Wordless Wednesday

OK..this last one is not a photo from me..but I needed a laugh..this is so stinkin hilarious I almost peed my pants!!!


AP Tuesday!

Ok so today is Tuesday..let's look at my Summer Doozy List to see what I can cross off....

Don't forget to swing by New Nostalgia to make your own doozy list and see what others are doing this summer...great ideas over there!!!

1. sew something...anything at all...something on a scrapbooking layout..a pillow case dress for Lyla..anything  i haven't sewn "something" but I did try to sew on a layout..and it worked...

2. scrap. a layout I mean...i have so many sketches..and papers and punches...but no layouts! woo hoo I done this too!

3. make homemade ice cream..after sister in laws wedding!

4. drink lemonade...in a cute glass! That always makes it better I drank a Sangria in a cute glass does that count?

5. soak my feet in a kiddie pool while Lyla swims  did this today ..so nice outside after it rains! Lyla had a blast!!

6. read more of Bible and stop thinking that God is going to give me a Broadway sign for the answers I need  I am still looking for that Broadway sign..i don't know why..i just wanna know it is God talking to me..to make sure...ugh!

7. go fishing

8. hang with my dad more...i know i remember when that used to be embarassing...but now i love it!

9. play BINGO!!

10. buy a summer purse and wallet..i need a new one

11. watch movies with the hubs..  we got to do this again when my mother and father in law took my daughter and my nephew to see ToyStory 3 ..my husband and I got to watch a movie together!! yay!

12. catch fireflies at night

13. grill out more

14. drink more water drank 24 ounces today ..plus a little more..

15. watch my computer time.....this is going good...

16. try to get my blog going...i feel like no one reads this thing but ME i feel like i am picking up speed..but i read a good article today that told me to remind myself of WHY I started blogging to begin with and stick to it. I get caught up in the pretty headers and sidebar gadgets..I need to focus more on my content! Why I wanted to blog.

17. make a recipe binder

18. make a cupon binder gotta get baseball card holders

19. organize craft room and decorate working on it..it is getting there..got alot done this past weekend..i even scrapped a layout!

20. take time for ME I am making this happen for me...slowly but surely!

21. work on my gardening skills...plant some flowers

22. check out country club

23. take a trip just me and hubby

24. take Lyla to strawberry patch

25. get a pedicure

26. have a yard sale

27. go to more yard sales

28. have a girls night

29. keep my car clean...doing good on this one...if it would stop raining...but thank God for the rain..we need it!

30. pick wildflowers and make my own table centerpieces.

Well I have to say I am pretty proud of myself ..I have one month left to finish up...

Tuesday Post It's


Multitude Monday Blessings

Another thing that I am doing on Monday's is counting my blessings...
I know I am blessed...my house..my job...my family...

but it seems like we forget the little things...so I want to focus on just that...

the little things...

36. ATM cards
37. pools
38. a rain that cools everything down
39. a joyful spirit that lets me dance in the rain
40. cleaning supplies...
41. no water dry shampoo from Tresseme...love it! Thanks to No 17 Cherry Lane!!!
42. food coloring that is hardened into circles that change my daughters bath water to different colors...it makes bath time so much more fun!

Please join join in!!
I would love to hear what you think is a little blessing!!!

We are the Body ..Week 3

This is week number 3 in doing our Bible Study on how we are a part of the Body of Christ.

Today we talked about how we get in situations where we are so fed up that we just DONE..and we are ready to check out!

I know I have been there...more than once! and I know that there will be more occasions where I will want to check out....but I won't...because whatever situation I am in..God put me there for a reason...so i will hold on to his Name and get through it with the strength of God.

Whatever door God puts in front of me...I am not only going to walk right through it..I am going to run..with everything I have because I know that whatever is on the other side of that door is straight from the presence of God. Who wouldn't want to see that...to feel that???

We had an awesome sermon from a preacher Sunday night that preached about God opening a door for you...and to go through it.
But we have to remember...God can open those doors that no man can shut...not even the Devil...yes...even Satan can not shut the door that God has open...but God can shut it. So don't waste your time...don't waste the blessings he is willing to give to you...he is stretching his hand down as far as he can ...all you have to do is pray and grab a hold!

God, I pray that when you open a door for me..that I know it is you...and that I run with all my might to wherever you want me to go and do whatever it is that you want me to do. Praise be to you!

.....ok so i kinda got off the subject...

I'm back...

This week we are to remember that if can't be with the one we love...Jesus....to love the one's we are with....your husband, your children, your nieghbor, the lady at the grocery store..everyone.

We are to make a list of the people that we are closest to and make a list beside each one on ways to show them that we love them.....

That will be what I do before I go to bed tonight...but I am thinking maybe some "thinking about you" scrappy cards!!!

