Homemade laundry detergent

Ok..I feel like the last person on earth that has done this!

I have seen a million on Pinterest doing it.. All my family does it..


finally I jumped on board!

I made my own laundry detergent!

Yay! and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

Like I really really love it!!
I can smell it every time I walk in my house through my laundry room..

I have wanted to do it for a while now because my cousin Brittany has told me over and over again how much money it saves her ....but my husband kept calling me a hippy for wanting to make it!

Now don't make judge my husband..poor thing..he doesn't have a facebook or pinterest account...He is a NON-social media person.. He hasn't caught up with all of us yet..but I'm working on it..

Give me time!!!

Moving on..Here is my homemade laundry detergent!

I started out with a simple recipe.. I've learned that you can put more in this to make it smell a certain way or even have more of a stain booster...but this is my first time..so I'm taking it slow and steady!

 1cup of detergent booster Borax (please be aware that there IS a difference between the Borax you get in the laundry aisle and the Borax you get in the gardening aisle..one is for killing ants..one is for laundry...be sure you get the right one!)

1 cup of Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda

1 bar of Fels-Naptha soap  ..this is what smells amazing to me!

I just chopped my bar of soap up in little square.. like one inch squares.. (HINT: stick it in the microwave for about ten seconds before you chop it up and it makes it so much more easier! It isn't as crumbly and the knife slides through easier) Then I just put a few squares in my blender, closed my eyes..chose a setting and wa-lah!
I never use my blender...we strictly bought it for Gregg to make protein shakes.. so I have no idea what any setting is for or what it does.. but I made it work!

I got a big glass container at wal mart for $13 to hold my super cute laundry detergent...but when I made it.. it only filled up like an inch of the container..
so if you buy a big container ..grab you some more bars of soap and just make multiple batches.. I have been using mine now for a few months...still love it!

Usually by now I have probably already gone through two or three store bought laundry detergents.. which is at least $7 each.

Final thoughts:
Homemade laundry detergent rocks!
It smells good
It is WAY cheaper than buying store bought
and it isn't hard to make.

Go for it!

Do you make any of your household cleaners? Let me know your recipe...I might try it!


  1. Yay I finally converted her! LOL

  2. LOL! I made it with three bars of soap.. and it has been months since I made it.. and I am still using the same batch I made! I love it!

  3. I have been doing this for over a year but I do the liquid version and store it in a 5 gallon tub; welcome to the club


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