So excited for Summer!!

I hate hot weather!
I hate sweating!
I hate sun burns!

but I am so excited that it is summer time...

Summer time means relaxing...

We start our summer program at school tomorrow...no more hammering letters and numbers on little kiddos...now we get to play and have fun! So exciting!! I know we already have bounce arounds scheduled...cooking days...bike days...craft days...movie days...yay!!
And starting this summer my little Lyla is going to school with me!! This could be a good thing or a bad thing...but I am excited and so is she!

Then after work and school we can go HOME! and actually have some kind of after school routine...clean up the house...cook supper...play outside...bath and bedtime! I love love love routines...and here lately with Lyla staying up at my moms..it has been hard to have any kind of routine.

It is actually past nap time at the Brewer household so I am going to lay Miss Lyla down for a nap then come back and start catching up on some blog reading...posting some pictures...and setting a plan for some major fun this summer!!

So glad to be back!!