Drama Club Play - Enchanted Woods

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To my surprise this year Lyla wanted to be in the Drama Club which puts on a play each year.
This year it was called Enchanted Woods. We got a list of characters that were going to be in the play and the kids got to pick their top 3 to audition for. I tried to prep her that most of the older kids were going to get the parts with a lot of speaking parts but still she chose Narrator 1, Narrator 2, and Narrator 3 as her top 3. This girl just loves to read.
Well the list came out on who was what character and Lyla got "Happy Dwarf"

Yea.. a little less than a Narrator but I told her that she will do her best and be the best little happy dwarf they have ever seen ..then next year I bet she will get a bigger part.
I'm kind of thankful for the Happy Dwarf part because she was also in a church play.. and had to practice for a piano recital all at the same time.

So we got a shirt made specifically for her part.. so everyone would know that she was a happy dwarf. We had to wear a yellow shirt, rolled up jeans and yellow socks..
here she is in her play:

she did have one line
She jumped gleefully and said "Snow White Get Up!" after Snow White fell down when she took a bit of the apple. And if I say so myself.. she did great with her one line.

I love this girls drive and her confidence. I love her perfectionism and competiveness. I love her.

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