My baby graduated!

This little girl graduated preschool!!
Wow...where did all that time go?
The above picture was the start of her last year at preschool and of course the below picture is her graduation picture. Her teacher told me that she grew 2 inches this year between August and May. She has done so great in school this year. Her teacher, Ms Ramona, was amazing! I couldn't have asked for a better last year of preschool. I have thoroughly enjoyed being at school with her but come this August she will venture out on her own. I'm not OK with that right now.. hopefully God will help me get peace with that before the time comes to let her go. She is more than ready to go to Kindergarten; thanks to Ms Ramona. She is reading pretty fluently. She can count as high as you want her to. She is adding and subtracting. I'm amazed.
I know that once I let this baby girl go in August to start a new journey it will seem like a blink of an eye when I'm comparing this bottom picture to her Senior Graduation picture. I am NOT ready for that...at all!  

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