Kindergarten Class List ....

It's been the chatter for a while now.... Who is in who's class? Who is your teacher? I hope they get this one or that one... or I've heard this or that about this teacher...

Kindergarten is stressful...
for the parents!!

This picture is of course from about a month ago..

Our class lists went up on a Friday.. they weren't supposed to be out until that Monday... and oh my goodness.. it was all over Facebook!

We got so and so...

Oh man.. I hope we have a good year...

So Lyla and I drove down to her "big girl" school...and she looked for her name

We found it!
She is in Mrs. Kinslow's class
Her cousin Landon had Mrs. Kinslow last year for his Kindergarten year.. so we know that she is already fantastic.. like every other Kindergarten teacher...and I know that she will have a wonderful year! I'm excited to see how much she loves it!!
Then of course we looked for all her friends names.. to see which teacher they got....
To her surprise.. she had 2 friends in HER class!
Here we go.. Off to a great school year!

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