A word from God about...shoes?


This morning at church God spoke to me.

Like clearly.. without a shadow of a doubt ...Spoke to me!

He told me that I am a mother ..
I need to get in shape
and that six inch heels are quickly flying out my window of fashion!!!!


Seriously.. This morning I was singing and praising Jesus..at the start of the service the world was Grand!
Pastor preached a message that would step on anyone's toes that heard it about washing the feet of those we need to forgive..

Double OUCH!

Meanwhile I was starting to think.."Man..my feet are killing me"
And.. I think my pastor in particular can sense when my feet are hurting in my heels because at that exact moment he calls us all to the front to pray.

Without hesitation I take Lyla's hand and we head up to the front. We stand..sing.. praise God.. Pastor tells a story..Stand some more.. Lyla asks me to hold her..........

**screeching halt!!**

What? My feet are killing me...but those big blue eyes are looking up at me.

So I hoist her up..Stand...Stand..
I start to cry..
No not because there is anyone's feet that I need to wash..and forgive
but because my feet are hurting!!

2 minutes later..I am with "elders" on the front row in 2 inch heels.
A tear falls...
Lyla gets me a tissue

Goodbye six inch heels...

*sniff sniff*

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