So i am a little behind....
but Monday we had our big ultrasound to see what the baby was...can you guess what we found out? LOL!!
Yep it is a girl!!
She showed us exactly what she was as soon as we turned the monitor on...that was the first image we got!!
We wanted to try to guess and see if we could get it right but there was no mistaking...the ultrasound tech even showed us how to determine whether it was a boy or a girl...you know sometimes they tell you that is like an 80% chance it is a girl....so I asked just to make sure and she said 100% .....no doubt...it was a girl!!
First I have to say THANK YOU GOD!!!
You don't even know how much I prayed that the baby would just turn right so we could see what it was...so I am so glad that we were just able to find out.
So what was so funny was that when the ultrasound tech said it was a girl my mother in law screamed and jumped up and down (she really wanted a girl) - my mom screamed - the baby kicked - it startled the ultrasound tech - and Gregg was just kind of standing there speechless!!
It was a crazy moment!!!!! But one that I will never forget and will cherish for the rest of my life.
I was suprised that Gregg could actually see what was on the ultrasound monitor....he picked out her heartbeat and her hands! He told the tech to zoom in on her feet to see if her toes were like mine (my middle toe is longer than my big toe and Gregg makes fun of me all the time). Well when she did...she has my feet!!! Gregg says "Oh Crap!!"
When the monitor first came on Gregg said "Woah!"

so many memories happened that day!!

I can't wait to be a mommy and see Gregg become a daddy!
and see what Lyla Faye Brewer looks like!! (hopefully like me)

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