Playing catch up

I kinda got behind when the storm of my century about blew me away......so here i go

Snack Time : This is snack time at work....we all go outside (when the weather is pretty) and have a snack outside after nap...aren't they cute? all lined up and being good!! All kids are pretty good when they are stuffing thier face!!!!

Our make-shift TV stand: since we have moved we are trying to figure out how to place our furniture....we had the coffee table in between the couch and sofa but it just seemed to cramped...so we made it into a TV stand....now we don't have to buy a tv stand!! Ain't I smart? Did you notice that Gregg's tires were still in the living room.........THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE SATURDAY!! we'll see!

Orajel:This was my life saver over the weekend....when my tooth broke off...this is the only thing that saved me...so thank god for orajel!!!

Daisy Jo: This is just a random picture of my first child sleeping....it is what she does best!!

My 2 VIP's: This was such a cute picture of Gregg and Daisy I had to put it on here....she has got her head tilted the same way he does....like father like daughter.....those two are something else!!
Close up: I love these pictures of Daisy....she is so crazy ...i guess the flash makes her wonder what it is..but she loves it...

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