Feel Free to join in the Bible study....we have quite a few more weeks to go!
It is over At the Well...join in!


Sunday Seven

seems like i have been so busy that i haven't had time to blog..i have had to catch up on America's Got Talent...ate with family ...did some laundry...and scrapped a little bit.

So I am making time for my blog right before i go to bed....

1. it just started down pouring...it has been thundering and lightning for a while now...i like storms...when my husband is home with me.

2. church was amazing today...God really moved...two great sermons...A. stop just being smoke..and start blasting away for God...B. When God opens a door...run through it with everything you have cause on the other side is the presence of Jesus!

3. I wanna go fishing

4. I need to go visit my dad

5. I am cleaning up my scrappy room and making it suitable to actually craft in...i am feeling the mojo

6. I found a good list that I need to focus on... God first, husband second, children third, family and friends fourth, housecleaning fifth, voluntering when you have time....sometimes i get those all confused!

7. My goal this week is to pray like i have never prayed before and see what happens...i want to hear from God..to know that he is there with me...maybe to hear what he wants me to do ...


I am feeling the MOJO

I don't know what has come over me...

It is something that I haven't felt in a long time...

it is M-m-m-motivation.


Here lately on my lunch break...any extra minute here or there I slip into an antique shop..or a craft shop and just look around (well of course I buy something...that would be rude not to :) ...and I have been overwhelmed with the feeling that I can DO THAT!

Those cute little flower clips...EASY! (i think)  I can so do that!

Signs with sayings on them..I have a Cricut...I can so do those too!

with my Cricut I can make coasters, wall stickers, anything...

that Cricut gives you alot to work with! and I thank my husband greatly for getting it for me.

I am just motivated to do something.

I did learn a life lesson today though..Lyla HAS to have a nap...EVERY DAY!

Today my mother in law (Lord only knows what made her do this) call and see if she could take Lyla to watch Toy Story 3 with my nephew while Gregg and I watched a movie that we wanted to.

My in-laws always seem to migrate toward my nephew...they never really do much with Lyla...or ever think to give me and Gregg a break...so I don't know what made them do it today..but I wasn't going to pass up a chance to watch a grown up movie with my husband alone...so we went!
Gregg and I seen "Knight and Day"...awesome!

anyway..with the short notice..we all had to take showers and I had to feed everyone lunch..so we kinda missed nap time thinking that she would take a nap on the way to town...well she did but it wasn't long enough..because whew..she was something else when we were trying to eat dinner...but by 7:30pm..she was off in dreamland...which is nice..but that means early morning.

My husband wanted to sit on the couch and "relax" together...which means he is asleep right now and I am in my scrapbooking room IN THE SILENCE..feeling the mojo!!!

so ..what can I do????

anyone crafty that reads my blog? got any cute homemade ideas?
let me know..i would love to check it out!

My goal this year to make everything for Christmas presents...because that is a whole other story about my in laws...
So I need some good ideas for Christmas presents....

Have a great night!

i am tech-y!

I made my own header!
I am so proud!

I would have never thought i could ever do something like that..

I am actually thinking about paying someone to just revamp my whole blog....

so if you do blogs....leave me a message...i would love to chat with you on what i want.

but for right now..my little own homemade header will do!


I am blessed.

Today at work I answered the phone and a man was on the line.

He immeadiately started to rattle off that he had three kids..his wife had left...one of his kids is an infant...two of them are sick and need to go to the doctor but he has no car...he doens't know how to pay bills and at the moment they had nothing to eat...he said he had no where else to turn.

I work at a preschool in a church. I love being in God's setting. Being able to teach children about Jesus..because these children will be our future.

When I answered that phone call today I was reminded the bad part of working at a church. The stories of people in need. It breaks my heart. It makes you want to go to your house and gather up all your food and just cook them one big meal!But I have no idea who that man was...or where they live.

And now a days ..it is kinda scary to do something nice for someone else because you never know when you are going to get yourself in trouble.

The rest of the day...I have thought and thought about just how blessed I am.

I am 25...and I have more than I ever imagined I would have at 25.

My husband and I own our own home...we have a wonderful and healthy little girl...two dogs...cable...internet...nice furniture...I have scrapbooking stuff...my husband has hunting stuff...and we go out to eat....etc.

All of that is God's work...a blessing from God.

I love those little moments that just put you in check and make you think just how good you got it.
A few more blessings to add my list:
24 my house
25 my job
26 my cable tv
27 my internet and computer
28my furniture
29 my scrapbooking supplies
30going out to eat
31 lyla's toys
32 electricity
33 plumbing
i know they are just simple things..but they are BIG things if you don't have them

Thursdays Thunks (thinks)

Here is a new thing I am going to do...because they will ask me questions that i will not think to write about...and I think it would be cute to come back later in the future and read what i wrote.

here we go: This is off thier website!

