Happy 6th Birthday Lyla!

This year we had to push Lyla's birthday party up a little bit so that all the family would be able to be here to enjoy it.. which wasn't a problem with Lyla. We had only a few short days to plan so we did a quick McDonald's Play Place party in a Frozen theme.
For a quick planned birthday.. I think it went pretty awesome.
All the kids had chicken nuggets and ice cream..My mother in law made this awesome Frozen cake...they kids played their hearts out in the tunnels..and they all went home tired!


Does anyone else HAVE to lick the icing off the birthday candle?? It is either a family tradition or just a southern thing.. because I remember doing it when I was little. This year I found her a number 6 candle holder that lit up and blinked.. it was pretty stinking cool!

We only invited 10 friends to this birthday party since it was kind of quick deal.. but I can not believe how blessed she was with presents.. you would have never thought we had only 10 guests.. we filled our trunk up in our car with presents. Wow!
We have great family and friends!!
She got a ton of toys that she loves.. and we couldn't wait to get home and put our new Frozen bedding on our big girl bed!

How precious is this picture? This is Lyla and her best friend Addison...
Total girl secrets going on here.

Teddy Bear! Who doesn't love a new soft Teddy Bear! That comes with a matching night gown just like yours!!

Perfect ending picture.
This is exactly how her birthday went!

Don't mind the mismatched socks
she picked them out herself

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