Be Prepared: Next month is my Birthday month!!

Just so that my little blog-o-sphere knows...
next month is.....


yes ...i take up a whole month!

So I thought now would be a pretty good time to start making my birthday list....I made one last year...but then forgot that I had when I was bombarded with the question "What do you want?"
When I get asked that question...I automatically freeze like someone just asked me to make the most important decision of my life.

Well....this year....I will remember...and I will have a list ready
in face
I might make copies and hand it out to all my family and friends!!

i think i will!

Alright enough wasting time....lets get to it!!

I have always wanted an outside patio! I don't want anything grand and fancy...just some small tiles that me and my husband can put down to make a little area for outdoor furniture.

So there is two things:
outside patio tiles

outside furntiture
Then I wouldn't mind having new pots and pans....my husband won't buy me stuff that I use around the hosue for my birthday..I have to pick something "for me"...but I'm the only one that uses those dang things!!

and to go with my new pots...I would love to finally reach a decision about how I want to decorate my kitchen...so i think maybe a gift card to somwhere might work...

Then I want some nude shoes (NOTE: be careful when you put that into Google to search...not good for children)...but hopefully you all know that I mean nude COLORED shoes....
like this:

last on my list for tonight...
is a digital scrapbooking software .. I love to scrapbook..but getting out all those little pieces and setting up my layout just right is to much work for a two year old to run in and destroy 45 minutes of planning and thinking in 2.3 seconds....so I figured i would go digi!! and I am so super excited...if i get none of these other things....i really hope I get this!
Now...I know what your thinking...
hmm..not alot on her list...

I'm not done!

I am done for now...because it is way way past a little girls bedtime and tomorrow at school is movie and popcorn day...so we need our rest!!

to be continued............................



  1. I too want photoshop or something to scrapbook on my computer as I too have no time to unpack all my scrapbooking supply just to pack it all up when the 2 year olds nap gets cut short yet again by the yardworkers.
    Also my husband too won't buy me pots or pans for my birthday even though that is what I want. And I too freeze up when people ask me for what I want. Strange is what it is.

  2. Hi Nikki,

    I am glad you found the title you liked. It fits your blog. BTW, I loved reading your newest posts, they were so cute. I love your birthday list. Maybe I should do one. My birthday is in August, and like you I never know what I want.

    Keep up the good work.

    twitter: @kitchenandkids

  3. Love your birthday list! I think mine would be very similar. And I'm so with you on the house vs me concept - Usually top of my list are things for the house. Speaking of which, I love your patio set and tile idea.

    P.S. Love the tagline, SITSta!

  4. Visiting from SITS 31days and I could hardly read your post because I am SOOOOOO insanely jealous that you can take your daughter to get a manicure and I can't take my girls!!! :) We live in Japan, and I haven't found a place yet! See you around 31 days!


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