Why I love Bloglovin'

So if you are a blogger I am sure you have heard over and over again that Google Reader is shutting down.

I have to admit I did a little blogger toddler fit when I heard about this because I have used Google Reader ever since I started blogging...now I gotta find a new way to keep up with  my blogs?

If you know me ... I do not like change!
I'm not good with it..

But like it or not.. on July 1st my relationship with Google Reader is over!

So I have been quietly listening and checking out which new blog reader I wanted to go with .. I have tried a few and I have chosen to go with Bloglovin'

Well...let me tell ya!
1. It is super easy to get started. The whole sign up process took me like less than five minutes!
2. It is super easy to follow blogs. Just type in the address or copy it into the search bar and BAM! it just pops up and you click "Follow"
3. You can upload all your blogs from Google Reader.. to Bloglovin' ... oh aren't they great!?
4. I can organize my blogs by category. This is HUGE for me because I love lists and organization!! So I have my blogs now organized by category..so if I am in a crafty mood..I can go and just read all my crafty blogs! Love it!
5. It is mobile. I love that I can look at Bloglovin' on my laptop or desktop....but I really love that they have a FREE app so I can blog read on the go!

There you have it! Why I chose Bloglovin' ..

Are you secretly throwing a fit that Google Reader is shutting down?
Which blog reader are you going with to keep up with your blog reading?

If you choose bloglovin' .. you can follow me here

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