I'm thinking of you"....
I am a mother, wife, sister, teacher and friend by the will of God..and I plan on doing those jobs that God has given me to the BEST of my ability! and yes...that means laundry! ugh!
When I pray for someone..for their situation ...I want to remember to thank God for THEM...for making them..putting them in my path to give me the opportunity to pray for them and watch God's miracles.


There is the SOAP method!! Not bad! I like it!

I am already feeling so inspired and so fulfilling by just reading four little verses!! Who would have thought that FOUR verses could make you think so much!

I don’t know what God will do personally in your life but I do know that if we come to his word faithfully we are going to be filled with living water…we will LIVE WELL!!

He will speak to you personally. About your life..your dark areas..your soul..your trials…along with mine..and I am excited!!

Come to his word with expectancy!!

No doubt we will gain spiritual wisdom and understanding...and who knows what else God has in store!

I do hope that you will join us and discuss what you got out of these four verses.
Here is the link to our Facebook Group..I will gladly add you!


Sunday Faith

I haven't posted in a while...seems like this past week has flown by...I am trying to make yearly goals for what I want to do with my kiddos in my inhome preschool..so that has been on the forefront of my mind this week.

Anyway...since I have been school minded here is some ABC's for you!

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Twitter: @nikbrewer


The New Next Generation iPhone!!

I am so super excited to see the new iPhone!!

I am usually not a techy geek..but today I SO AM!!!

There has been so much hype about what is different about it..what it looks like...

curiosity is killing me and I just can't wait to see!!!

Here is a blog that give LIVE Apple updates


so be sure to follow it today for all the latest on the new iPhone

They are suppposed to unveil it at noon today!



We Thank You!

This is light and fun video from Cee-Lo Green remixing his song Forget You into a Thank You song for all the community workers for 9/11

To me this doesn't take away the seriousness of today...nor the remembrance of what happened

But .... enjoy a song of Thanks!


Saturday Chocolate

I was looking throuh my wedding pictures for a friend to give her some ideas of how to decorate for her reception and I came across this....

going on Christmas list

Wouldn't this be nice to just have laying around the house on a nice lazy Saturday like today?

Yes Please Santa!
..with some strawberries, grapes, and maybe a few marshmallows

Thank You!
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Almost Amish: Chapter 3


Remember that book I was reading called Almost Amish?

It has been a while since I reviewed a chapter...but here we go again!

If you have been following along here is the Introduction ,  Chapter One ,   Chapter Two

Chapter 3 is about Finances

I really didn't want to read this chapter because I am so sick of thinking about finances. Now that my husband has decided to join the Air Force our financial situation will change drastically...that stresses me. I don't like change. I know that before it gets better we will have go through a drought...and I just want to skip that part.

I so desperately want to start my own preschool ...but to start a business you need finances...more than you would need on a regular basis.

The topic statement of this chapter is:
Saving more and spending less bring financial peace.

Easier said than done.

~Do I wish my home was less cluttered?
All the time. I am pretty good about getting rid of stuff...so I don't consider my house to cluttered. I am actually in an organizational challenge with the blog A Bowl Full of Lemons. Go to this post to read about it.

~Do I have to many clothes?
Yes I do. I have alot of clothes but not all of them fit. Some are "one day" clothes...some are "those days" clothes.

**Debt and Spending
Do you own a credit card and have credit card debt?
We have never nor will we ever own a credit card. We do finance but only on big purchases such as our house or a car.

Do you pay tithes?
I don't want to cross anyone's religion but my belief is that you are supposed to pay tithes to church that you want to support. My husband and I discuss tithing all the time. Let's just say we don't see eye to eye.

I do want to learn more about retirement plans, COD's, IRA's, FEMAEIAAK's....OMG! All that confuses me!! I'm like a two year old in college when it comes to that stuff.

I am not a big shopper...
my husband on the other hand.....is
Mainly for outdoor stuff...but he is a shopper...moreso than I am

Do you buy presents out of guilt or obligation?
Well of course...if you go to a birthday party...you have to take a gift. But the gift doesn't have to break your bank account. You could actually make a gift that would mean just as much!

