Weekend Recap

How was your weekend?
Mine was abnormally good.

I know after that remark you are probably waiting for something tremendous that happened to me..but it really is the opposite.

Nothing happened! Nothing.
Friday Lyla and I played games and hung out at the house.

Saturday was even worse..we didn't even get out of our pajamas until 5pm.. and that was only because we thought we would go buy a new Valentines Day dress for church and have supper at McDonalds. Gregg did call on Saturday ...which is new.. He usually calls on Sunday so I am glad I always keep my phone with me! So that meant on Sunday I could relax and enjoy church without my phone in my hand.. Yay!

Sunday is church and nap day at the Brewer House. Nap ..not so much..but I lay down like I actually get to..Lyla always has another plan and I am one of those parents who can not sleep unless my child is sleeping. Some days I wish I wasn't that kind of parent.. but I just can't do it.

Loved this weekend.. I hope yours was just as good as I thought mine was!!


303. dress shopping just because we want a new dress for church

304. grapes and whip cream

305. lazy Saturday

306. SORRY game with baby girl

307. having a helper cooking supper

308. hot showers with bath toys!

309. curling hair

310. a group of moms with a common bond

311. Printable curriculum with cute pictures

312. being loved

313. meeting new people

314. planning a "nail" date with an old friend

315. the joy of a car wash!

316. old time church

317. washing the feet of those I need to forgive

318. God always giving me a song to sing to Him

319. sleeping in on a Monday!

320. project life

Have a Blessed Monday!

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  1. I love days when I can stay in pjs all day. Must work on making more of them!


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