Welcome 2012

Wow...where did 2011 go?
I know if you have been out blog hopping you have probably read that line on every blog you've seen...but for me it is the total truth!!

Seems like 2011 just went right by like a blink of an eye!! Thank goodness I take TONS of pictures!!

Lots of good things happened in 2011...and I know to expect even bigger and better things with 2012!

We spent our New Years Eve together just as our little family...
we laid around and was completely lazy for probably a little to long...but it was fun
Then we went into town and ate at Chili's for dinner and shopped a little

Then we went over to our friends house Trish and Tyson..who have two little girls that love to play with Lyla and Lyla absolutely adores going over there...
but to our suprise Trish's mom "MiMi" was still in town from New York!

She was wonderful to talk to!! She sure set us straight on a few things and stepped on our toes a bit..but we needed it...and we all know she was right.

She told us how much emotion has been lost since the use of cell phones.
It's true.

Gregg and I even mentioned that we tell each other that we love each other more through a text message...than we do in person...
and Gregg added that it has even gotten shorter ...from "I LOVE YOU" to "luv u"

It's true...
We do love each other...
but you do lose the emotion and connection through a text message

So I said my New Year Resolution would be to CALL people more...not just cop out with text messaging..

Then they showed me where they went to Wal Mart to buy a kit to learn how to crochet...
so my second New Year Resolution is to learn how to crochet more (when I am going to have time for that ..I don't know...but I'll try)

We love going over there and enjoying each other's company..we always have a good time..and Lyla always sleeps so well when we get back home! :)

We brought in our New Year with Gregg moaning that his stomach hurt because he absolutely stuffed himself at Chili's ..then again at Trish's....Lyla was sleeping....and I was praying that God continue to bless us as much this year as he has the last year....
Happy New Years 2012

Not exciting...No party....Just family
Just the way I like it!

Welcome 2012!
I can't wait to see what you have in store!

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