Here's a thought...
How many times have you look for something and couldn't find it....so you just went out and bought another one?

That is what made me start decluttering and organizing..if everything has a place..less things would be lost.  That way we only buy what we NEED!

I love that in the Amish community instead of gifts of material things...family and friends go over and help paint thier new home. If someone loses a job their neighbor shares their garden produce with them. And all that would work..if your neighbor with no job doesn't start taking advantage of you...which ...sad to say...happens all the time now a days.

How often do you think of your finances?
All the time...when you think of something all the time ..it quickly becomes an idol of worship. Money succumbs my mind, my thoughts, before I do anything we check the bank account.

Jesus should succumb my mind, my thoughts..before I go anywhere I should pray and check my bible for insight.

but it doesn't work that way

This is another "discussion" among my husband and I about our tithes...
I say jump in blind...tithe..and let God provide.
If we have to sell our house and downsize ...then it was in God's will and we will be moving forward to something he has planned.
My realist husband said we can't afford to tithe...
but if we don't give God a situation to prove to us he will provide..how will we ever be able to lean on him to provide?

another post
another time
moving on

Be honest with yourself..
Grab a notebook and a pen
Walk around your house from room to room
and just jot down the things you don't need
I said NEED
not have to HAVE because Big Brother is an awesome TV show that I HAVE to watch (which comes on in an hour and a half) ..or I HAVE to get on facebook so I have to HAVE the internet

We don't NEED a TV
or the antique sewing machine that doesn't work
the camoflauge recliner
the extra computer desk
the four hundreth strawberry shortcake doll

We need family...
We need support...
We need food...
maybe a little chocolate...you know for blood sugar purposes....

anyway..I have realized reading this chapter...
I have a lot of luxuries
I have all my necessities

God has supplied ALL my NEEDS

We own alot of stuff...and don't even enjoy it.

Chores...Do your children do chores? Do they have a chart? Do they get a reward?
Amish kids are expected to help around the house
Lyla doesn't have chores.
Set chores that she is made to do every day..
She is asked to help..and she is expected to do as she is asked..with no reward but a simple "Thank You" and love.
I don't want her to dread chores. I don't want her to dread housekeeping..I want her to enjoy keeping her home when she is older..I want her to know that I do those things to honor my husband and her. I do those things out of love to make thier lives easier.

The statement that stuck out to me most in this chapter is :
The goal is to make a living; not make a killing.

Be happy with what you have!
And think before you buy your next thing that will sit in your house and take up your energy to dust it or move it from room to room.

Follow along with others as we discuss this book over at Crimson to Wool with Rachel..who is fixing to turn 32..hop over there and wish her a wonderful birthday!!


Throwback Thursday!

Woah! This was a while ago..before Gregg and I were married..we used to LOVE watching this little girl..She is precious!!

Oh My Word! Christmas of ..I think.. 1995
My grandma made my dress

Preschool class with Ms Katie..GREAT class!

Lyla at preschool..CCC..I should have NEVER left there...
Hindsight is 20/20
Lord I wish I knew that then

Family Christmas picture 2008

I love that toothless grin!
Do I want another one?


Dinner with Winnie the Pooh

Bucket List Checkmark!!
Met Tigger!
Lifelong dream for me!!

Some wonderful woman setting beside us offered to take all our picture with Winnie the Pooh..Wonderfully lady! If you happen to be out there reading my blog...I thank you! I love this picture!

Mommy - Daughter picture!
There we go..
That finishes up our vacation pictures from last year
Don't judge!
They are all finally up!

Final Stage Show


Disney Stage Show part 3

This is how Lyla got around the parks..pretty much on Daddy's shoulders the whole time!
Thank God for Daddys!!

Disney Stage Show part 2

Disney Stage Show part 1


Cinderella Castle

I could literally stand here all day and look at that castle.
It was detail oriented and beautiful!

It is crazy looking at it knowing someone built every little piece.

Did you notice the Mickey Mouse heads beside the clock...Mickey Mouse is hidden everywhere!
So cool
I can not wait to go back!