3/22 - I'm Done!

Me and Gregg took the dogs out for a walk today. It was so nice outside..you just couldn't stay in!! We went down to the city lake where Gregg knew a little walking trail. This was the first time Rosco had been out away from home. We got to the trail and Daisy took off like she had been to that spot all her life....I had Rosco on a leash. It wasn't a very long trail but we hadn't had the chance to get out in a while with the weather being as bad as it has been but boy when we were done Daisy hi-tailed back to the truck. On our way back to the truck we let Rosco off the leash to see how he would do and just followed Daisy all the way back to the truck. They beat us there (of course me...I was in last place). This is a picture of the dogs saying "I'm Done" and waiting on us to go back home!!!

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