Marriage Monday

I feel like in our day and time now that the sanctity of marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper that you pay for to make it "official" so the woman can change her last name.. yet again.

That's is so far from the truth. Marriage is a commitment. Marriage is work and it gets hard sometimes. But if done right.. it is the most rewarding thing you will ever experience. There is nothing like the feeling of knowing that in this world of 6 billion people.. someone has your back.. at all times. To support you , love you, listen to you, ..and annoy you. Let's be honest if you live together long enough.. you get annoyed with each other.

I want to use my little space here on the world wide web to hopefully inspire someone to not quit.. to work at it.. make it work.. at all costs...you won't regret it.


True Beauty

If you have read my blog long enough then you would know that I have had a burden to homeschool Lyla since she was about 3. She is so interested in learning and I feel like if we could focus on that interest then she would go so far in life. Also this momma thinks about the things you get exposed to in public schools. The character traits of others that are not acceptable but can't helped to be picked up if you are with them all day....The words that a child should not know...The innocence that could be lost in a moment .. when I am not there...and can not explain ..I can not fix. Once that innocence is lost.. it's gone.. forever.

Although there is a few things that my child has already picked up and learned that I am not happy about.. we have gotten to the stage of "boyfriends" and "who likes who". We are asking about makeup and jewelry.

I ask why she thinks she needs all that...she is to young. She says so she can look good and be beautiful.

So I go straight to the Bible to get something.. anything.. that will grab her attention and let her know that God made her without jewelry and makeup ...and she is perfect just the way she is.

So here is the lesson we are learning right now:

1 Peter 3:3-4
Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.

Your beauty is your spirit, your character, your joy, your friendship to others, your love for those that are unloving, your faith, your prayer life
Your beauty does not come from gold, glitter and all things that sparkle. Yes, they are nice and lovely to look at..but it does not make your beautiful.

You are beautiful .. just being You.

Repost from 2008 - Baby Dr Appt

I love going through old posts on my blog and reading what I was doing and how life was like at the moment. Sometimes Gregg and I chat about how we can not even fathom our lives right now without our kids or each other. We sit and think about how our lives would be different if we hadn't met each other.. or if life went a different way. Earlier in our marriage.. we had a "maybe" answer for that question..but now.. we both just look at each other and think.. I don't know.. I can't even imagine what life would be like with out our family. I don't want to know. I don't want to know what life would be like without them. I am happy.. beyond happy. I am content. Safe. Secure. Settled. I am settled. And I love it.

So grab a drink with me and let's go back to 2008 when I was pregnant with Lyla and I guess I had just went to my 3rd Dr appointment and it was Gregg's first time going with me. He worked a lot. He always has. When I met him he worked two jobs and he has always been one to work .. even overtime.. just to make sure that I have never "wanted" for anything. So funny to see that we already had Levi's name picked out back in 2008 also.

Ok .. I will stop rambling.. let's take a trip to the past......

Dear Baby,So I had dr appt number 3 Monday and your daddy got to go with me!!
This was the first one for him to go to! It was just a check up but the dr brought in that thing and let your daddy listen to your heartbeat. He was excited...your heartbeat was loud. Dr Haraway said your heart rate was about 154...which means that the old wives tale about the baby’s heartrate being over 140 means you might be a girl!
We made the appt for the Big ultrasound to see what you are going to be...it is March 24 so we will see if that old wives tale is true! Now you just have to turn the right way so we can see. That way daddy and  I can get your room ready! 
I thought I wanted a girl ...I think because I lost your sister Natalie....but the further along I get I don’t think I will prefer one over the other as long as you get here and healthy!
I have almost past the point of when I lost Natalie which might not mean anything but it means alot to me for some reason. Here lately I have been so nervous over everything...knowing that this is close to when my water broke with Natalie and i don't wanna lose you.
I already love you so much! We have discussed a few names.....so far we have Levi Greggorey if your a boy and Lyla Faye if your a girl.
Well it is time for me to head to chuch so i had better get going!!!! Please don't kick my bladder while we are praying and make me run to the bathroom!

Your Momma


Drama Club Play - Enchanted Woods

Disclaimer: I'm done editing and worry about grammar, perfect sentence structure, etc. So my posts here on my blog is my voice. Me just talking to a friend.. YOU. I hope you hear my voice and enjoy my blog.

To my surprise this year Lyla wanted to be in the Drama Club which puts on a play each year.
This year it was called Enchanted Woods. We got a list of characters that were going to be in the play and the kids got to pick their top 3 to audition for. I tried to prep her that most of the older kids were going to get the parts with a lot of speaking parts but still she chose Narrator 1, Narrator 2, and Narrator 3 as her top 3. This girl just loves to read.
Well the list came out on who was what character and Lyla got "Happy Dwarf"

Yea.. a little less than a Narrator but I told her that she will do her best and be the best little happy dwarf they have ever seen ..then next year I bet she will get a bigger part.
I'm kind of thankful for the Happy Dwarf part because she was also in a church play.. and had to practice for a piano recital all at the same time.

So we got a shirt made specifically for her part.. so everyone would know that she was a happy dwarf. We had to wear a yellow shirt, rolled up jeans and yellow socks..
here she is in her play:

she did have one line
She jumped gleefully and said "Snow White Get Up!" after Snow White fell down when she took a bit of the apple. And if I say so myself.. she did great with her one line.

I love this girls drive and her confidence. I love her perfectionism and competiveness. I love her.


Lyla's Toy Brew with Audree

So.. my daughter has found Shopkins.

She found them about a year ago and has been completely obsessed since. I thought it was just a phase and we would eventually move on..
but no..

Moose toys is very smart.

About the time we are done collecting a season of Shopkins.. What do they do? Yep. They come out with a whole new Season!! Yay! Which keeps my child ... obsessed!

She found Shopkins on a YouTube channel (parental controls do apply) when they were in Season 2. We have almost all of Season 2. Then her Dad and I bought her a whole case of Season 3 Blind Baskets for her birthday. Now we are collecting Season 4. *fingers crossed we find a Limited Edition*

Don't know what a Shopkin is?

Here .. allow me to show you..

A few weekends ago Lyla had a friend sleepover and they HAD to do a YouTube video of their own showing off Shopkins. Like Totally HAD to!! or the whole 7 years that they have been alive on this Earth would just be for nothing.

Anyway.. I set up the camera.. and said "Have Fun!"

I caught up on my binge watching of the Big Bang Theory and their YouTube video kept them happy for about an hour.. Your Welcome though because I stayed up one night and edited it down to just under 30 minutes..

Yes... I edited it DOWN to less than 30 minutes. Love them girls though and I'm so happy that they are friends. They make me laugh. Sometimes.. as adults.. we just need to laugh at some like totally funny girl stuff and forget about all the adult stuff in our brain.