Lyla's Toy Brew with Audree

So.. my daughter has found Shopkins.

She found them about a year ago and has been completely obsessed since. I thought it was just a phase and we would eventually move on..
but no..

Moose toys is very smart.

About the time we are done collecting a season of Shopkins.. What do they do? Yep. They come out with a whole new Season!! Yay! Which keeps my child ... obsessed!

She found Shopkins on a YouTube channel (parental controls do apply) when they were in Season 2. We have almost all of Season 2. Then her Dad and I bought her a whole case of Season 3 Blind Baskets for her birthday. Now we are collecting Season 4. *fingers crossed we find a Limited Edition*

Don't know what a Shopkin is?

Here .. allow me to show you..

A few weekends ago Lyla had a friend sleepover and they HAD to do a YouTube video of their own showing off Shopkins. Like Totally HAD to!! or the whole 7 years that they have been alive on this Earth would just be for nothing.

Anyway.. I set up the camera.. and said "Have Fun!"

I caught up on my binge watching of the Big Bang Theory and their YouTube video kept them happy for about an hour.. Your Welcome though because I stayed up one night and edited it down to just under 30 minutes..

Yes... I edited it DOWN to less than 30 minutes. Love them girls though and I'm so happy that they are friends. They make me laugh. Sometimes.. as adults.. we just need to laugh at some like totally funny girl stuff and forget about all the adult stuff in our brain.


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