Welcome to the June 24th edition of Thursday Thunks!

(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)

Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!

We pick a subject, and your job is to interpret it anyway you want.

Write about it on your blog... simple as that.

Maybe you can interpret it as a picture - we don't care!

Please only leave a link if you have written a Thursday Thunks post.

Please mention us in your post, and link back to the blog here.

Don't forget to go visit the other participants' blogs.

Read and comment about all their Thursday Thunks responses!

That's what all this is about after all, isn't it?

We'll have so much fun and become lifelong friends....

Thursday Thunks: Welcome to Summertime 2010!
The TT questions are brought to you by Bud, the color of Atlantic Ocean and the number 3.

1. It became officially summer on Monday. What's your favorite part of winter?
My favorite part of winter is the snow. When it snows we light the fireplace...Lyla gets superexcited to see it. We watch movies...we ride around in the truck (4 wheel drive)..and have a good family day!

2. What was your worst summer vacation ever?
When I first met my husband we went on a vacation to meet his family in Kentucky. I was on a road trip with my in laws for 12 hours. Need I say more?

3. Kimber's husband just got the dream job that he's hoped for. So a big shout out to her and Anthony! Tell us about the best job that you ever had.

I have to say the best job i have ever had is the one i have right now. I am a preschool teacher and I love it!

4. Who is probably talking a load of crap about you right now?
all the girls that i used to work with..that place was full of nothing but drama. no one there cared about the kids...they were all worried about making themselves look good to the boss..which is what you had to do to keep your job...because she is as wicked as the witch from the west!

5. An alien appears and offers you the opportunity to repeat one year of your life. You will still know everything that you know now. He explains that no matter what you do differently, when you are returned to the present nothing will have changed. What year would you pick and why?
I don't know if i would change anything..because everything I have gone through has gotten me where i am today..and I wouldn't change where i am at today for anything...but if nothing would change then....
I think i would pick one of the years i wasted with my ex boyfriend...crying and whininig over him could have been better spent out with the girls having a good time.
But that is young stupid love!

6. Name three things you have on you at all times. Explain why.
my cell phone..i know everyone does! But I am so worried when lyla is not with me that something is going to happen and they won't be able to get ahold of me.

I also have a drink...all the time...the dr has checked me for diabetes...because i guess cotton mouth is one of the symptoms...but i'm not diabetic...but i always have to have a drink

The third thing is my house key.

7. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?
this past christmas i wrote a letter to our family in Kentucky and mailed it. It was a family newsletter...i like mailing letters old style!

8. If you could have everyone in the blogosphere read just one of your posts, which post would you pick and why?
This one.
It is a sermon i heard from a missionary at my church that really touched me and I hope touches someone else that read it.

9. I recently read that the music industry continues to decline at an alarming rate. In the last year it said the sales of Michael Jackson's and The Beatles' music are the only artists who sales continue to climb. The article stated that the two are holding up the industry. Have you bought a CD or mp3 of either artist recently?
nope..i liked a few of MJ's songs...not a big fan of the Beatles.

10. What radio ad right now do you find so annoying that you'd rather have a tooth drilled than hear it again?
well i just bought a new car and we have a trial subscription to XM radio so I don't hear radio ads alot.

11. Berleen walks into a bar on a hot Minnesota day. At the bar sits a priest, a rabbi and a minister. A ten foot duck walks into the bar right after Berleen. What drink do you think Berleen orders?
A Sangria! mmm..those are good!

12. There is a knock on your door. It can be anyone in the world. Who would you want it to be?
my dad. He is still living..but doesn't ever come by..don't know why...people now a days are just so busy. We get in a routine of going to work..and going home...we forget that we can stray and go visit people. Now don't get me wrong.I love my dad..and I go see him ...but one of these days I wish maybe he would just stop by my house and see my accomplishments and where I live.

13. What would be the worst entertainment or sporting that you could be forced to watch?

Will I be remembered?

I forgot to do this study ...so I am doing it now..because i want to make a point to do them all!

Over At the Well they are having a bible study about being a part of the body of Christ...

Today's question was..How do you want to be remembered when your gone?

This is hard to answer for me...because I don't like to think of :when i'm gone:
When I'm gone...will my husband be OK.....will my daughter be OK.....will my husband have the faith and strength to carry on and take care of our family....how about my little brother whom I think of as son....how will our finances be?

I just don't like to think about it...
but saying that I live a long and full loving life...when I die of old age...I would like to be remembered as a GREAT momma, a wonderful and caring preschool teacher who had fun and laughed at everything!
I want to be remembered as a woman that was a NO HOLDS BACK kind of woman in praising her God. I want to be remembered as the woman who could feel the Holy Spirit in Wal Mart in the middle of grocery shopping.
I want to be remembered as a good friend...always there for people...helped wherever I could...did good things....

of course I will have mistakes..but I pray that my good doings will supercede my bad things.

