Life Inspired

So I really need to be cleaning my house..doing some laundry or something
I keep telling myself I will when Ms Lyla goes down for a nap..but we all know when she falls asleep..i am two mintues behind her...

anyway..while she has been watching Mickey Mouse .. I have been playing on the computer.

I found Becky Higgins Digital Project Life..and I am so thrilled!!
I absolutely love how easy she makes it ...all you have to do is snap pictures and write about them.

Great way to keep track of memories!

I have got mine started..and I am so excited about it.
She has a scrapbook kit..with the papers and all that...but I didn't want to order it..because I don't have time to shave my legs...more or less sit down and actually scrapbook.
So the Digital version is easy cheesy for me...I just upload my pictures...which go quick by the way...throw them into the designated spots...write a few words...Done!

Then when you get it all finished...you can order your whole book for $99!!
It gets printed for you...all in a nice book..and shipped to you...
Now how much easier can that be..
I'm in love!

On Becky Higgins website she had an inspiring Life video to let people know that life doesn't have to be "exciting" to take pictures everyday...take pictures of everyday things...laundry (which I swear I am fixing to do), your fave resteraunt, your child's fave toy...anything...anything in your life...those little things are the things we forget the fastest...so take a picture of it..throw it in a Project Life book..and remember it forever!!

Here is the video...I have to post it!!

I hope you are inspired...and if I find out how to share my Project Life book..I will...cause I am pretty dang proud of it!!

I hope you all stay warm...because in Arkansas...it is FREEZING!! literally

ok.now off to start laundry...
ha ha

here is the link to my book..
Go check it out...
It isnt' finished..and I am still playing..so don't judge me...
But i hope you start your own..so we can Project Life together!!



  1. Such an awesome concept! Maybe I could actually accomplish this feat if I did it the Becky Higgins/Something's Always Brewing way! :-)

    I'm your newest follower...here from the SITS 31DBBB Challenge! Oh, and I grew up in Arkansas, Hot Springs to be exact! :-)


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