One Little Word 2016

I know it is half way through January .. I know that most people pick their One Little Word before the new year.. or right at the beginning of the new year.. but I didn't.

The past few years I have picked a word to focus on for my upcoming year. I enjoy focusing on one word instead of failing at resolutions. I'm not a good resolution person. I can totally make them.. I just suck at seeing them through. It is much easier for this momma to focus on one word.

This year I wanted to give myself a little time to make sure that this is the word I want. In years past I have focused on strength, prayer, memory, etc. It's worked.. I feel like I actually work on the specific word but this year the word didn't come to me as quickly as it had before.

To pick my word I take an initial stock of my life at the moment... we as women go through phases of life.
The fiancée stage.. planning a wedding
the new wife stage
the new mom stage
mom again stage
everyone comes before you stage
exhaustion stage
getting it back stage..

I've realized that the phase I am in is the exhaustion stage.. but I am determined to move on to the next stage of getting back to being me. I've put everyone and everything before me.. my husband, my kids, my house, the laundry, the dishes.. I literally put everything as a higher priority than myself. For some reason women tend to think that if you are a "real" woman then you can take care of your house, your kids, your husband, your garden, your friends, work a full time job and still look like you just got out of the spa.. Let me tell you honey... That is crap! It doesn't happen. Sorry if I busted your bubble.

I realize that something is going to have to give if I plan on taking care of myself.. but I'm not quite sure where I want to fail .. to be able to succeed in being me. Do you have this problem? We can't keep all the balls we juggle in the air all the time.. One of them has to fall for us to pick up another. Let's face it.. I'm not a good juggler to begin with.

So no matter what I have to do.. my One Little Word for 2016 is:

A verb... An action word..

to come.. come into myself.. to realize who I am.. as a person.. not just a mom.. not just a wife.. not just an employee.. but as ME.. as a person.. a child of God.. What am I created for?

change.. something has gotta give..I can't keep putting everything ahead of myself.. I have to have something in my cup to be able to pour out to my family.. something has to change .. I do not want my children seeing me exhausted every day..I want them to see joy and life in their momma's eyes.

grow to be.. this will take time.. it is a growing process.. but in 2016 I will work toward...

Becoming Nikki


Sunday Song

This is a song I've been listening to quite a bit this week. It has a great message and is my pep talk in the mornings reminding myself that I Choose Jesus.

No matter what's going on around me..the drama, temptation, etc. ...I will choose Jesus because he first chose me.

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