Rose of Sharon

Summer is here in Arkansas.. A small.. super small part of me loves summer... I love summer through my daughters eyes... Most of the summer our weather has been in the 90's; which is kind of odd because usually by now Arkansas is well into the 100 degree weather. I will take it though with no gripes from me..You don't know how much cooler 90 is than 100 when you have a year like last year and we had something like 27 straight days of 100 degree or over 100 degree heat. Yuck!

One thing I always love about summer is my beautiful Rose of Sharon tree. When it blooms it puts out the most beautiful purple flowers. Not much can compare. This past winter we had a pretty good ice storm which made my Rose of Sharon lean pretty bad.. we think she might be leaning to far.. it seems that the big stalk of root at the bottom is coming up..but you know what.. I pray...This crazy lady prays for her Rose of Sharon tree. I sure don't want to lose it or it's beauty that it adds to my yard.

When it starts to bloom it is the first thing I notice when I pull up in the yard. Lyla loves it too. In these pictures she is checking out all the blooms and how pretty they are. The bumble bees love it too!!

Even though she's leaning.. and doesn't stand as straight and tall as she used to.. This Rose of Sharon is still loved and hopefully we can fix her.

If you know anything about trees.. or how I could possibly fix my Rose of Sharon ..
PLEASE... let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page.
I'm a praying lady...but I'm not a very good gardening lady.


  1. Well, you can straighten your Rose of Sharon bush with a strap and a t post, but it's going to take some time. Attach one end of the strap (not rope because it will damage the surface) about 2/3 of the way to the top of the tree and the other end to the t post. Every couple of weeks, tighten the strap a little until it has grown back straight. Could take a year and may not work, but it's really the only thing you can try.

    1. Thank you Ashley!! I will definitely try that!!!

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