He did it..after four years..

Well...I lasted four years...

After four years my husband finally managed to get me out in the woods to help him move a tree stand....

Once he dressed me in camo and leafy pants..and made me smell like dirt ....which I think...was just for fun for him...We went out into the woods.

It was actually kind of enjoyable

It was quiet



Would I do it at 4am?

but being the blogger I am
I took pictures!

My husband is in that tree....

that's me

I had to cross a creek

walk up a MOUNTAIN!!

He climbed a tree

I just thought this was neat ..i took it on my phone..cool

final product
Husband in tree
after looking and thinking and finally making the decision
 on which tree is the PERFECT tree to sit in

gotta have my Dr Pepper

Then we had a full house of friends to watch the Arkansas game

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