Snow-pocolypse 2011

We have never seen this much snow in Arkansas...

I have never seen this much snow in Arkansas....

I found a picture of my dad measuring snow back when I was little and holding up four fingers for four inches.
I remember when mom took that picture because we thought it was CRAZY that we got four inches!!

Today .... six!
at least...some places more because the wind was blowing and it would get caught on our fence and such.

I have been around for 26 years and I never remember having this many snow days...all i have to say is THANK GOD that he put me working with kids in a preschool..so i get to have snow days too!!!

I do pray for the people that have to get out and go to work...my husband is one of them...very scary!

So today is snow day number 5 ..i think
so Lyla and I went out and made the most of it...because I figured our Public School System would MAKE us go tomorrow NO MATTER WHAT or they wouldn't finish school until mid-July!!

We had a lot of fun..
We couldn't make a snow man because I couldn't get the snow to pack...but we did make snow angels..and a snow hill!!

Enjoy your snow days!
Stay warm!


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  1. It is crazy how much snow AR has gotten this year! My husband and I went to college at Harding and in all our four years there never had much snow to speak of, but this year there has been so much snow! My younger sister is there now and she's always telling me about snow days and such. Craziness!


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