Employee Christmas Party

Last night was our Employee Christmas Party!!
First of YAY! because there was NO kids!
ugh..that sounded bad..i love my child..but sometimes it is good to get away..far away..
ok..i will just stop digging that whole!

Anyway..the first thing we done was dig into some amazing desserts!! AMAZING!!
I ate so much sweet stuff that any talk about sugar made my stomach hurt.

Then on to Dirty Santa! I brought Nana's Apple Cake Mix from Tastefully Simple..They loved it!
I got a huge stuffed snowman with Chocolate Covered Cherries..woo hoo for me!!
Lyla loved it..I gave it to her when I picked her up from mom's house.

Then we moved onto games..we played alot of games..it was alot of fun!

This one we played was called Reindeer...we had to blow up balloons and put them into pantyhose and make antlers out of them! The first team that got the antlers on thier head won a prize!
Team A won..I was on Team B..but we were close!!

I won alot of cool prizes!! I can't post them because I plan on regifting them! :)
Just Kidding...
I won a candy dish, a beautiful hanging diamond (not real diamonds..so don't rob me) cross, a stationery set, a photo album, a sock monkey (Thanks to Katy for switching me the blue one for the pink one! ..Lyla loves the pink one!)... and more.

Then on top of all that our bosses bought us all gifts!! We got a picture frame with the initial of our last name on it...and an ornament with the initial of our first name! Very cute!

Then we got a gift bag just full of goodies. Always Great!

The last game we played was really cool. We all got to pick a box...they all sounded the same...all in pillowcase boxes ..and we couldn't open them until everyone got one!

They were all gift cards..mine was for Starbucks! Yay! I need the coffee!!

I had a GREAT time! I love the girls I work with..and I absolutely love my job!

Some days I wonder WHY in the world I picked this profession....but when I get that "Good Morning Ms Nikki" every morning...I remember why!! And I wouldn't trade it for anything! :)

Here are a few more funny pictures from our party!!

She was a Candy Cane if you couldn't guess!

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