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I love going through old posts on my blog and reading what I was doing and how life was like at the moment. Sometimes Gregg and I chat about how we can not even fathom our lives right now without our kids or each other. We sit and think about how our lives would be different if we hadn't met each other.. or if life went a different way. Earlier in our marriage.. we had a "maybe" answer for that question..but now.. we both just look at each other and think.. I don't know.. I can't even imagine what life would be like with out our family. I don't want to know. I don't want to know what life would be like without them. I am happy.. beyond happy. I am content. Safe. Secure. Settled. I am settled. And I love it.

So grab a drink with me and let's go back to 2008 when I was pregnant with Lyla and I guess I had just went to my 3rd Dr appointment and it was Gregg's first time going with me. He worked a lot. He always has. When I met him he worked two jobs and he has always been one to work .. even overtime.. just to make sure that I have never "wanted" for anything. So funny to see that we already had Levi's name picked out back in 2008 also.

Ok .. I will stop rambling.. let's take a trip to the past......

Dear Baby,So I had dr appt number 3 Monday and your daddy got to go with me!!
This was the first one for him to go to! It was just a check up but the dr brought in that thing and let your daddy listen to your heartbeat. He was excited...your heartbeat was loud. Dr Haraway said your heart rate was about 154...which means that the old wives tale about the baby’s heartrate being over 140 means you might be a girl!
We made the appt for the Big ultrasound to see what you are going to be...it is March 24 so we will see if that old wives tale is true! Now you just have to turn the right way so we can see. That way daddy and  I can get your room ready! 
I thought I wanted a girl ...I think because I lost your sister Natalie....but the further along I get I don’t think I will prefer one over the other as long as you get here and healthy!
I have almost past the point of when I lost Natalie which might not mean anything but it means alot to me for some reason. Here lately I have been so nervous over everything...knowing that this is close to when my water broke with Natalie and i don't wanna lose you.
I already love you so much! We have discussed a few names.....so far we have Levi Greggorey if your a boy and Lyla Faye if your a girl.
Well it is time for me to head to chuch so i had better get going!!!! Please don't kick my bladder while we are praying and make me run to the bathroom!

Your Momma

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