I am SOLD on Shutterfly!!

I personally have never purchase a Christmas card from Shutterfly..but today I recieved one at my preschool Christmas party!

I have gotten this reminder in my email inbox to write a little post about what I think on Shutterfly ...but i had no review because I have never used them.

Well..after today..

The card was SUPERCUTE!
The pictures were awesome...the writing was clear and readable...the font was cute!

and the best part..
It was thick!

It was a heavy duty thick Christmas card! The kind of Christmas card that would hold up if I wanted to send it from my little town in Arkansas all the way around the world to Norway to my foreign exchange sister!!
Yes! I am Sold!!

And not to mention...they have a bajillion differnt options for you to choose from!!

Look Here!

And..don't stop there..they do more! Not just Christmas cards!!
Go on and look through...

They have Birthday Invitations...which I WILL be using!

Graduation Invitations..

or you could even make your own Wall Calendar with your own pictures...instead of buying some calendar with someone else's pictures that you don't know!!

Wow...Now if that doesn't sell YOU on Shutterfly...I don't know what will!!
Go check it out!!



  1. Glad I "sold" you! Your blog is lovely!

  2. You have a Norwegian Exchange student sister? That is so cool.
    I came to this country from Norway as an Exchange student and found my husband here.

  3. I will have to check it out! Hi~ I am your newest follower from the LBSTP & would love it if you stopped by and returned the love :)



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