What's been going on...

First and foremost I wanna say that ......

Second ....Halloween!
Lyla had a great time! I didn't think that she would really get the concept of trick or treating...but I must have underestimated her!!
She was a little nervous about all the ugly scary costumes...but she seen a teenager dressed up like Minnie Mouse and thought she was the real Minnie Mouse..so that made her night!
Everytime we went to a door to get candy ...when we got back to the truck she would yell to her daddy..."I GOT MORE CANDY!"
It was really cute!
She was a pirate....

I have to say though i was really disappointed in all the ADULTS that were trick or treating...WITH NO KIDS!!
I mean Come On! If you are just wanting a hand out..go to the Food Bank...This is a holiday for the kids...stop being selfish!
ok..enough of that..moving on!

I have seriously researching different things that i would like to become a consultant for. I have looked at many many many many many different companies...compared them to each other..asked a million questions...thought and thought...asked my husband and friends...and
still I am sitting here looking at so many things....thinking...
which one would be the better business deal?
which one would i have FUN doing?
I just don't know...the one that is on the top of my list is a home decor business called At Home America...is that a good choice? Will it sell?
I don't know.
Then you have to have at least $160 to $180 to purchase your kit to start.
That is alot when you dont' even know if it will work out?..
But they are having a deal where i can purchase my kit for $1 and if i sell $1000 within my first 35 days...I can keep my kit for $1...but if i don't hit my quota then they will take out $178 from my account.
Do i risk it?
Can i do it?

Lyla has been yucky sick here lately...i think we are cutting teeth..well i know we are because she is old enough now to tell me that her teeth hurt...but it has completely messed up her stomach...everything just runs right through her...and her sinuses are going crazy because our weather doesn't know what it is going to do..so the poor thing...just has it bad right now..which makes me have it bad too! So I am praying that the tooth pops through..the weather gets better..and we can get some sleep!

Fifth and last:
My church is having a Fall Festival..it is our first...and i am superexcited about it..
I signed up to help...do whatever i can to make it work! So i was asked to make the signs for the game since i have a wonderful machine called a Cricut!

Except when my mom and stepdad came over to rip up carpet and put in laminate flooring...I have NO IDEA where the power cord to my Cricut went!!
I don't know if you know much about a Cricut....but
I have ripped my house apart...looked in places that I KNOW it can't be...
and I can not find it anywhere...
therefore i can't make signs for our fall festival...we are trying to wait as long as we can to make them hoping that God will lay the power cord in front of me sometime  before Thursday...but I hate to say that I don't see if happening..and I feel like a complete nim-ca-poop!

So...let's hope that next week is better...huh?




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