where did december go?

I have tried to be good and update my blog..but it seems like i never have time to sit down...more or less time to sit and think..then on top of that time to sit and think and actually write a post...

it almost makes me laugh out loud!

Last night was one of those dreaded nights where you are always in fear of getting thrown up on so there is really no reason to even lay down...so today baby girl and I stayed home.

Lyla has been weak but trying to play a little bit..I have been cleaning so hopefully I can stop the dreaded cycle of virus before it starts....We shall see..

With this post.I am just going to continue to update with all my pictures..I am so horrible at taking pictures..and I take thousands...then i upload them all at one time...it is pathetic I know...it is a mom confession of mine!!

super cute photo of my mother in law and Lyla at our Pastors Dinner ...I love it!!

Our Christmas cards this year

awesome cake my mother in law made for my nieces first birthday

New Church...yay!

Lyla and Gregg checking everything out!!

I'm sure I posted this one before...this was Lyla on Halloween..but seriously what is up with that cheesy grin!??

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