Happy Mother's Day!!

I consider this year as my 9th Mother's Day ....

because if some of you don't know I lost a baby girl back in 2006 and eventhough she isn't here with me...I still feel the responsibility to not forget her...to not let her slip from our memories....to make sure that her headstone looks like it just happened....that it will  never look "forgotten" ....

I still have motherly duties to her
and I am proud of those duties
I love them!

And I have my precious baby girl Lyla here with me which I truly believe was my gift straight from God.

That girls brings out the best and worst in me
But I wouldn't trade her for all the precious jewels in this world!!

I consider myself honored to be able to celebrate a Mother's Day!

And I would not be the mother I am today if it wasn't for my wonderful friends who pulled me through tough times...reminded me that we all make mistakes...we all get off schedule..we all eat junk food for dinner for sometimes....it's ok to throw rules to the wind and just have fun!!

I thank all my "mother friends"

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I can't end a post like this without a short (hopefully) trip down memory lane:

17 week pregnant
34 weeks pregnant

August 5, 2008

favorite newborn picture
Pictures for Mother's Day 2009

Waiting on Daddy to look for a good hunting spot

first family pictures

first Christmas

crazy hair day at preschool!

......Life just gets better with Grandmas!!..........

I am so blessed!!!

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