La Fiesta!!

It has quickly become our Sunday tradition that after church we head straight for La Fiesta!

Last Sunday my husbands sister and brother in law came to eat with us. Here is Lyla and her cousin Landon:

And look at this cutie:
This is Miss Jayden

Miss Jayden LOVES the white cheese sauce... As do we all.. But she was in a hurry and dipped her chip in some hot sauce

Poor baby!
She was a trooper though... No tears just a funny face

It was an awesome day for me! I love hanging out with family. I live seeing Lyla and Landon play but on this Sunday my little brother decided to go to church with me!!

I have been praying for a while now that he would come with me.

Last Tuesday at church our pastor asked if we were brave enough to give up our control and pray for God to do something unpredictable and uncontrollable. So when I thought of it.. I prayed those words. If you know me; you know i like being in control... So this was a challenge. But God can't do anything for you unless you give up control and let him do something.

I have learned my lesson. I have given up control. I now plan on watching what God can do with my prayers.

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