So that is how i want to be remembered...

now it says to make a list of all that I just listed and started trying to be the person I want to be remembered as.........
How do you want to be remembered?

WW pictures finally came to email!


No Wordless Picture for me this Wednesday

I have tried every way possible to get a dang picture off my phone and onto my computer and for some reason I can NOT do it today.

It will not email it to me...it says it has emailed it..but I have not gotten it.

The USB cord won't work for some reason....

I don't know what is going on but it is really aggrevating me!!!

so no wordless wednesday for me!

but no fear...

I did find a cute little theme to do for Thursday that will get my thoughts going.
Maybe if i could find time to actually have thoughts....this blog will get sooo much better!!

just wait for it!

The Future of Shopping

The Future of Shopping

You gotta go look at this link...Wouldn't this be amazing! I would so shop there! Of course it would be $1000 per shirt I'm sure...but wow...
Our technology is crazy!


AP Tuesdays at New Nostalgia

Today is Tuesday.
That means it is time to look at my Summer Doozy List to see what I can check off..and link it up to Amy at New Nostalgia.

Let's see.......................

1. sew something...anything at all...something on a scrapbooking layout..a pillow case dress for Lyla..anything

2. scrap. a layout I mean...i have so many sketches..and papers and punches...but no layouts!

3. make homemade ice cream!

4. drink lemonade...in a cute glass! That always makes it better

5. soak my feet in a kiddie pool while Lyla swims  Did this one...woo hoo!

6. read more of Bible and stop thinking that God is going to give me a Broadway sign for the answers I need
I have been working on this one. I am not expecting a Broadway sign...but sometimes I doubt myself on whether it is God talking to me or not. I have been reading more of my Bible though.

7. go fishing

8. hang with my dad more...i know i remember when that used to be embarassing...but now i love it!
I have done this one too...went over to his house and hung out and played horseshoes!

9. play BINGO!!

10. buy a summer purse and wallet..i need a new one
got this one too! super cute!!

11. watch movies with the hubs..
did that this weekend! Edge of Darkness and New Moon!! Both were good!

12. catch fireflies at night
did this with Lyla the other night when we took her to the park...she thought they were cool but didn't want to hold it.

13. grill out more

14. drink more water
drinking water at all is more than what I used to drink...I Do Not like water Sam I Am....so I have to use Crystal Light to flavor it...

15. watch my computer time.....
this is another one that i stay on top of....thanks to No 17 Cherry Tree Lane

16. try to get my blog going...i feel like no one reads this thing but ME
well I went from no followers to 14...so at least now i know that I am not talking to myself..and i have even gotten a few comments...so a BIG WOO HOO to me!!!

17. make a recipe binder

18. make a cupon binder

19. organize craft room and decorate

20. take time for ME

21. work on my gardening skills...plant some flowers

22. check out country club

23. take a trip just me and hubby
Well me and hubby went out to eat just the two of us..for Father's Day...it was fun. We are planning a trip for just us two!

24. take Lyla to strawberry patch

25. get a pedicure

26. have a yard sale

27. go to more yard sales

28. have a girls night
we had a girls' night for my sister in law's wedding....it was fun! and nasty!!

29. keep my car clean
car is clean..hubby just vaccumed it out!

30. pick wildflowers and make my own table centerpieces.

Multitude Monday

1. grandma's...what is better?
2. pretty hair bows in my daughter's hair
3. Dr Pepper
4. worship music that stirs my spirit
5. PJ pants
6. my bedside fan
7. cameras and pictures
8. the smell of honeysuckle
9. date nights
10. kisses and hugs
11. my very own classroom
12. water fountains
13. the face of my daughter when she sees her daddy
14. a Godly husband...seeking God
15. my air conditioner
16. a spring rain
17. lightning bugs
18. rainbows
19. weddings
20. for friends that just talk about nothing
21. dirt roads
22. trees and woods
23. calendars


Sweet Morgan Wedding!

I haven't blogged in a while because I have been a little busy with my sister in law's wedding. They didn't give themselves much time to plan a wedding so things were in disarray...but they were in love and wanted to hurry things up..and I completely understand that...that is what you have family for right? Well ...it turned out wonderful...the church was lovely...she was beautiful...her husband was handsome as ever...everyone looked great and everything went great! I am so happy for her!

More pictures will be coming soon!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Morgan!!!


My plan for Father's day

So as we all know Father's Day is coming up....
And I don't know about you guys...but this holiday for me..is one of the hardest to so something with...

What do you buy for a man who has everything...or needs stuff that only HE can pick out.
Obviously nothing can be a suprise.

So after my Sister in Law's wedding..we are taking Lyla up to my mom's ...and ....Gregg and I are having dinner and maybe a movie...just us!

