Birthday and Backpack

Since Lyla has started preschool..she has developed two pretty awesome friends. Addison and Darah.
They all fight like sisters... but then can't function without each other. Recently it was Darah's birthday and she had her party at Chuck E Cheese!

All the girls were excited to spend some time together .. outside of school.. just playing and having fun!!

Here is Lyla and Addison.. ready for Cake!

Darah is turning 5! What an awesome cake!

Present time! Darah opened up Lyla's present first.. which was a big deal to Lyla for some reason. I guess there is some sort of status symbol in getting your present opened first! I did take quite a while wrapping it and putting all the curly ribbon on.. so I'm glad she enjoyed it!

We got her a HUGE coloring book of Doc McStuffins.. and a DVD.
After the party I had to run by Target to pick up a few things and they already had all their back to school stuff going up.. so we swung by the school section to look at backpacks...because we all know that is also another status symbol of school.. You HAVE to have a cool backpack.
I , being the uncool mom, went to the backpacks that had the princesses or Barbie on them..

Lyla went directly to this one!

Rainbow Spikes!
and her daddy approved!!
Not that I have anything against rainbow spikes but I just can't see my lovely little daughter walking into Kindergarten with a Rainbow Spike backpack...so I told her "Let's look around"
*fingers crossed that a FROZEN backpack crosses our path SOON..
I think that will be the only thing that will change her mind**

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