Planner Nerdness

I've totally fallen off the deep end in the planner nerdness craze.
I've secretly always had a planner..but now all the nerds have come together and made it cool!! Yay!!

Writing things down helps me to remember them...It is the way I studied for tests in school...It is how I took notes during lectures in college.. I have to write to process...which is why I love blogging.

So now that I can come out of the planner closet.. I am so excited to say that I have a DayTimer Family Plus that I write literally everything in...It is like my "pre-scrapbook"

Take a look:

Enough for now.
I don't want to overwhelm you.

I do plan on posting more about my planner *now that us nerds have banned together*

**If you have any questions about my planner or the supplies I used to decorate my planner leave them in the comments and I will get back to you!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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