That doesn't ever happen...he is always working...so we never get the chance for a date night...

I got him a card..from me..and I got him a card from Lyla..hers is recordable..and I recorded her saying "I Love You, Daddy!"...so so so cute!

And ..I am making him a photo book of all pictures of him and Lyla with a poem about What Makes a Daddy...So cute!!

I am guilty of not telling my husband enough that he a GREAT father and I thank him so much for just being here with us...alot of kids don't have dads. Which mean alot of mom's have to do it themselves...and those women...are strong!! Very strong! Because eventhough Gregg works second shift and I do alot by myself...at least I know sometime...someday..he will be home and I can get a break...those single mom's...I tip my hat to you! You deserve something special!

So on Father's Day..I just want to make my husband feel appreciated and loved! He deserves it! and I consider myself Blessed!!

If you have a Father's Day plan..link it up to Amy's blog..New Nostalgia...

My Thoughts on Thursday

1. I had a great time at the Charlie Daniels Band concert tonight. It was hot..but worth it.

2. Is it officially summer yet? because the heat index today was 106!

3. Has the oil stopped spewing into the ocean yet?

4. Has anyone figured out who the TEA PARTY is? and what they stand for?

5. My sister in laws wedding is Saturday...haven't even tried on my bridesmaid dress yet..hope it fits!

6. I am taking Gregg out for Father's Day...just me and him.

7. When my mom and step dad had to leave tonight after they dropped us off from the concert..Lyla was actually heart broken. Not just throwing a fit...like actually heart broken. It made me cry...and then I cried again when I realized she is having BIG GIRL feelings. Lord..please protect her heart!

8. Still need a digi camera...birthday coming up soon...**hint hint**

9. still in process of having a yard sale...gotta clean out garage

10. One of my preschool students I had last year is having her birthday party next week and made sure to invite me. ..how sweet!

11. I am thinking about vlogging....gotta learn how to.

Mom Confession

I get up at 6am...and cook breakfast.

I haven't always done this...I am recently trying to be a good momma and wife since i don't have to be at work until 9am..I kinda act like I am a morning person...

Hubby doesn't get off work until late..so he is to tired to eat...

and Lyla would rather have cereal over egg, bacon, sausage, pancakes, ...anything really....

So here is a Mom Confession....
I let my child eat cereal out of a ziploc bag for breakfast!

That is what she wants though...and I can't MAKE her eat something..I mean she is almost two...
She eats a good lunch and a good supper...so I am just thinking she isn't a morning person like her mom.


Post it Note Tuesday

I found this on this site and this blog Not Quite Susie thought it was SUPER CUTE!! So i had to try it...because i have to get creative ideas off other people now a days since my brain is mush!

Here i go to try it:

I love it...it is soooo cute!! You can bet your booty you will be seeing this every Tuesday!!!

Technology first....family first....

Wow...I just had a few minutes after supper while Lyla was watching Micky Mouse Clubhouse and before I started cleaning to check a few blogs to see what was up in the internet world.

and I came across No 17 Cherry Tree Lane...and she hit me HARD with a post about choosing your family over technology...

well really hers was about ...not letting techonology rule you...you choose to use it when you WANT....She doesn't want to have to feel like she HAS to check on blogs or her email...
which is exactly how I fell...but let myself fall into the temptation EVERY TIME!!

Well she had a few goals...and I plan to have a few myself!
I just started my blog and I absolutely love it!...it is a great way to get my thoughts out..that are bugging me...especially since my husband works all the time and I don't feel like i get to talk to him enough...

1. my first goal is to not be on the computer while Lyla is awake...this is one I feel horrible about...we get home at 5:30pm...then we do supper and bath and bedtime..i only spend a few hours with her before she goes to sleep...and sometimes i run in here to check my facebook or something else...ugh..i feel so bad!

2. I need to remember to put my husband before the computer...sometimes he will watch something stupid on TV that i really really don't wanna watch..so i just come in here to get on the internet and see what's going on...well i plan on staying in there with him..and if i don't wanna watch tv..i will just cuddle with him...

3. I need to dwindle down the website that i get on everyday...regularly...i have to many...i have to many right now and i try to push myself to see what is happening on all of them..and ignoring what i need to be doing...like cleaning..or laundry...so i need to cut down my internet sites...
the only ones i really like to get on..is the blogs i read..and cafemom...and facebook...and here lately i get on facebook for just a few minutes....it is starting to lose interest to me...i don't twitter so that is good...

but I am so thankful to No 17 Cherry Tree Lane for posting that post..i really needed to read it..and i hope many other people do too...and I hope it changes thier lives like it did mine...


Vigilant Wives

So today ...before work..I had a few minutes to blog read...which is so relaxing..I need to work that into my morning routine..I love just sitting and reading in the mornings...

