Morning Routine

Our family will be going through a change soon so right now I'm trying to nail down a great routine that I can keep up with. I've always thought routines are necessary for a comfortable life. When I had my babies they were put on a routine as soon as possible.
My present morning routine works but every once in a while you need to check in and update.

In the morning I try to wake up before Brewer boy and get some mommy time in. I read my bible, pray, and plan my day.
Most of the time ..Brewer boy wakes me up..so of course I go get some morning snuggles and change a diaper and put on his clothes for the day. Then I fix a bottle and feed the baby. Once he is happy then I start getting dressed myself. I try to pick out my clothes the night before so there isn't a huge thought process to getting dressed.
My daughter wakes up at 7am so if it's about that time I go ahead and get her up. She has her own routine that she follows each morning to make sure that she is ready for the day.
It's then time to check all bags and lunch boxes to make sure they are ready. I load up the car. Double check my daughter to make sure she has everything. Put baby in carseat and head out of the house for work and school.

What does your mornings look like?