The Christmas Recital

Yep...this is the song I sang.
I can't believe it either.

But I did it. And I got good reviews!!!
Now I don't know if they were just being nice ... or not...but i will take them at face value and make myself feel good about it!

I know I cracked in at least one spot...but to my defense ...I can NOT breathe with this whole gall bladder thing going on!
I had to have an ultra sound done on Tuesday ...and they said that I would have the results on Monday...so I am just waiting..waiting for them to say it is my gall bladder and I have to go in for surgery to get it taken out.

I know I know..it isnt a hard surgery anymore..I have seen many horrendous scars and heard many horrible stories...but I, myself, have had ZERO surgeries...and I particulary do NOT like them!
So I try not to have surgery often...my brother on the other hand...different story! I think he enjoys them...me ...not so much!

Anyway...I did my best at Natalie Grant's song..I got NO WHERE near how she does it..She is amazing!!
But I actually enjoyed myself!
I practiced ALOT! ALOT!

Here are a few pictures of Lyla practicing with me...
sorry for the blur....it was on my phone...and of course you have to move when you sing..so i couldn't get her to stay still!

This is after practice at Taco Bell..and she was tired of pictures..she said ,
"No More"


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  1. Hey lady! I had my gallbladder taken out on the Friday of Labor Day weekend... you'll do fine! They actually took out my gallbladder, appendix, and some c-section scar tissue! I enjoyed a few days in the recliner while my mom & hubby took care of the kids, then by Monday I was back in the swing of things. It's no fun to have to have surgery, and it can be scary, but if you are gonna have one - this is the one to have! Will be praying for you!


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