Anyway...I seen that The Vigilant Wives Club blog made a post and it reminded me to do something for Gregg....

I know that we are supposed to do something to show them we are submissive...or to enourage them..or blah blah...

but here lately I have had the feeling that is HARD to talk to my husband...I don't know if it that I don't feel comfortable enough to talk to him..or that he is working all the time and I can't find any time to talk to him...i don't know what it is...so this morning after reading the Vigilant Wives...I decided that I would quickly write my husband a letter shortly stating that I feel like I can't talk to him..and it hurts my feelings that he is my best friend and my confindant...and I can't confide in him..or get his advice..which here lately I have really been needing...

I have been asking and praying to God to let me know whether or not I need to start wearing skirts.

I was raised in a Baptist church..but started going to a United Pentecostal Church with my husband and his family..and God has told me that the reason I met my husband was to find this church and to build a strong family that could withstand anything the devil had throw against us.

I solely belive that if we got together as a family and truly worshipped the Lord with everything we had we could do major things in our church...but my husband as well as I ....just haven't dove in.
I don't know why....Earthly things I guess...

But Earthly things don't matter
They just fade and shatter

I have been told over and over that the reason all the Pentecostal women wear skirts was because God convicted them for one reason or another to wear skirts...whether it was not to be OF the world....Not to look like a man...or just to please God...My mother in law strictly wears skirts so that people will know that she is Pentecostal...because you would be amazed at how many people have started coming to our church because they asked my mother in law if she was Apolstolic by the way the dressed.
crazy huh?

So my one and only complex....well two....on this wearing the skirt thing...is

1. I work at a preschool...so needless to say that can be rough..in a skirt...with two year olds all day...but none the less...it can be done...

2. I wonder if Gregg will still find me attractive.....Pentecostal women seem to forget about themselves...and focus solely on God...which is amazing..but I still want my husband to be attracted to me.

Anyway...I don't know how I got on this subject...but for my post today on being a Vigilant Wife...I let my husband know how I felt.

At the well....We are the Body

Over At the Well...they are having a Bible Study called We Are The Body.

It is all about us learning what our part is ...and how to put it into action.

Todays subject was about accountability.

Do you have a friend that will keep you accountable?

I used to ...I worked with her..but now we have gone our seperate ways...we still talk but not as much as we used to.

I went to work this morning looking and asking God to show me what I needed to work on in my life since I really have NO one to keep me accountable.

And lo and behold...just like an old friends..God told me ...
1. I could be a little more joyous to my husband
2. I could focus a little more on reading my bible during my hour lunch break when I have nothing to do
3. I need to work on my patience...with everyone...actually my patience is fine..it is the devil tempting my patience and making me over react
4. I could start relying on God a little more....he is the Comforter...the Healer...the Protector..A Friend..A Father...He will take care of me..He is there to talk to ....He will give me anwers and advice when I need it.
5. Do what I can for my church...including paying tithes....

Isn't it wonderful how Jesus can be just like a friend you can just sit down and talk to ...You are never alone when you are a child of God...

He is never against you ...He is always for you....And if God is with you...who can be against you...He is the God of all Gods...
Which means if Buddah needs a miracle...he goes to God...
Jesus is the only wise God....which means all those other Gods are dumb gods..and I don't wanna worship a dumb god...I want to serve the only wise God!!!

Thank you Jesus!!


Family Competition

So last night our Bible Study Group decided instead of meeting...since this is our last meeting (because during the summer we go to the church for an actual church service) ..we should go out to eat and have fun.

My Father in law called me to see if I was going ...I said sure...once I got my hurricane down for a nap. He said GREAT ..you can just ride with us if you want..we will pick you up.

I was thinking Yay! Lyla will get to spend some good quality time hanging out with her grandma and grandpa that she doesn't see very much...don't know why she doesn't see very much of them...because they live just a way up the road..but they never come by...don't know why they never come by because they can always make it to my sister in law's house to visit thier grandson...their must be something in the road that blocks them from coming this direction to see thier granddaughter.


We went to a steakhouse and had a nice dinner....Well..I had to wrestle a two year old by myself..so I had close to nice dinner...then afterwards we all went back to our cars to go home...in the process...my nephew starts to scream bloody murder that he wants to ride with his Papaw...In his Papaw's truck..with me...Lyla...and my mother in law.....in the truck...

Papaw explains to him that he has to take me and Lyla home so there isn't enough room...while Mother in law says...SURE THERE'S ENOUGH ROOM!!

*rolls my eyes*
sure there is enough room...if I stand on my head and put Lyla on my back...sure there is enough room.

So now we have suddenly made plans to go to the park.

At 8pm.

We get to the park....after the screaming contest on the ride home from the two and three year old sitting side by side in the back seat of Papaw's truck.

