We are going on a Bear Hunt!

Saturday the weather was pretty nice outside so Lyla and I took advantage of it!! We decided to go on a bear hunt at our local park.. Because they are just over ran by bears!

Here was our first bear track
I love the child's imagination!

Miss Priss shot with the hip kicked out.

Oh! Another bear track!

Momma should prepared more for this adventure.
Silly me thought we were going to swing and slide. Ha!
Note to self: leave bear hunting shoes in the trunk of the car in case of emergency

We were literally in the woods people!

A bear skin!
Because we all know that bears shed their skin and amazingly it looks like or turns into MOSS!!

We didnt find a bear but we did make it out alive! What an adventure!

After all the hunting we were super hungry so we decided to have Chuck E Cheese for dinner... On a Saturday night .... Around 7pm
That will NEVER happen again!

But it was super fun and I'm pretty sure we made memories that we won't forget ..
That's all that matters!

Happy Monday!


303 Warm scarves

304  Ear ache medicine

305 Grandmas basement during storms

306  Dinner at dads

307 An uncle finding the strength to play after being sick

308 Knowing god's plan is bigger than our own

309 Grocery shopping alone

310 Watching a guilty pleasure tv show

311 Cereal breakfast in bed

312 Park adventures

313 The joy of winning tickets and trading them in for a plastic spider

314 A worn out baby girl from fun!

315 Leggings and denim skirts

316 God directly answering your questions with a message from your pastor

317 Hearing praises of Jesus after a momma has gone home

318Groans turned into laughter

319 Being chosen

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  1. Nikki, I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and left a little bit of your heart there. I'm glad God used words in my post that touched you in some way. I'm glad it lead me here because your blog is indeed lovely! We honor God in the every day activities as so much of our lives are spent there in the every day. We're not always on the mountain top or in some grand adventure. Well, the every day is a grand adventure when we see God in it as you have here. - I remember loving the game Sorry as a kid, but haven't played it in years! - Grandma's basement during a storm sound great! My grandma had a huge basement and I used to love going down there to explore. She had one of those Hippity Hop bouncy balls and I used to bounce all over that basement! - Have a super week Nikki!


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