Lyla takes my mother in laws hand to go swing...but then my nephew hollers for my mother in law...then my sister in law..screams for my mother in law to let her know that HE wants HER to play with HIM....

oh..excuse..me...Let's just throw my child to the wind...forget that we were trying to spend time with her grandma and grandpa that she never gets to see...just forget her and go play with the child that you watch all the time...14 hours a day...while they go to school and work...and to the movies..and to have a parent break from baby...while they are preggo with another one....

So needless to say I am to the point of disowning the other set of grandparents and saying forget it

She has a great set of grandparents who love her dearly..and would give up what they were doing if we called to have them watch her so that we could have a date night to ourselves..which we NEVER ask for!!!! I am sick of the family competition...I am sick of trying to stick up for my daughter...I am sick of trying to pull attention to my daughter just so she could spend a little time with her grandparents...

I am sick of it!


30 things I vow to do this summer

Over at Mamma's Losing It...she has a Writer's Workshop...it helps get your mind going so if you are like me and you have a three million things going through your mind but still can not think of anything blog about...you can go here and grab something!
Everything going through my mind is completely random..and not good for blogging...
Lyla should be napping right now...
when she lays down..so am I
then I hope we don't sleep to late..
I kinda wanted to go shopping a little today...
but not with a one year old...
but hubby is working so scratch that...
could go visit family....
maybe go get some ice cream..
sister in laws wedding is next weekend
gotta fit into my dress...
no ice cream

random crazy things...

so at the Writer's Workshop one of her themes was think of 30 things you would like to do this summer and make a summer bucket list!
I can do that!! I love lists...so here it goes!

1. sew something...anything at all...something on a scrapbooking layout..a pillow case dress for Lyla..anything

2. scrap. a layout I mean...i have so many sketches..and papers and punches...but no layouts!

3. make homemade ice cream..after sister in laws wedding!

4. drink lemonade...in a cute glass! That always makes it better

5. soak my feet in a kiddie pool while Lyla swims

6. read more of Bible and stop thinking that God is going to give me a Broadway sign for the answers I need

7. go fishing

8. hang with my dad more...i know i remember when that used to be embarassing...but now i love it!

9. play BINGO!!

10. buy a summer purse and wallet..i need a new one

11. watch movies with the hubs..

12. catch fireflies at night

13. grill out more

14. drink more water

15. watch my computer time.....

16. try to get my blog going...i feel like no one reads this thing but ME

17. make a recipe binder

18. make a cupon binder

19. organize craft room and decorate

20. take time for ME

21. work on my gardening skills...plant some flowers

22. check out country club

23. take a trip just me and hubby

24. take Lyla to strawberry patch

25. get a pedicure

26. have a yard sale

27. go to more yard sales

28. have a girls night

29. keep my car clean

30. pick wildflowers and make my own table centerpieces.

wow....that wasn't hard to think of at all...i could go on...thanks to that blog!

Mama's Losin' It

Friday Fill in on Saturday

OK..yeah so it is a day late....Lyla and I decieded to go spend some time with my dad last night...and party a little bit! We drank Dr Pepper and played horseshoes...we made $10 off the old guys!! Lyla got some quality time with PaPa and I got to be a Daddy's Little Girl for a little while...something we both needed!

1. My new lotion feels great.
2. The solution is pray.
3. I have to have my feet covered up tofall asleep.
4. How about my husband not working overtime so we can feel like a family
5. Reading my blog is something I highly recommend!
6. Imagine autumn
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to went to my dad, tomorrow my plans include going to the historic street of Van Buren and shopping and Sunday, I want to go to church and worship God and come out refreshed!


My Thoughts on Thursday

1. How long does it take to plug a pipe that is spewing oil? And seriously...Hay is going to do the trick! A big YEE HAW for southerners!! You city folk mess things up ...us Southerners will come and fix it!

2. Who is the Tea Party? And what are they doing?

3. If everyone just wears one set of clothing a day ..why at the end of the week do I have 12 loads of laundry to do?

4. I really need to make time for me and my hobbies...I am starting to lose sight of myself.

5. I need to realize that I am no longer a teacher of four year olds...I am a teacher of two year olds..and they DO NOT KNOW how to be quiet...so just go with the flow.

6. How sick is it of whoever sold the photos of Gary Coleman on his death bed? That is just disgraceful and I hop you repent...soon!

7. Gregg and I need "us" time...don't be dirty...we really need quality talk time together..so we are planning on an anniversary trip just the two of us...with little one staying at my mom's.

8. I need a digi camera.

9. What do I want to decorate the kitchen in..and our master bedroom in?

10. I want a new sewing machine..but I am going to bring down my old one and start sewing...I wanna be supercrafty!!!


Father's Day Give Away

Over at Remodaholic ...there is a FATHERS DAY Give away!!!
A great one too! It is a Black and Decker Weed Trimmer...and boy do we ever need one of these!! So this is one give away I am so entering as many times as I can!!
There was already 105 comments..so I sure do hope that my one..well three..little feeble comments catch someone's attention....because I would do the HOT DOG dance (as on Micky Mouse Clubhouse) if I won this thing!!!

Go check it out...


Vigilant Wife

I just ate my supper...I am stuffed a Thanksgiving turkey...Lyla is playing in her room.....The LAST COMIC Standing is on in the living room with no one watching it..(thank God for DVR)...so I took a little MOMMY time and started some blog reading!

I have come to love this blog world! I get so much motivation..and inspriation...for all sorts of things. From scrapbooking, to crafting...from mommyhood to cupons...and from religion to how to step it up in my religion.

This blog that I have come across tonight has her own little thing going called the Vigilant Wives Club.
It isn't a mandatory thing...but at she is trying to help us women understand that we took a promise in front of God and our famalies that we will love and cherish our husbands...even when we don't want to!
Just to know the fact that sometimes your marriage really takes work..and it isnt' always paradise like I thought it would be...really motivates me!

So she has challenged all us wives to do something nice for our husbands.....and I wanna join.
I can't say that I will post something every day...or every week...but I am putting her on my blog roll so I can keep up with her blog...and I hope that my readers (if I have any) do the same!

I know it sounds crazy...and it took me...(well I will be married for 3 years in September) to realize that the more I encourage my husband..the better he acts..which makes me like him more.
I don't know how that works..but girls...it does...husbands are funny creatures a good friend once told me..and I so believe it!~


Have a great day!!


Nevertheless, not my will; but thine be done!

The past few days at my church we have had a mini..(scratch that MAJOR)...kinda unplanned spontaneous revival.
I love that about my church...they go with what they feel. Whatever God tells them to do..not matter how dumb it may seem to other people or how crazy it may seem to us..if God it telling you to do it...then do it!
We had an evangelist come in and preach to us on Saturday night about HIS JESUS. His Jesus...Jesus that was born in a stinky stable...to save us all. Today would you think some poor woman who had a kid in a stinky horse stable..would be the kid that would save your life? I don't think so. The Jesus that walked up in a graveyard and said ..Lazurus...Come to me...and raised him from the dead. THE DEAD??? I know we have heard this and heard this...many many times..and most of us could probably repeat the scripture. But what we have to realize is that the blood that was shed on the very day they nail MY SAVIOR to the cross ...is the same blood that covers me today. His blood back then healed the blind...the deaf...the dead!! And his blood can do all that today! It is just the same...Jesus is the same...today...yesterday...and forever.
Our problem is ...we have to believe it will be done! I am the first to say I am a skeptic about everything...so the reason my BIG prayers haven't been answered...it because I don't believe God will do it for me. Now I do! Thanks to Brother Mahaney!

In Luke 22:42 Jesus was telling God...You know I don't I don't to be naked...made fun of..humilated, whipped, nailed to a cross, suffocate to death, beaten, bruised, chastised!! So please God..take this from me...

Here is the scripture:
Saying Father if thou be willing remove this cup from me Nevertheless not my will but thine be done.

What I think now..thanks to our revival...is that Jesus looked further down the years and seen me and you and all our family and friends on this very day and seen that we need to be saved...the way this world is going...and they crazy things that are going on...we need JESUS.
He went through all of that ..for us! for me!

That is amazing...you know the story...you can recite it by heart...but really sit down and think about it...research what a real cruicifixion....it is horrible horrible death.
He wasn't beaten to death..he suffocated...because the way you are nailed the cross...your lungs can take in air..but it can't exhale air. So Jesus would have to put all his wieght on the nails on his feet to reach up to breathe...and to his very last breath...he was doing it all for us!



To Do

Gregg is working today...until 1pm..so I am doing some housework with Lyla until he gets home! Then it is FAMILY TIME!!

Here is my to do:
unload dishwasher
load dishwasher
take out trash
wipe off kitchen counters

wipe off kitchen table
first gotta clear the table
clean stove
clean coffee table (Lyla's kitchen table) ..that needs to stop!
straighten Master Bedroom floor...poor room
clear makeup off vanity

clean lyla's room...ha ha!!
sweep whole house
mop whole house

laundry! yay!

Not to bad really...I kept the house super clean until Wednesday of last week..then I got tired I guess and slacked off...it is a JOB!! OK..here I go!

my sleepy baby

I love it when I wake up before Lyla ....
I usually get up and play on the computer while a have a few minutes along...Look up some teaching resources..read a few new blogs...whatever...

then she walks in..still sleepy eyed...hair all a mess..and just talking away!!

I love that!!!


Wordless Wednesday

I am always taking pictures...and now that I have blog surfing I have seen a lot Wordless Wednesday's posts...so why not join the bandwagon...